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Can I make my lipstick lighter?

Lipstick is the most popular color cosmetic in the world. Not surprisingly, the range of popular brands includes dozens of options for this tool in a variety of shades and textures.

With such a variety, the search for the right shade turns into a real quest. But even if you realize that you bought lipstick in the wrong color (say, darker than necessary), do not be discouraged - it can be made lighter. Leading make-up artists of cosmetic brands share their secrets.

Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beauty

Finish your lips with concealer and apply lipstick on top. There is another option: mix lipstick with foundation in the right proportion until you get the desired shade, and then apply with an applicator to your lips.

Kirill Shabalin National makeup artist for YSL Beauté in Russia @kirillshabalin

Often I apply lipstick only along the contour of the lips, so it looks lighter, and the lips seem more voluminous. If you paint over the lips completely, then you can make its shade lighter using a highlighter or transparent gloss: apply the product in the center of the lower lip and blend.

Yuri Stolyarov Official makeup artist Maybelline New York in Russia

If you first put a little foundation on your lips, the lipstick will be lighter. If you blot excess lipstick with a tissue, the color will also become less saturated. These actions can be combined, then the lipstick will be even more resistant.

How to lighten dark lipstick before applying?

There are two ways: make your own lipstick at home or mix dark lipstick with foundation each time. And now let's look at each method in more detail.

Prepare new lipstick

It's not as difficult as it might seem. To do this, you will need a chapstick, an empty lipstick case, a spoon, a candle, or a water bath.

  1. Crush the colored lipstick and place the pieces in a tablespoon. Add some hygienic lipstick there and hold the spoon over the flame of a candle until the contents turn into a liquid.

  2. Fill an empty lipstick case with the resulting mixture, press a sheet of paper to the hole of the stick and unscrew it to form a smooth edge.

Lipstick is ready! More complete instructions with photos and videos can be found in this article.

Mix with foundation

It doesn't matter if your lipstick is cream or liquid, the mixing algorithm with foundation will be the same.

  1. Squeeze a little pigment onto the back of your hand or onto the palette, add a little foundation. Using a brush, mix the components until a uniform shade is obtained. Choose the proportions depending on the desired result, but remember that the foundation should not be more than half, otherwise the lips will look unnatural.

  2. Spread the resulting mixture on your lips with a thin synthetic bristle brush.

How to lighten dark lipstick after application?

Makeup artists often resort to this kind of trick. Why don't we take them into service.

  • Apply concealer to wet lips and blend all over.

  • Apply lipstick only along the contour of the lips with a thin brush, and add a little highlighter or transparent gloss to the center. This way you will get a slight ombre effect on the lips. Our video tutorial shows you how to achieve it.

  • After applying lipstick, blot your lips with a paper tissue and lightly powder. Such an algorithm will not only make the lipstick lighter, but also prolong its durability.

Lipstick review

If you can't decide on a shade, look for palettes and other lip makeup products that combine several colors.

  • Palette of matte lipsticks Color Riche, L'Oréal Paris

    Under the lid of the case there is a large mirror, five rich shades of the red palette, a highlighter and a brush for application. All lipsticks contain camellia and jojoba oils, thanks to which they moisturize and nourish lips. The coverage is intense yet velvety and almost weightless.

  • Double-sided pencil Parisian Lips Le Stylo, Lancôme

    On one side of the stick there is a sponge impregnated with bright pigment, on the other side there is a creamy pencil of a lighter shade. The tool is ideal for creating an ombre effect on the lips. How to do it, you can watch the video above.

Have you tried making your lipstick lighter? What method was used? Leave a comment.