Do you want to refresh your image and perception? Try strand coloring. Choose a shade based on hair color - and, of course, mood

Today you can safely make impulsive decisions when it comes to coloring your hair. The fact is that there are ways to quickly change the color and wash it off as soon as it gets bored. It remains only to decide on the shade. So, blondes who dream of highlighting the tips of some strands with a dusty rose color can do it themselves, as well as give them a fuchsia brightness.

How to make pink strands on blond hair?

Many girls decide to dye their hair completely pink (which is eloquently indicated by 6 million Insta photos with the pinkhair hashtag). This should not be taken as a guide to action. For the first time, it is enough to test the shade on several strands or on the ends of the hair.

There are different ways to get the desired result. How long it will last depends on the product you used.

  1. Hair crayons

    Outwardly, they are no different from standard shadows. The crayons have a powdery texture, they are produced in a pressed format, and in order to dye your hair, you just need to press the strand to the colored surface of the product and “stretch” the crayon from top to bottom.

    Powder will stay on hair but may fall off during the day if not fixed with hairspray. By the way, pigment can also be used as such a chalk.

  2. Ink

    If you need a brighter and more lasting result (crayons, by the way, can also stain clothes), then you can use mascara for coloring - and not necessarily a special one for hair. It can be originally intended for eyelashes.

  3. Spray

    For one-day coloring, sprays like the Colorista Spray from L'Oréal Paris are good.

    It's enough just to spray a strand from a spray can to get the desired color. Having flashed at a party in a bright way, you can then wash off the paint during a regular shampoo. See for yourself!

  4. Jelly or balm

    These options are closer to classic coloring. If you use a special balm (this is, for example, Colorista Washout from L'Oréal Paris), you will need to keep the product on your hair for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how intense the color is needed.The result will be more resistant than in the case of sprays. It will take two or three washes with shampoo to return to the original color.

    And L'Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup jelly, after a short exposure, you can simply dry it on your hair. You should not expect an ultra-lasting effect from jelly - the product is designed for a one-day result.

    Have you tried jelly products yet? You can find step by step instructions in this video.

Pink strands on light brown hair: fashion trends - 2023

In 2023, pink as a trend is not going to slow down. Looks with pink hair are still considered fashionable - from roots to ends.

A separate trend is pink tips that complement the main color.

Moreover, the main color can be both natural (natural) and the result of dyeing: you can, for example, first dye your hair lavender or, for example, ash gray, and then add pink, creating an ombre transition. At the same time, pink strands on light brown hair will also look impressive and unusual.

It should be noted that blondes especially like pink. A light pastel dye in combination with a blond creates a gentle “strawberry and cream” effect: pink, on the one hand, harmoniously merges with the main hair color, on the other hand, remains noticeable against the general background.

The most organic effect is given by thin pink strands in the inner layers. However, larger ones on the surface layer also look original. Relief styling will emphasize the play of color.

Blonde with pink strands on long hair: ideas and photos

For long hair (especially if it's straight), you can choose the very dyeing "from the inside" : it will create overflows of color, for which it is worth deciding on such a beauty experiment.

The length allows you to "stretch" the color from the middle to the tips, getting a smooth transition between shades. For a full ombre effect, long hair is perfect.

After dyeing, you can focus on pink strands in many ways. For example, put your hair in a high ponytail. This is an option for those who choose thin pink strands, dyed from the roots. Unusual weaving options will also emphasize the contrast between shades.

Girls who want to make the gradient more visible can curl their hair from the border with a new shade.

Streaks of pink on dark brown hair of medium length

If your blonde is far from platinum, then coloring the strands in pink does not promise a bright contrast. Such a result should be expected only from the fuchsia-colored Colorista Spray.

A softer effect with pink color on some curls also has the right to exist. Curling colored strands will help draw attention to it.

After that, you can leave your hair loose, collect it in a half-bun, or, for example, braid it - so the blotches of pink will definitely be visible.

Pink strands on a bob with brown hair

A strict minimalist bob can be made extraordinary by adding pink strands. Since the hair has a short length, you can apply a coloring balm or jelly almost from the very roots. If only the tips are pink at this length, the image will look unfinished.

There are not so many hairstyles available for girls with squares, but if, for example, you decide to collect your hair, parting it in a low ponytail or bun (and the length allows you to do this), then the colored strands will be clearly visible.

Overview of products for getting pink curls

  • Colorista Spray, L'Oréal Paris

    The spray format is suitable for those who appreciate the convenience of using products (there will definitely be no hassle with Colorista Spray) and want to get a quick result. It is enough just to separate those strands that you want to color from the bulk of the hair, sprinkle them with a composition from a can, and then wait a minute until completely dry. So in express mode, you will get a bright image for one day, and in the evening you can wash off the shade, returning to your usual “I”.

  • Colorista Hair Makeup, L'Oréal Paris

    For those who are ready to color their hair more thoroughly, to create soft transitions with the help of “stretching” the color, Colorista Hair Makeup jelly is suitable.After application, it acts quickly, especially on blond hair. It remains only to use a hair dryer to dry the hair after using the product and let the color show up in full force. Blondes who are ready for a beauty extreme should try on pink neon from the Neon line: it “highlights” hair in the dark.

  • Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris

    If Colorista Spray and Colorista Hair Makeup are options for those who are not ready to spend more than one day with a bright hair color, then Colorista Washout is a remedy for brave girls. This balm colors hair for about a week and a half; the color will wash off after two or three uses of shampoo (blonds may need even a little more). The dyeing process is also not the fastest: after applying the composition, you need to hold it on the strands for about 15–20 minutes so that the hair acquires the desired shade.

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