The texture of the powder, which dries the skin of many, was tried to be perfected by turning it into a cream. We figure out whether this idea was a success or the classic format is still better

There are girls who prefer powder to all tonal products and do not agree to other options. And there are those who are categorically against it, since powder coatings cause a feeling of dryness.

Cream powder is a format that can please both: this product has a softer and more comfortable texture with a density that allows you to reliably hide imperfections like redness and dark circles under the eyes.The finish remains powdery. What is the difference between powder and cream powder?

Which is better: powder or cream powder?

Classic powder (whether loose or pressed) is essentially a finely ground colored powder that, when spread evenly over the skin, helps it achieve a beautiful, uniform tone while subtly correcting imperfections.

The tool makes the face matte, thus creating the effect of perfect skin without oily sheen and visible imperfections.

Cream powder is a hybrid product that combines the properties of powder and foundation. What did its creators achieve? Thanks to the new texture, the product softens the skin, but does not dry it out. This is first. Secondly, cream powder evens out the tone better than regular powder, which is difficult to completely mask noticeable imperfections. At the same time, the cream powder does not overload the skin - the coating is quite light, which allows it to be used in casual makeup.

However, it cannot be said with certainty that powder is better than cream powder and vice versa. It all depends on the type of skin and the desired result. One way or another, both formats are suitable for correcting skin tone and successfully cope with this. Especially if you know the secrets of application. You will find the main ones in this video.

What will give the skin the perfect look: powder or cream powder?

To achieve a perfectly even tone, you can use both regular powder and cream powder. But there are nuances.

  • So, ordinary powder is not very suitable for owners of dry skin. It can increase dryness and emphasize peeling, if any. Cream powder suits them better, as it most often has a soft base; it is better to apply it in a small amount in a thin layer so as not to get the effect of a mask.

  • As for girls with oily skin, cream powder can literally be a salvation for them.The fact is that this type of skin is prone to inflammation. Another problem is oily skin. To get rid of it (and at the same time hide imperfections), you have to first apply foundation, and then powder.

    If the skin is oily, then you have to refresh your makeup during the day, because after a few hours the sebum most often shows through the powder coating. The effect of layering for the he alth of such skin is not very favorable. Cream powder helps to avoid these situations and manage with one layer of tone for the whole day. We talked about good powders for oily skin here.

  • With normal skin, you can use both powder and cream powder, choosing a product depending on the task. Sometimes a couple of strokes of the brush with powder are enough to slightly matte the skin and give it a fresh look. If you want to camouflage some imperfections, a denser cream powder coating will do.

What is the difference between powder and cream powder in terms of application?

Regular powder is applied either with a sponge or with a large soft brush, which is fanned over the face.

For cream powder, either a sponge in the form of a drop, or a duo-fiber brush, which is used to apply foundation, is suitable.

By the way, when it comes to compact cream powder, the kit usually includes sponge pads for applying it, but professional products are still better: they can be used to get a more even layer of tone.

What's the difference between powder and cream powder in terms of formulation?

Both regular powder and cream powder are available in different formats. Powder is loose (it is believed that it is lighter) and pressed - in a compact case.

Cream-powder is also produced in a compact format, only under the lid of the case there is a denser product with a creamy texture.

In some cases, powder cream looks the same as foundation. There are products with a more liquid consistency, which are produced in glass bottles.

Overview of the best tone equalizers

If you don't have any favorites yet, start with one of these products. According to the editors, these products are the best for helping to achieve an even skin tone.

  • Powder Superstay 24, Maybelline New York

    This treatment promises extended wear - Superstay 24's smooth, matte finish will last you through the day. The powder has a water-repellent formula, which provides it with a record "exposure" ; In addition, it prevents the appearance of oily sheen. And if you apply the powder in a wet way, slightly wetting the sponge, the coverage will turn out to be a little more dense.

  • Alliance Perfect Mineral Powder, L'Oréal Paris

    The Alliance Perfect mineral formula is an option for those who love powdery textures but expect a little more comfort from them. Mineral "flakes" lie on the skin with an airy layer, without clogging pores and providing an even tone and masking of imperfections (including due to a slight light reflection effect) without harming the skin.

  • Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation, NYX Professional Makeup

    Powder, which does not contain oils, but contains minerals, is also suitable for combination skin. Another ingredient that improves the quality of any type of skin is vitamin E. The product successfully mattifies the skin.The saturation of the coverage can be adjusted using the fluffy brush for light tone correction and the sponge for a denser layer.

  • Dualfit Compact Powder, Shu Uemura

    Creating this product, Shu Uemura thought that, in addition to the visual effect, skin comfort is also important. Therefore, under the lid of the case you will find two sections: in a narrower one - matting powder, which neutralizes oily sheen and makes enlarged pores invisible; in the wide - powder with a silky texture and moisturizing properties. Mix and match to get the perfect coverage for your skin type.

  • Teint Idole Ultra Compact Powder, Lancôme

    Another powder that exceeds all expectations. It's all about the Comfort Loads moisturizing complex, which complements the formula, providing a feeling of comfort for the whole day (the effect is up to 18 hours).Teint Idole Ultra Compact includes SPF15, which promises protection against photoaging on a daily basis. The result of the application is well-groomed skin with a matte finish without a hint of oily sheen.

What do you use: powder or cream powder? Write a comment.