Manicure says a lot about a person, and a nail design with an inscription reveals the cards at once - although it can, on the contrary, confuse them. What messages to leave on nails? We have collected for you as many as 120 memorable options

Nail art with inscriptions was remembered in 2023, when during the autumn-winter show of Marc Jacobs, the nails of models were decorated with the name of the designer. The spectacular idea was immediately picked up by other brands and bloggers. How good is this design? Even if the inscription does not carry a hidden meaning, the manicure still attracts attention.And this is a good reason to try it.

Are you tired of the usual monochromatic manicure? Then this test is for you! We will help you choose a fashionable nail design based on your beauty preferences.

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How often do you get your nails done?

  • Every other week
  • Every three weeks
  • Once a month
  • Less than once a month

Perfect bridal manicure?

  • French (French)
  • Soft beige or pink finish
  • Red manicure
  • Manicure with rhinestones or glitter polish

How do you choose the shade of a pedicure?

  • I choose the same color as on the nails
  • I always choose a different color than on my hands
  • depending on the mood
  • I love experiments and I choose pedicure with design

What is your favorite makeup item?

  • Smokey eyes
  • Red lips
  • Arrows
  • Maximum natural eye and lip makeup
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Your wardrobe has more

  • Sportswear
  • Women's dresses and skirts
  • Office Style
  • Jeans and T-shirts
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Which beauty quote do you like best?

  • "In order to be beautiful, it is enough for a woman to have a black sweater, a black skirt and walk arm in arm with the man she loves." Yves Saint Laurent
  • "It's hard to be irresistible if you're lazy." Sophia Loren
  • “The most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence. You can be beautiful, but if you're not confident, you can't be sexy." Beyoncé
  • “Do you want to know the ultimate beauty secret? Fall in love - it really works! Nicole Kidman
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Which star look do you like best?

  • Irina Shayk
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Zoe Kravitz

Manicure with inscriptions 2023: novelties and fashion trends

Any inscriptions on nails are in fashion: modest and defiant, laconic and spacious, decorated in bright or neutral colors, written in English and Russian. There is no need to talk about global trends in this area of nail design, but you can still highlight a few microtrends.


This trend started the popularity of lettering on nails, and two years later it is still going strong. Loy alty to brands in this way is mainly expressed by fans of luxury brands, but this condition is far from obligatory. If you want to stand out, support with your manicure independent clothing brands that need advertising more than fashion giants.

Oh, everyone

If we talk about Russian-speaking users of social networks, then one of the main trends in 2023 in this segment is a manicure with the inscription "Oh, everything." Why? Firstly, everyone really knows this meme. Secondly, it is very easy to reproduce it on nails: you don’t even need special sliders, only a thin manicure brush.

You can see more examples of nail designs with the inscription "Oh, everyone" in the photo below.

Newspaper manicure

Quote your favorite works in whole paragraphs! To create a trendy look with abstract pieces of text, buy special stickers or sliders. And if you want to decorate your nails with lines that are important to you, you will have to sacrifice a book or a newspaper. Cut out the desired fragment, place the paper for 20-30 seconds in an alcohol solution, and then attach it to the nail - the printing ink will be printed on the nail plate. To achieve the maximum resemblance to a piece of newspaper or book, use white or pale yellow varnish as a background.

Manicure with inscriptions in Russian

Leaving obscene inscriptions out of brackets (you can easily find examples without our help), we show what can be written on the nails in the native language.

  • Inspiring and motivating slogans will cheer you up and those around you. “There is happiness”, “Go beyond”, “Dreams come true”, “Everything will work out” - these are just a few options that will definitely not ruin a manicure.

  • Russian nail design is a good opportunity to practice wit.

  • Declaration of love with a manicure? Why not.

  • A name written in multi-colored letters in Russian on nails is a great idea for a children's manicure (if your daughter or little sister really wants to paint her nails).

  • The character set below is also popular. What it means, everyone understands in their own way. And decides whether it is appropriate to decorate their nails.

Tip: to make the inscription readable, choose capacious and short phrases. Or divide the sentence into several parts and place each on a separate nail. “Miracles are where they are believed” is a great slogan, but in the example below it is quite difficult to read.

English lettering nail design

The name of a loved one (or brand), a greeting to strangers or a political statement (girl power!) - a manicure with an inscription in English can be both innocent and provocative. Use catchphrases or quotes to get your message across to as many people as possible. Or leave messages on your nails only to those who speak English really well.

Experiment with other languages too: inscriptions in Korean, Japanese, Chinese look beautiful. How to create a manicure with hieroglyphs, we told here.

Love Manicure

One of the main motives of nail lyrics, of course, is love. Even a simple inscription with this word will look touching, but you can connect your imagination, for example, as in the photo below.


Among fans of nail design with letters, the inscription love is even more popular than "love" . See how you can play with this idea in different ways.

Another option is to make the inscription voluminous, convex.


Which is correct: amore or amor? Amor is a more poetic variant, but it is rarely used in colloquial speech today. However, in this case, the rules can be neglected, there would be passion.

The inscription can be made in any other language: for example, the words oui and amour, as well as the phrase Je t'aime, do not need to be translated. Especially when it comes to wedding manicure.

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Manicure design with letters and inscriptions on short nails

Whenever it comes to manicures for short nails, we remind you of the same rule: go with broad strokes and choose minimalistic design options. The abundance of small details, letters and decorations on short nails is likely to look clumsy. Therefore, your statement should be clear: one or two words written in large letters is a more correct strategy of action.

Manicure with inscriptions for long nails

Long nails will fit an expressive statement, and, if necessary, a small verse. Make the most of the space and don't forget to experiment with bright polishes. Moreover, long nails (especially sharp almond-shaped ones) are really in fashion now.

Nude and pink nail designs

In the case of nude, beige, pale pink or pastel manicure, there are two ways to design. The first is to supplement it with modest inscriptions of a positive or poetic content. The second is to play on contrasts and write messages of a provocative nature on the nails, visible from afar. The choice depends on you and your goals.

Black lettering nail designs

Black manicure on square nails with inscriptions looks gloomy, but this is not always a bad thing: for Halloween, for example, such an image will be very useful. Especially if you play with fonts and decorate the inscription in Gothic letters.

However, one of the most popular nail designs with black polish and letters has nothing to do with Halloween. A black background plus a crossed-out inscription amor is a memory of a past love. Well, it happens.

Pay attention to how interesting the black matte manicure with white inscription looks: it creates the feeling of a slate finish.

The combination of black and silver polish also makes a spectacular impression: use this life hack in a manicure with inscriptions.

A fashionable technique in nail design - negative space - will complement a black manicure well, making it a little more casual.

Beautiful red manicure with inscriptions

Red manicure is the same classic that sometimes you want to cheer up a little.And nail art with inscriptions is perfect for this purpose. So that your message does not go unnoticed in the literal sense, write it over the main coat of red or burgundy color with contrasting varnishes: black, white, silver. And do not overdo it: a concise phrase on one of the nails will be enough.

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White manicure with inscriptions

Choose white lacquer as the base for the inscriptions to which you want to draw as much attention as possible: against such a background it will be impossible not to notice them. You can also complement the image with a pattern, kamifubi or other nail design - using the ombre, marble or french technique.Since the white manicure itself is neutral and calm enough, the decor option will not look redundant.

Manicure ideas with funny nail art

Manufacturers of special nail sliders compete in wit, so on sale you can find options with the most unexpected offers and statements. Below you will find several examples of manicures with funny inscriptions - of varying degrees of courage.

French with inscriptions

How to combine a French manicure with such a nail design? Here are four good ideas.

  1. You can decorate one of the nails with a small inscription, and decorate the tips of the rest with colored varnish (you can use more than one).

  2. An unusual idea is to separate the tips of the nails with multi-colored oblique lines, and write words important to you on top. The author of the manicure below put together the perfect set: “hope”, “peace”, “love”, “faith”, “good”. There are still five fingers left on the other hand, for each of which you can also find worthy words.

  3. Classic white jacket and laconic inscription in large contrasting letters - an option that suits a bold statement.

  4. Already familiar to you "newspaper" manicure combined with French - simple and elegant.

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Manicure with numbers

Numbers on nails are a great way to emphasize the significance of an event (or to gently remind the forgetful about it).

In addition to the obvious reasons: birthday, New Year, wedding anniversary, choose unexpected ones. You can, for example, celebrate City Day or September 1 in this way, because the more holidays in life, the better.

Lettering nail design with glitter and rhinestones

If you want to create a kitschy manicure (which is not forbidden), then there are no rules: apply inscriptions and sparkles on your nails in any proportions.But in general, the inscription is a self-sufficient detail of the nail design, which must be combined with other bright accents very carefully. Especially when it comes to rhinestones or sparkles. By the way, the same applies to manicure with foil and mother-of-pearl rubbing. The basic recommendation is: less is more. Successful examples are in front of you.

How to make inscriptions on nails?

You can create inscriptions on nails manually or with the help of special sliders - it all depends on the complexity of the task.

Manicure with stickers and sliders

Remember transfer stickers from childhood? Nail sliders are used in the same way. The drawing must be cut out of the "palette" , give it the desired shape, moisten with water, separate from the paper base and transfer to the nail. Nail sliders are needed if the inscription you want to create is quite complex and long.

You will have to choose from ready-made options, but with the help of stickers, such a nail design is easy to create even at home. Here are some examples of what nail sliders look like that you can find on the market.

DIY nail writing

If you want to write a name, a short word or a very simple phrase on your nails (for example, “Oh, everyone”), you can do it yourself, with your own hands. You will need a thin manicure brush, base and top polishes, as well as different color shades. Don't worry if the inscription doesn't turn out smooth the first time, it will look interesting anyway.

What would you like to depict on your nails? Suggest your original options in the comments.