Bright colors of individual strands are a noticeable trend of recent times. True, it is believed that such paint seizes only on blond hair. What should dark-haired girls do?

Among brunettes, there are many who want to try coloring strands. However, in the case of dark hair, there are some nuances that you need to know if you want to get an uncompromisingly bright result.

We tell you what to do so that the coloring lives up to expectations.

Colored hair strands: fashion trends - 2023

The fashion for multi-colored strands declared itself a few years ago. In 2023, there was a real boom. Bright accents created with dyeing have become part of the looks at the shows of Prada, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto, Haider Ackermann, Tsumori Chisato and other popular brands.

Stars began to walk the red carpet with hair of all colors of the rainbow - it turned out that this is not at all a teenage trend that only young people can appreciate.

Very soon, the trend was picked up on social networks, and it got to the point that some stylists began to make drawings on the hair, having come up with new techniques for working with dyes.


The following colors were at the peak of popularity:

  1. Pink

    This is the choice of many girls: blondes love the strawberry-and-cream effect, a soft pink pastel result; brunettes, on the contrary, prefer fuchsia-colored contrasting strands.

  2. Blue

    Both in the first and in the second case, coloring in blue is an option for the most daring. The accent will be noticeable in any case. If pink can still be brought closer to the natural shade of the hair by choosing a lighter dye, then blue will look extravagant in any concentration.

  3. Turquoise

    The same can be said for turquoise. However, here you can choose pastel - a mixture of turquoise with a milky white tint, and then the result will be gentle and delicate. Most often, this color is used for "mermaid" coloring.

  4. Purple

    This color is also to the liking of girls who, following the fashion trends of 2023, are ready to transform into a mermaid. Both brighter purple, from the neon spectrum, and pastel lavender are actively used - this option is more suitable for dreamy people.

  5. Grey

    At first, ashy shades were in fashion, later the “gray hair” coloring became a trend. And not completely, but strands. Therefore, such dyes are also in demand.

    The result looks interesting - especially on young girls with a bright individual style.

How to color individual strands?

There are many ways to make colored strands.The easiest way is to visit the salon and have a professional coloring done by a colorist. Only for this you need to be 100% confident in your decision to radically change your appearance. Many more girls prefer to first try to dye a few strands in a bright color, using products with a temporary effect. Among them are:

  1. Hair crayons

    This is a colored pressed powder. To make a strand colored, it is carried out with this chalk, pressing the hair to the surface of the product. The bright trace that remains on the hair cannot be called persistent: the powder gradually crumbles and sometimes also stains clothes.

  2. Hair mascara

    A method for those who are going to paint just a couple of strands. To achieve a bright color, bright mascara, which is used on eyelashes or eyebrows, will help.

    She literally freezes in her hair; after the pigment dries, the strand can only be combed in order to restore natural mobility to the hairstyle.

  3. Spray

    This option is suitable for those who, on the contrary, want to achieve more inclusive coloring of the strands. By the way, for dark-haired people this is the best choice: the paint will remain on the surface of the hair, which means it will not lose its brightness. Try a product like Colorista Spray by L'Oréal Paris.

  4. Jelly

    With a color jelly (like Colorista Hair Makeup by L'Oréal Paris) you will get a short-term effect of coloring - the color will stay on the strands for a day or two until you use shampoo.

    Detailed instructions can be found in this video.

  5. Balm

    Tools like L'Oréal's Colorista Washout allow you to enjoy the results of your beauty experiments for a week and a half.The product is kept on the hair for 15 to 30 minutes, which, along with a special composition, determines the durability of the effect. With each wash, the color will gradually wash out - about 3 shampoos will be enough to return to the original image.

How to make colored strands on medium length black hair?

On medium length hair, coloring with a transition from natural to new color will be the most advantageous. The shade of paint you have chosen should ideally appear somewhere in the middle of the strand and become more saturated closer to the tips. The result will be harmonious if the coloring start line is broken so that there is no clear division into contrasting blocks.

When it comes to dark hair, it is better to use superficial products like mascara and spray, because in the case of a balm that has to saturate the hair with pigment, the result is not always as bright as expected.In the Colorista Washout series, for example, only dark shades are suitable for brunettes: turquoise, navy blue, burgundy.

When styling your hair after dyeing, it is best to highlight the strands with a new color by making a light curl.

Short bob with colored strands on dark hair: ideas and photos

Do you wear quads? Then it is worth dyeing the strands from the very roots. Moreover, it is better to take thin ones so that the new color seems to show through your natural shade.

Either a spray is useful here (using it, put a strand on an improvised "substrate" - a napkin or a sheet of paper so as not to stain the main part of the hair), or jelly.

And when styling, hair can be both straightened and curled, accentuating the colored strands in the latter case.

Contrasting strands on long dark blond hair

Girls with dark blond hair have more freedom of choice when it comes to paint color. Pastel balms and jellies will not give a noticeable effect. But sprays will help to achieve a spectacular result.

When the hair is long, you can play with the "stretch" of the color at different levels. Somewhere to paint only the tips, somewhere to start from the middle, somewhere - completely from the roots. Then you will get the effect of volume and beautiful play of shades, which will be visible both on loose hair (however you style it) and in a hairstyle - such as a ponytail or a bun.

Overview of tools for getting multi-colored curls

Where to start if you've never dyed your hair before? These tools are easy to use, so feel free to try one of them.

  • Colorista Hair Makeup, L'Oréal Paris

    Colorista Hair Makeup jelly is designed for one-day hair coloring - the color lasts until the first shampoo. You can simply apply the product to the desired strands (even gloves are not needed: the jelly will not stain the skin), and then dry them with a hair dryer.

  • Colorista Spray, L'Oréal Paris

    Another tool that is easy to use: you apply the paint on the strands from a can with a dispenser. Color seizes including on dark hair. To fix it, just use hairspray. After one application of the shampoo, there will be no trace of your beauty experiment.

  • Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris

    Colorista Washout Balm is designed for those who are ready to go with colored strands for longer than one day. This balm should be left on the hair for 15-30 minutes (the exposure time depends on how saturated the shade you want to get), and then rinse with water. After drying your hair, you will see the result. The color will wash out gradually - the hair will return to its original shade after a couple of uses of shampoo. By the way, L’Oréal Paris made sure that the formula was good for hair and added natural acids to the composition.

Would you like to try making multi-colored strands? Write a comment.