Tell you how to choose blush if you have dark or tanned skin


  • Which blush suits dark skin?
  • Blush for girls with dark skin and brown eyes
  • Blush for swarthy girls with green or blue eyes
  • Overview blush for dark skin

If you don't wear blush, you're missing out. This multifunctional tool can do wonders for your appearance. The main thing is to do everything correctly and choose the right shade.

In this article we will tell you what colors are suitable for girls with dark skin. And white people are advised to read this article.

Which blush suits dark skin?

When choosing, it is important to remember three rules:

  • shade of blush must match lipstick;

  • ideally, the products are in harmony not only with the color of the skin, but also with the color of the hair and eyes;

  • cold shades are suitable for fair skin, warmer shades for dark skin.

By the way, it is easier for girls with swarthy skin to pick up blush. They can use not only pink, but also peach shades and even copper. Focus on the depth of color: the pigment should be saturated and warm. The most versatile blush option for girls with swarthy skin is a pink-brown palette.

Beige blush

Beige blush is reminiscent of bronzers. With their help, you can also create the illusion of a tan and sculpt your face. But there are nuances: the blush contains a pink pigment, and it is better to apply them not under the cheekbones, but on the “apples” of the cheeks. This color is optimal for creating nude makeup.

Pink blush

This color is considered universal. Girls with dark skin should pay attention to richer and warmer shades of pink. These blushes are good for both everyday and evening make-up. During the day, for example, they can be applied not only on the cheekbones, but also on the moving eyelids as shadows - to give the image freshness.

Plum blush

Blush of this shade can contour the face, creating an evening make-up. They make the image more expressive and bright. Makeup pairs perfectly with dark shadows on the eyelids and plum lipstick on the lips.

Recall that blush comes in not only different shades, but also different textures: cream, powder, liquid. If you have already decided on the color, but doubt about the texture, take our test, it will help you decide.

How to apply blush is shown in our video tutorial.

Blush for girls with dark skin and brown eyes

Do you want to see how different shades of blush look on dark skin in real life? Take a look at some examples from our selection.

If you have brown eyes, look at the photo below. The shades that were used in the makeup of the models will suit you too.

Brunettes will find a complete blush guide in this article.

Blush for girls with dark skin and green or blue eyes

Green-eyed and blue-eyed girls, whose skin is tanned or has a peach or olive undertone, warm shades will suit. We have collected examples below.

Overview blush for dark skin

If you are not ready to spend hours wandering through beauty sites and cosmetic stores in search of the right product, check out our selection. This blush makes a good claim to be in your makeup bag.

  • High Defenition Blush Shade 14 NYX Professional Makeup

    The rosy-brown blush can be applied both on the upper part of the cheeks to refresh the look, and under the cheekbones to give sculptural features to the face. The product has a nice satin finish.

  • Naked Flushed Multifunctional Blush, Shade 1, Urban Decay

    Under the cover of the compact case - bronzer, blush and highlighter. They can be applied both individually and mixed together for the most natural shade. The products are well pigmented, so when you put them on the brush, be sure to shake off the excess before starting makeup.

  • Master Blush Palette, Maybelline

    The palette has a highlighter and three shades of blush suitable for girls with dark skin: peach, pink and plum. With a light, velvety texture, the blush looks natural.

If you have dark skin, tell us about the blush you use.