Being trendy is not always easy. But in makeup, it is more important that the result beautifies the image and looks natural

A beauty trend like the emphasis on eyebrows cannot be completely ignored. But in order to follow it, sometimes you have to not just tint your eyebrows a little more than usual, but completely change their natural shape. If you are ready for this, approach the matter wisely: it is important that the shape you want to get fits your type of face and emphasizes its dignity. We will tell you how to change the shape of the eyebrows yourself, at home.

How to choose a new eyebrow shape according to your face type?

Wide and thick "sable" eyebrows are one of the most common wishes addressed to brow-masters. Getting started, they first determine what shape the eyebrows should end up with.

At the same time, they take into account facial features, but they also do not disregard the natural bend of the eyebrows: if you do not take into account the "initial data" , it is likely that the result will not decorate the image, but, on the contrary, will become its flaw.

Wherever you change the shape of your eyebrows, in the salon or at home, first evaluate your face type and determine which eyebrows will harmoniously complement the image.

  1. Oval face

    The task is to make the face not look stretched after eyebrow correction. Arched eyebrows in this case are definitely excluded. It is also worth giving up on eyebrows with a high break, because of which the facial expression will be forever surprised or unreasonably strict.It is much better to strive to straighten the eyebrows or leave a barely noticeable bend.

  2. Round face

    Owners of this type often complain that their features are devoid of sculpture. To add expressiveness to their appearance, they emphasize the cheekbones with a bronzer, trying to achieve the cherished “chiseled” forms. Eyebrows of the “correct” shape can enhance the effect. We are talking about eyebrows with a slight break and a pointed "tail" . Clear lines for chubby girls are a way out of the situation.

  3. Square face

    Girls with square faces are the opposite. Their features are often too sharp: a wide jaw, sharp cheekbones. This can be visually smoothed out due to the soft bending of the eyebrows without corners and kinks. It is best that these are arched eyebrows with a slight rise, smoothly turning into a descent closer to the tips.Give preference to medium width: too wide eyebrows will make the image simple, and thin “strings” will look ridiculous against the background of expressive details of appearance.

  4. Heart

    Narrowing, pointing at the chin and a wide, sometimes even massive forehead - these are the characteristic features of this type of face. In this case, when choosing the shape of the eyebrows, stop at an arched one with a soft bend. Another option is a barely noticeable kink with raising the “tails” (without this, the facial expression will become “sad”).

What tools do you need to change the shape of your eyebrows yourself?

Salon brow stylists have a whole arsenal of tools and beauty tools for eyebrow correction. At home, you will need the necessary minimum. If you are used to taking care of your eyebrows, then you can limit yourself to what is in your cosmetic bag.

  1. Tweezers

    A basic tool that gets rid of unwanted hairs. Professionals can replace it with threads, but in order to learn how to work with them on their own, it will take a lot of time. Tweezers are the easiest and most reliable tool to use.

  2. Pencil

    Using a regular brow pencil (such as Lancôme's Brow Define Pencil), you can outline the future shape of the eyebrows along the contour and then use tweezers to correct.

    Thanks to this “draft” you will avoid the risk of removing too much and will not make the eyebrows too thin. And you will also achieve symmetry (how to correct asymmetry, we told here).

  3. Shadows

    You will need this tool after you have completed the correction with tweezers. It is easy to fill in the gaps inside the eyebrow contour with shadows, creating a fullness effect; eyebrows will appear thicker and become a full-fledged accent in your image.

  4. Slanted brush

    Its shape is considered the most convenient if you need to tint your eyebrows, giving them a more graphic outline and filling in the outline. With a wide cut, you can tint the eyebrows at the base, and draw a “tail” with a narrow point.

  5. Stencils

    They are needed for those who cannot decide on the shape of the eyebrows (stencils can be applied to the face to understand how it will look with a new eyebrow curve). They also help to correct the shape of the eyebrows with tweezers without making mistakes.

    Detailed instructions for using the stencil can be found in this video.

How to change the shape of the eyebrows: step by step instructions

  1. Shape definition

    Depend on the type of your face. If it has a round shape, then the eyebrows need at least a slight break and sharpening of the tips. A square face, on the other hand, needs soft arched eyebrows. And girls with an oval face look best with straight eyebrows.

  2. Drawing the outline

    Did you decide which eyebrow shape you want? Using a pencil, draw it on top of the one you have. This contour will help you in working with tweezers - it will protect you from violating the marked boundaries.

  3. Correction

    Gently remove hairs that extend beyond the new contour with tweezers. Tip: it's better to remove less and then refine your new eyebrows than to get rid of more hair at once, and then find that there is not enough of them - and the eyebrows as a result turned out to be too narrow and thin.

  4. Eyebrow makeup

    When the shape matches what you want, tint your eyebrows with shadows, a pencil or, for example, lipstick - it all depends on what tool you usually use for color correction.

  5. Fixation

    Finish your brows by fixing them with clear gel. But first, lay the hairs so that the new shape is clearly visible.

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