To increase the durability of makeup, it must be fixed. What means and techniques have been invented for this, we will tell right now


In the morning, when the make-up is still fresh, it seems perfect, but by noon you want to wash it off and do it again - familiar? If so, then stay with us and find out how to fix makeup on your face so that it lasts until the evening in its original form. We will tell you how to choose the right cosmetics and share application life hacks.

What are the ways to fix makeup on the face?

When doing makeup at home, do not neglect primers. They will help fix makeup for 8-10 hours. There are a great many of these products on the cosmetic market, but three are enough to create everyday makeup: primers for the face, for the eyes and lips.

An additional guarantee of the durability of the result will be the choice of dry shadows. Yes, cream textures are easy to use, they can even be applied with your fingers, but after a few hours on the skin, they often roll off, which makes the makeup look untidy. Dry last longer, especially when applied over a primer.

Pay special attention to the choice of eyeliner and mascara. To keep them for a long time (this is especially true for a pencil, because we also apply it to the mucous membrane), give preference to waterproof products. This will significantly extend the life of makeup.

And, of course, get a special fixing spray. Below - more about the funds that will not fail.

  • Primers, bases or bases for makeup have several functions, but the most obvious one is to ensure the durability of the make-up. Apply facial primer to cleansed skin and allow it to absorb, then pat your face with a paper towel to remove excess product. Primers for eyelids and lips are applied in the same way.
  • Powder not only masks skin imperfections, but also fixes foundation. Choose loose products: they look as natural as possible on the skin. After picking up the powder on the brush, do not forget to shake off the excess, then the coating will turn out to be weightless.
  • Make-up fixing spray is sprayed on the face like thermal water. Professional make-up artists have not been without this tool for a long time, it prolongs the durability of makeup up to 10 hours.

How to fix makeup with a fixer?

The fixing spray is very easy to use, even a makeup beginner can handle it. Below is an instruction for applying it.

  1. Fixer will be needed after makeup is complete. Shake the bottle several times before use.

  2. Spray it onto your face from a distance of 15-20cm in four cross strokes.


In the video below you will learn another way to apply the spray. It can be used to moisten makeup brushes before applying products such as eye shadow. By the way, wet application also prolongs the durability of makeup.

What else can you do to fix makeup at home?

Don't want to spend money on primers and fixatives? Here are some hacks that will help you set your makeup on your face without spending extra money.

  • Apply foundation with a synthetic brush, not your fingers (they make skin greasy).

  • Don't use mascara on your lower lashes as it will flake off quickly. Instead, line the lower lids with a brown pencil.

  • To neutralize oily sheen on the skin during the day, use mattifying wipes instead of powder.

  • Apply a transparent gloss over lipstick: it will fix the lip makeup.

  • Before applying tone, moisturize the skin well with cream. So the skin will take longer to return to its usual (for example, dry or oily) state, which will negatively affect the quality of makeup.

Review of tools that will help fix makeup

To make it easier to find effective makeup longevity products, we have compiled a list of worthy options.

  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

    The tool was created using Temperature Control technology, which guarantees the safety of makeup in both hot and cold weather. All Nighter makes makeup waterproof and gives skin a he althy glow. The full product dossier can be read here.

  • La Base Pro by Lancôme

    Preps skin for foundation application and extends foundation wear by up to 10 hours. Apply a base instead of a cream: it perfectly moisturizes the skin, smoothes it, makes it more elastic and visually narrows the pores.

  • Touche Éclat Blur Compact Face Primer by YSL Beauté

    When applied, the powder acquires the texture of a balm, which hides skin imperfections, evens out tone and visually reduces pores. Foundation applied over this primer does not roll down during the day. You can read more about the tool here.

How do you fix your makeup? Leave your comment.