Suitable products and detailed instructions for application - in the review

Eyebrow highlighter is not a new category of beauty products. Behind this formulation lies the usual radiance agent that is used in eyebrow makeup. Let's find out what kind of highlighter is best for this purpose.

Why do I need a brow highlighter?

A couple of years ago, only professional makeup artists used highlighters. They highlighted the protruding parts of the face with them to add sculpture to it.

But over the past couple of years, radiance products have entered the range of the most popular cosmetic brands. And today, highlighter is a must have in every girl's makeup bag.

Highlighters are really indispensable because they are multifunctional tools. They are used to create a beautiful skin tone, in the makeup of the lips, eyes, and now eyebrows. What is a brow highlighter for? In order to give them a clearer shape, as well as visually lift them.

Highlighter with a liquid texture is best left to create a tone, it does not guarantee the clarity of the lines: under the eyebrow, such a tool can simply spread. More suitable options are dry and cream highlighters, preferably in the form of a pencil. The former are best applied with an angled brush, while the latter are best applied directly from the stick.

How to use eyebrow highlighter?

Do you want to start practicing as soon as possible? We offer step-by-step application instructions.

  1. Comb your brow hairs up and fill in the gaps with a pencil or shadow.

  2. Fix the hairs with a fixing gel, it will keep the shape of the eyebrows until the evening.

  3. When you're done with your brows, start applying the highlighter. If you are using a dry highlighter, you will need an angled brush. Put some product on it and draw lines along the lower contour of the eyebrows.

  4. If you prefer a creamy highlighter, spread it straight from the stick. However, it can also be applied with a brush. Draw a line above the eyebrow from its base to the tail and under the eyebrow - from the middle to the tail. Blend.

This technique will visually raise the eyebrow, visually expanding the space between the eyebrow line and the eye.

Life hacks on how to use a highlighter pencil for eyebrows

Highlighter pencil is the most convenient tool to use in the eyebrow area. If you haven't gotten your hands on shimmery products yet, look into this category. Such a pencil will also come in handy in your eye makeup: you can emphasize the inner corners with it to visually open your eyes and give your face a rested look. Find more helpful tips below.

  • If you haven't corrected the shape of your eyebrows for a long time and you have regrown hairs, apply a highlighter on them and they will not be so noticeable.

  • If you don't have time for makeup, but want to look fresh, just do two things: apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and add highlighter under your eyebrows.

  • Apply highlighter under your brows after your eye make-up, as the shine in this area should not be more active than on the eyelids.

Review of highlighters that are convenient to apply under the eyebrow

Take this list to heart if you don't already have a spot highlighter in your collection.

  • YSL Beauté Touche Éclat Highlighter Concealer

    The highlighter brush is the brand's cult tool. It can be used as a concealer (applied under the eyes and masked imperfections), as well as a highlighter - to “illuminate” the area under the eyebrows, the inner corners of the eyes, the back of the nose. The texture blends into the skin and remains completely invisible.

  • Maybelline Master Drama Lightliner Gel

    The pencil has a metallic finish that gives the skin an intense glow. To make the shimmer look natural, do not apply too much pressure on the pencil. Choose a pencil if you have never used a highlighter before, it is very easy to apply.

  • Sculpt & Highlight Pen by NYX Professional Makeup

    This tool alone is enough for a complete eyebrow makeup. On one side of the stick is a classic colored eyebrow pencil, on the other - a highlighter. The thin pigmented pencil lead allows you to accurately draw the missing hairs, and the highlighter allows you to correct the shape of the eyebrows and place accents. The finish of the pencil and highlighter is soft, easy to blend.

Do you apply highlighter under your eyebrows? If yes, what is your favorite remedy? Leave a comment.