Blonde with a soft pink blush is a classic look, but not the only one. What other shades can advantageously emphasize the cheekbones of fair-haired girls?

It would seem that a small problem is to choose a shade of blush. With only one caveat: the error cannot be hidden; it will be obvious to everyone that something went wrong in the makeup. Ideally, the blush should blend into the skin without drawing attention to itself, and if it is perceived as a colored spot, then something went wrong.

Blush should be selected taking into account skin tone and hair color. And if brunettes can use most shades, including very bright ones, then there are some restrictions for blondes."

What blush colors suit blondes?

Since natural blondes tend to have very fair skin, they need blush that is not conspicuous in makeup. These are mostly gentle shades.

  1. Pink

    Blondes with very blonde hair and naturally pale skin need pastel pink. And even it will have to be carefully shaded so that the skin only slightly turns pink on the “apples” of the cheeks.

    Golden blond and skin with a warm undertone will be harmoniously complemented by pink beige, preferably with a fine shimmer, which will slightly “illuminate” the skin as if it were slightly blushed in the sun.Lilac pink will be a good choice for girls with cool skin tones. Given the saturation of this color, such a blush should be applied in a small amount and carefully blended.

  2. Peach

    Another option for girls with a warm color type of appearance. Pink is also present in this shade, but there is more redness, which makes it suitable for skin with warm undertones.

    Again, heavy application should be avoided so as not to get a look with an emphasis on blush (unless this is the intention).

  3. Reds

    Many blondes are afraid of this color, but in vain. For a make-up with red lipstick, matching blush is a real must-have.

    The result will be harmonious if you pay attention to shading. And when applied translucently, the product will suit any color type, versatility is its main advantage.

How to choose blush for blondes with blue eyes?

Blue-eyed blondes should take a closer look at the cold shades of cosmetics. And this also applies to blush. Ask the consultant in the store to choose a soft pink color with a cold undertone. If you don't like a pure pink, try a "dusted" rose, but without beige inclusions (they will make the shade warmer than necessary).

You can also refer to universal options like red. In this case, remember about flawless shading - without it, you cannot achieve a harmonious result, even if you choose an accent make-up with red lipstick or smoky eyes.

What blush is best for blondes with green eyes?

The color type of green-eyed blondes implies the use of a warmer range. The color palette of suitable blush includes peach, apricot, coral shades.

Red can also be useful, but it's better to save it for special occasions to complement the accent on the lips.

Makeup ideas for blondes with an emphasis on blush

Even if you want to focus on blush, applying the product requires moderation. When picking up blush on a brush, beat off the excess and distribute the pigment over the skin without pressure, otherwise a natural result cannot be achieved.

  1. Copper

    Create an image with shades from one scale. On the contour of the eyes after stroking with kajal, blend the copper shadows to get a translucent haze.

    Use red shadows on your cheeks. In this case, the shading should be such that the color turns into a hint of color. This image will be advantageous for blondes with blue eyes, as the contrast with the color of the eyes will turn out to be extremely expressive - the look will become literally magnetic.

  2. Draping

    This technique is for those who do not consider blush to be a secondary beauty tool. Its essence lies in the fact that, using two shades of blush, you can make a sculptural face correction - no worse than through the usual contouring.

    Take a pink blush in two shades - dark and light (you can with a shimmer). Apply a darker pigment to the cheekbones. And the one that is lighter, blend on the protruding part of the cheekbone. Blend the borders. The play of light and shadow will do its job: the cheekbones will look chiseled, and the face as a whole will be sculpted. You will find everything about the draping technique in this video.

  3. Shining on cheekbones

    A texture with a shimmer will help to focus on the cheekbones. Choose the shade of the product with small shimmering particles taking into account skin tone: pink for a cold undertone, peach for a warm one.You can use the palette, which allows you to mix several shades of blush with one stroke of the brush.

    For example, the Strobe Of Genius Palette from NYX Professional Makeup with seven shades of illuminators (what it is and how they differ from highlighters, you can read here) - among them there are those that can serve as blush.

    Complete this blush with smoky eyes or makeup with matte lipstick in rich dark color.

    1. Blush on the temples

      When making a make-up with an emphasis on blush, you can focus on the images from the podium. According to recent trends, blush is applied not only to the “apples” of the cheeks, but also higher - to the temporal zones, capturing the lateral sections of the forehead.

      Make-up artists, although they pay attention to shading, the color itself is left bright enough. This, of course, is not a "make-up without makeup" with a fresh blush - rather, a bold experiment that you should decide on the eve of a party or a solemn event.

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