Not touching up lip makeup during the day is the dream of girls who use lipstick every day. Especially for them, makeup artists came up with a couple of effective life hacks

Sometimes even formulas that are declared as ultra-resistant fail - lip makeup lasts well for several hours, but by the evening it loses ground. This will not happen if you properly prepare the skin and know the "secret" techniques for applying lipstick.

How to make lip makeup last longer?

The choice of the product itself determines a lot, but, as a rule, only liquid matte lipsticks demonstrate 100% reliability: they just freeze on the lips (we showed how to apply them here).

Removing such a coating is not possible for every make-up remover. Only two-phase liquids and special oil-based beauty products do a good job. But if the choice fell on a lipstick of a different format, you will have to master the techniques of professionals.

  1. Be sure to prepare the skin

    From time to time it is recommended to use a lip scrub to keep their surface soft and smooth, otherwise the lipstick will collect in microcracks.

    Before applying lipstick, spread a base product like Urban Decay's Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil - this primer makes sure that the lipstick does not lose brightness on the lips and stays well.

  2. Use the layering principle

    Each layer requires a different application technique. First, "drive" the lipstick with your fingertips - soft patting movements.

    Add the second layer with the stick itself - with pressure. This will give you both richer color and longer lasting coverage.

  3. Fix makeup

    The easiest way is to spray the result with a fixative spray with waterproof properties (this is, for example, Make Up Setting Spray from NYX Professional Makeup)."

    You can also use another beauty hack: lightly powder your lips between layers. Combining the two moves is also an option.

How to make up lips so that lipstick does not wear off for a long time: step by step instructions

What should be the procedure?

  1. Apply a special primer to already prepared (with a scrub and a very light balm) skin of the lips. If you don’t have it in your makeup bag, a lip liner will help out. It can either match the color of the lipstick, or be a neutral color from the nude range.

    Shade the entire surface of the lips with it. This will give you base coverage.

    Don't have any of these remedies? Just powder your lips.

  2. Pay attention to drawing the outline. To make the result even more accurate and accurate, repeat the contour lines from the outside using a concealer. Blend the borders of its application.

  3. Spread the first layer of color over the lips with your fingertips.

    Apply a tissue to your lips, then pick up some translucent setting powder on a fluffy brush and lightly stroke your lips a few times.

  4. Fill in the lip contour again with a stick of lipstick. Do it with pressure.

    Repeat with the napkin.

  5. Set makeup by spraying lips with setting spray from a distance of 15-20 cm.

    If you choose a lipstick with a matte texture, you will find additional application hacks in this video.

What to do to make lipstick last longer: makeup artists' life hacks

  • The layering hack can be used in another way. Makeup artists advise using several textures: first, spread a primer or a light tonal fluid over the lips (it replaces the base well), then the lipstick itself, and finally, blush or eye shadow of the appropriate shade.

    Blot your lips with a tissue before applying a new layer.

  • Before an important event, do not use emollient oil or balm at the stage of preparing the skin of the lips. It makes sense to refuse them in order to eliminate the risk of lipstick “sliding” due to the oily texture of these products. You can make up for the lack of moisture after the celebration, when you wash off your makeup. Just apply a more generous layer of skincare at night.


Review of lipsticks that won't leave you during the day

  • Matte lipstick Suede Matte Lipstick, NYX Professional Makeup

    In addition to durability, this lipstick is distinguished by a soft formula that gives lips comfort, and an unusual finish - not just matte, but with a "suede" effect.The usual stick format will appeal to those who do not like liquid lipsticks. The variety of shades will also surprise you: in a palette of 24 colors you will see Ace blue-green, Munchies taupe, Cyberpop bright purple, and many others.

  • Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick, Maybelline New York

    If you want to do without multi-step lip makeup, choose liquid matte lipstick. Superstay Matte Ink won't let you down: the formula promises 16 hours of wear. Moreover, all this time you will feel comfort with the external effect of a “dry” matte finish.

  • Long-lasting matte lip gloss Lip Magnet, Giorgio Armani

    This "magnet" will stay on the lips for at least 8 hours. Durability is not the only virtue of this Giorgio Armani product. The fact is that the coating is very light - four times thinner than in the case of conventional lipsticks and glosses.Lip Magnet is not felt at all on the lips, but pleases with the saturation of the color, which is enhanced by the effect of moisture evaporation after application to the skin.

Do you have your own tricks that allow you to create more durable lip makeup? Tell us about them in the comments.