To look fresh, as if you had a good night's sleep or breathed in the Alpine air, it is enough to choose the right blush. How to do it


  • Who suits cool shades of blush?
  • Cool pink blush
  • Cold mauve blush
  • Cool red blush

Blush of the wrong shade can spoil even a well-thought-out look, so you should take their choice seriously or not apply them at all. After all, their task is to create a natural blush, that is, to make the image more fresh and youthful.

Otherwise they might add a couple of years to you. To make the right choice, focus on the color of your cheeks after a workout or a walk in the park. But remember that blush comes in warm and cool shades. Let's talk about the latter in more detail.

Who suits cool shades of blush?

Cool shades of blush is a blush without an admixture of beige, peach or brown pigments. They can be red, pink or purple, but the presence of blue pigments will unite them.

This blush is ideal for girls with fair skin and gray or blue eyes. They will emphasize the freshness of the image and make it visually younger.

Cool pink blush

The most classic version of cool blush shades is pink, repeating the color of a natural blush after a winter walk.

Below we talked about the means that will exactly recreate the frosty blush on the face. And how to apply them correctly, you can learn from our video instructions.

  • Drap' Pink Blush Subtil Crème by Lancôme

    The product has a very light texture that blends with the skin. For a brighter result, blush can be layered. In addition to color, they also add shine, as they contain reflective particles.

  • YSL Beauté Face Palette Spring Look 2023

    Under the lid of the case there is a blush of three cold shades plus a highlighter. For a natural glowing blush, they can be mixed together and applied to the apples of the cheeks with a large fluffy brush.

Cold mauve blush

If you want to look brighter, look for a blush of a more intense shade, like purple.

  • Runway SS 2023 Blend&Layer Fluid by Giorgio Armani

    The product can be applied both on the cheekbones as a blush, and on the lips as a lipstick. The fluid has a liquid non-sticky texture. It contains radiant particles that give a slight shimmer to the skin.

  • Maylline Dream Matte Blush

    The product has a pleasant velvety texture. Easily distributed over the skin. It is most convenient to apply blush with your fingers and blend them on the “apples” of your cheeks.

Cool red blush

If you are doing evening make-up and plan to make up your lips red, make sure that blush and lipstick are combined with each other.

  • YSL Beauté Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

    Blush looks more like lip gloss. And it is no coincidence, because you can apply this remedy both on the cheekbones and on the lips. Thanks to the non-sticky texture, you will not feel any discomfort. Moreover, the formula even moisturizes the skin. Shading is best done with your fingers.

  • Cushion Blush Subtil by Lancôme

    Saturated with a highly pigmented formula, the sponge allows you to apply blush in a thin layer.The tool is easy to shade, and the result looks very natural. The composition contains shimmering particles that give the skin a slight glow. You can read more about cushion in this article.

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