Nails of small length with a rounded cut can also look impressive and fashionable. Let's prove it with specific examples right now

Nail reviews often feature such nail shapes as “pointe shoes” with a horizontal cut at elongated tips, a classic almond-shaped oval, and an energetic square. But the short length, combined with a rounded cut, rarely receives special attention. Meanwhile, this is the most practical and common form of nails."

If you prefer just such a form, then you should know: you have no contraindications to fashionable manicure. Believe me, there are plenty of design options for round nails. They will be discussed in this article.

Specific manicure for round nails

Nail masters advise choosing a rounded shape for those who cut their nails almost to the root, preferring practicality to fashionable length. Unlike almond-shaped nails with a pointed tip, this form is as convenient as possible and practically negates the risk of breaking a nail or accidentally scratching it.

A manicure for nails with a rounded cut has its own characteristics. A prerequisite is a neat, well-groomed cuticle without burrs and rough skin rollers. The shape itself must be carefully worked out: it is necessary that after filing there are no corners and straight segments left.If these details are left unattended, then the nails will most likely look untidy.

As for the design of round nails, here you need to understand: a small length imposes some restrictions - not so much on the possibilities, but on the design concept. When creating drawings, for example, it is better not to shrink, otherwise your idea will simply not be able to be seen.

Strive to ensure that the prints in the entire nail plate look distinct. But if you refuse drawings, you will not lose: round nails with a monochromatic coating look as neat as possible.

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Round Cut Nail Designs 2023

To those who say that round nails are irrelevant, you can object: this form is not ignored at shows. Most often, such a manicure was done in cases where a natural addition to the image was required in neutral shades. In addition, a laconic design with simple graphics and uncomplicated drawings was performed on round nails.

Kate Spade's short nails with a rounded cut were covered in nude lacquer, which was decorated with miniature glitter circles. At the Rodarte show, gold and silver metallic polishes were used as a background and complemented the coating on each nail with a pair of large rhinestones.

Letters, checkers, flames - Nicole Miller used different motifs in designs on a transparent base coat. Among the supporters of minimalism in manicure were Proenza Schouler (on the nails - only white dots placed in the center of the holes) and Monse (white diagonals on a colorless coating).

Insta-trends live apart from runway trends. Nail artists who share their work and manicure ideas on this social network show miracles of ingenuity even on short, rounded nails - a shape that, it would seem, does not allow you to roam.

Graphics and geometry

Various combinations of lines, dots and simple geometric shapes - something that seems to never go out of fashion, like abstract art.

And it will never look tasteless - even opponents of nail art agree with this. Pay attention to the design with a stroke of a round nail along the contour.

This manicure can be supplemented with color blocks or small drawings.

Art manicure

The continuation of the theme looks like an art manicure with artistic colored blots, spots and strokes. In such a design, there can be neither rules nor restrictions. The main thing is a flight of fancy.

You can turn your nails into a palette that is full of colors, or you can show restraint - leave only a couple of touches of colored varnishes. And in fact, and in another case, the creative mood will be read.

Space Manicure

The theme of space does not let go of those who experiment with makeup, or lovers of nail art. In manicure, it is not difficult to beat her, but very interesting. Expressive play of shades will remind you of colored nebulae, and glitter or rhinestones will indicate starlight. If you “spray” a little white varnish on a dark background, you will get the effect of a clear night sky.

Another option is to depict constellations, planets or zodiac signs on the nails.

Animal motifs

Many people consider animal prints in clothes to be vulgar. On the nails, they usually look completely different - easy, relaxed and cute.

Nail design can repeat the pattern on the skin of a leopard, zebra, snake, giraffe. Any such options will attract attention and cheer up - both for you and those around you.

And if you choose discreet colors for the design or even an ascetic combination of a transparent background and a black print, even the most picky experts will have no questions about such nail art.


First of all, the expressive texture of minerals with streaks, specks, and play of shades surprises and inspires. Hence the popularity, for example, of the same “quartz” manicure (which looks especially gentle on short nails with a rounded cut) or “marble” nail art.


This technique will help out those who are not ready to paint pictures on nails on their own. Finished drawings can be simply transferred to the nail plate and thanks to this you get an exemplary nail art without negligence and irregularities.

Both prints and stickers look good on both clear and colored bases and can quickly solve a nail design problem with short round nails.

Gentle french round nail ideas

Despite the fact that the jacket is a classic (for many, even hackneyed), unusual manicure options are possible here. Many of them are easy to adapt to round nails.

It can be a regular “smile” painted with bright varnish, and variations on the theme of French manicure with an emphasis on the tip, which can be decorated with sparkles, flowers, bright stripes and other details - they will make the jacket unbanal .

bright manicure for long nails with a rounded cut

Elongated nails with a rounded tip - this is a wider field for design experiments. In this case, a manicure for long round nails will have its own nuances. On these, the same jacket looks better, and the drawings may not be schematic, but detailed.

You can start from the "base" - the same French or moon manicure, and then add other elements to it like color blocks, drawings, patterns, ornaments.

Due to the length, you can realize many more ideas than in the case of short nails. And you will find the original idea of the moon manicure in this video.

How to make a manicure on nails with a rounded cut: step by step instructions

Manicure for round nails has its own nuances.

  1. Correct the shape of the nails with a file, trying to make working movements only in one direction, so as not to provoke the delamination of the plate. Make sure that the outline is without corners and straight lines. We clearly analyzed each stage of manicure in this video.

  2. Soften cuticles with a gel remover and a bath of warm water and soap.

    After that, remove the dead skin particles from the nails using an orange stick. Work carefully so as not to injure the base of the nail plate.

  3. Base your nails with polish.

    Then - double color. After each application, it is important to wait until the coating is completely dry.

    Next, you can start creating nail art if you prefer a design to a plain manicure.

  4. Finish your beauty ritual with a top coat. To make the drawings and varnish dry faster, use a dryer. This minimizes the risk of spoiling the result by negligence.

What shape of nails do you choose? Write a comment.