A string of pearls can make the simplest look special. And mother-of-pearl highlights are quite capable of changing makeup

The general fascination with glitter and metallic effect seems to have left a timid and restrained, but such a gentle and beautiful pearly glow in the shade. If you add it to makeup, the image becomes romantic and dreamy. Soft accents, which can be obtained thanks to products with a pearly finish, will be in place even in everyday make-up and “make-up without makeup”.


  • Face Studio Strobing, Maybelline New York

    This highlighter creates a delicate pearly glow on the skin due to its delicate creamy texture, saturated with small light-reflecting particles.

    The stick format makes application as comfortable as possible: with a light touch, the product is distributed over the skin, leaving a slightly iridescent trace. With a highlighter it is convenient to emphasize the cheekbones, the back of the nose and the checkmark above the lip in everyday makeup - the result will look like a natural play of light.

    There is no need to fear the effect of oily sheen - on the contrary, it seems that the skin glows from the inside.

  • Alliance Perfect, L'Oréal Paris

    Another product for strobing lovers is Alliance Perfect Liquid Highlighter.

    The texture makes this highlighter a multifunctional tool: you can use it, firstly, as a makeup base; secondly, together with the tonal base, mixing them with each other; thirdly - as an independent tool - to create shining pearl accents on the protruding parts of the face.One way or another, it is easy to “illuminate” the skin with it and refresh any makeup, both day and evening.

  • Custom Glow Drops, Lancôme in Champagne Glow

    This liquid highlighter features a high concentration of mother-of-pearl particles in the formula. No matter how you use it, it will give your make-up a sparkling effect.

    It is enough to add a few drops to the foundation - and on the skin you will get a fashionable "wet" coating. If you just apply it on the cheekbones, then a gentle shine will refresh the image as a whole. You will find detailed tips on using liquid, cream and dry highlighter in this video.


  • Naked 3, Urban Decay

    Shadows of 12 delicate shades with a shimmer will create a light haze with a pearly glow on the eyelids and thanks to this, make the look visually more open and add shine to the eyes.

    They are easy to combine with each other, as well as with shadows of other textures, creating a "voluminous" eye makeup with an expressive result.

    Another important advantage of Urban Decay shadows is their saturation, which is noticeable even when applied in a thin layer.

  • Tokyo Gardens Eye Tint Acqua, Giorgio Armani

    Especially for the Tokyo Gardens collection, dedicated to the beauty of Japanese nature, Eye Tint's liquid eyeshadow texture has been lightened for a translucent finish, revealing the beauty of the pearly quartz particles added to the formula to create an iridescent color effect.

    Even light shades No. 31 Day (white) and No. 33 Rose Reflection (pale pink) do not require additions to the eye makeup - they can be “worn” anyway.


    Rose Reflection

    The perfection of the image provides the effect of radiance. And this article will help you choose eye makeup with such a tool.


  • Shimmer Down Lip Veil, NYX Professional Makeup

    For a pearly sheen on your lips, use 05 Glazing It (pinkish-beige) or 06 Hypernova (cotton candy).

Glazing It


Shimmer Down Lip Veil has a light translucent texture. The tool gives a radiant effect thanks to a fine shimmer.

Conveniently, the product can be used as both a lip gloss and a top coat for lipstick.