Don't rush to buy a new lipstick. Sometimes all you need is the tools at hand and a little ingenuity


  • Can I make my lipstick color darker?
  • How to make light lipstick darker before applying?
  • How to make lipstick darker on the lips: step by step instructions
  • Features of darkening red lipstick at home

Does it make sense for those who do not paint their lips brightly to buy burgundy lipstick - to be in a makeup bag just in case? It will be more practical to do without unnecessary expenses.If an unusual accent is required, you can create the desired shade yourself. It's not that hard to change the color of an existing lipstick by making it darker, for example.

Can I make my lipstick color darker?

If you often experiment with cosmetics, then you know that a complete make-up can be done even with one product. And if you have two or three at your disposal, you can achieve much more. Don't be afraid to mix textures and shades. For lipstick that needs to be darker, this approach works great.

In addition to the actual lipstick that the transformation is waiting for, you will need either dark shadows, or eyeliner, or gel eyeliner - black or, say, brown.

Contour and liner products most often have almost the same composition as lip pencils; the difference is only in color. Therefore, they are the best suited for darkening lipstick.

How do I darken light lipstick before applying?

Take red lipstick, for example. Difficulties should not arise if you know exactly how to act.

  1. Firstly, you can mix a little lipstick with a small amount of brown or black pencil or eyeliner, which you usually use to outline the eye contour, on a special palette or even on the back of your hand. Use a lip brush to get a uniform shade and then spread it over the lips.

  2. Secondly, lipstick can be "tinted" with brown or black shadows. You need to mix them more thoroughly so that the coating ends up being even, without dark streaks.

  3. The situation is simplified if you need to darken liquid lipstick. Then it will be much easier to mix the gel eyeliner, and the scales of the eyeliner pencil, and the shadows with the “base”.

How to make lipstick darker on the lips: step by step instructions

Another plan is needed in case you've already painted your lips, but it turned out that the color is not quite what you expected.

Don't rush to wash off your lipstick. You can touch up the resulting make-up - again with the help of eye makeup products, which you will probably find in your cosmetic bag.

  1. Take a brown or black pencil. Gel eyeliner will also cope with the task. Outline the lips with them over the already applied lipstick.

  2. Add some dark pigment to the central area of the lips, and then "stretch" it horizontally to the corners. It is best to work with a brush so as not to stain the pencil (if you use it) with lipstick.With it, blend the color over the entire surface of the lips, trying to even it out as much as possible. By the way, in the same way you can achieve a beautiful ombre effect.

True, you need to understand that this technique will only work with cream lipstick, which does not freeze on the lips, like a matte one. With the latter, alas, nothing can be done if it has already been applied.

Features of darkening red lipstick at home

  • Add the darker shade little by little so you don't "overshoot" the result. If you use too much eyeliner or shadows at once, it will be difficult to fix the bust. But you can try. In this case, life hacks from this video will come in handy.

  • Mix funds carefully. Especially if you decide to make red lipstick darker with dry shadows. Otherwise, powder particles will be visible in the texture of the lipstick.

If self-activity in terms of bringing lipstick shades to mind seems doubtful to you, take a closer look at such a practical tool as a lipstick palette.

This could be, for example, the Color Riche palette from L'Oréal Paris. It has six shades - from milky pink to dark cherry, and can be used both separately and together, mixing with each other to obtain the desired lipstick color.

Have you ever had to make the color of red lipstick darker on your lips? Share your secret beauty tricks in the comments.