It's hard not to dream about chiseled cheekbones, like the girls on the covers of fashion magazines. But what about those whom nature endowed with chubby cheeks, and cheekbones left barely pronounced?

We have already told you how to make the nose thinner with the help of sculpting. But most often, contouring is still used in order to highlight the cheekbones and visually narrow the face.

In this article, we will tell you how "sunken cheeks" became a trend, and share a step-by-step instruction that will help you achieve the effect of chiseled cheekbones.

Sharpened cheekbones: how did this trend start?

Many actresses and models are remembered for their sculpted faces. But there is another reason for the growing popularity of such makeup. A face with pronounced cheekbones looks thinner and works better in photographs. Perhaps that is why “sharp” cheekbones have become a real trend in social networks.

Some girls, tired of daily contouring, go to drastic measures - they decide on plastic surgery. But these are still extreme measures. And what about those who also dream of expressive cheekbones, but are not ready for surgery? A competent correction will help, thanks to which the cheeks will look sunken. There are many useful tricks for subtle contouring.

How to make cheeks visually sunken: step by step photo instructions

You will need:

  • NYX Professional Makeup Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette - Light 301,

  • NYX Professional Makeup 3 Steps To Sculpt Face - Light 02.

  1. Before you start drawing the cheekbones, do a basic make-up. Spread foundation over your face, highlight the areas under the eyes with a concealer, shape your eyebrows. You can immediately do eye and lip makeup in order to assess the intensity of the entire makeup as a whole, and therefore, make a correction corresponding in brightness at the next stage - not too pale and not too obvious.

  2. There are several types of cheekbone correction depending on the effect you want to get. The first, classic, version is based on a line that is drawn under the cheekbones parallel to the jaw line.It starts almost at the ear and ends two fingers to the corner of the mouth. With cream correction, the line is drawn and shaded into a haze. If you are using a dry concealer, apply it with an angled natural brush in soft, gliding motions that do not leave obvious streak marks.

  3. There is another type of zygomatic correction - according to the male type. If you like sculpted facial features like Angelina Jolie, try this method. Blend the end of the line down, leading it to the chin. This will create the effect of strictly defined facial contours.

  4. The complete opposite of the previous version - correction with emphasis on the "apples" of the cheeks. The line is drawn in the form of a semicircle to the nose. With such a schedule, even if the cheekbones are outlined quite sharply, the visible volume of the "apples" of the cheeks will remain.

  5. In addition to cheekbone correction, you can also darken the temple area, the jaw line (along the lower contour), the sides of the forehead and the wings of the nose, as well as the area along the hairline.

  6. Choose the appropriate type of correction, remembering the main rule: what you darken visually goes into shadow and becomes less noticeable.

  7. So, if you used a cream correction, blend all the lines into a soft haze.

    You will learn everything about how to use the creamy texture in our video tutorial.

  8. Cream correction can be further enhanced with dry correction. Before proceeding with it, powder your entire face with translucent or nude powder. This way you will fix the cream products and you will be sure that the dry ones will not stain.

How to complement the make-up with the effect of sunken cheeks?

Women with chiseled cheekbones (and it doesn't matter if they were given to you by nature or were the result of the competent use of beauty techniques) do not have to worry about makeup - after all, the face will look expressive anyway. Nude makeup with a slight emphasis on the eyes is what you need for every day. In the evening, gray smoky eyes with a shine effect will do.

Or choose graphics. Clear lines will make the face even more textured. A good option is brown arrows cat eyes.

And for an evening look, classic black arrows against a smoky eye in combination with nude matte lipstick.

Review of cosmetics for hollow cheeks makeup

Haven't found your perfect contouring product yet? Try one of these.

  • "

    SUPERSTAY 3-in-1 Multifunctional Cream Stick, Maybelline New York"

    Three products in one: foundation, concealer and contouring in a convenient pencil format. To create a clear contour of the face, just a couple of movements are enough. The product has a comfortable matte texture, so you can not be afraid of oily sheen.

  • Highlight & Contour Palette, NYX Professional Makeup

    There are eight shades in the palette that can be combined depending on the skin tone and the desired effect. If one of the shades runs out, it is easy to replace it with a refill. Means can be layered, but even when applied in one layer, the face looks more embossed.

  • Neo Nude A-Contour, Giorgio Armani

    Liquid corrector released in two cool brown shades. They are suitable for different skin tones and will help to achieve the effect of natural contouring.

Do you like the effect of sunken cheeks? Or do you think that they make your face look tired? Share your opinion in the comments.