This mascara, unlike most of its predecessors, does not contain wax. All the details are in our review

Macara is an iconic tool in the Maybelline portfolio, because it was with its launch that the history of the company once began. Pharmacist T. L. Williams made the first mascara especially for his sister by mixing petroleum jelly with coal dust.

Today, Maybelline New York has a dozen types of mascara in its arsenal: colored, waterproof, curling and adding volume. But new for 2023, Snapscara mascara claims to be a revolutionary tool. What are its features?

10 interesting facts about snapscara

New generation mascara promises to make life easier for millions of girls. Let's figure out how.

  • There is no wax in the mascara. It is created on a gel basis, thanks to which it is easily washed off with warm water. You don't even need makeup remover. It is enough to wet a cotton pad with warm water and lightly walk over the eyelashes. A great solution for girls with sensitive eyelid skin and those who wear contact lenses!

  • " No more panda eyes and black dust under the eyes!" - the creators of Snapscara promise. And they keep their word. The mascara is durable - it does not crumble under the eyes during the day.

  • The mascara has a double-sided curved Easy Glide brush. It has long bristles on one side and shorter ones on the other. This applicator shape helps lengthen and separate lashes.

  • Snapscara mascara can be applied in multiple layers.

    With a lightweight, wax-free formula, it doesn't weigh down lashes, making them longer and fuller with each coat.

  • The product spreads easily over the lashes, and the brush gives them the desired curl without a curling iron.

  • The mascara has a highly pigmented formula. Even one coat of the product gives the eyelashes a bright shade.

  • The novelty is presented in three shades: black, blue and dark plum.

  • Macara doesn't stick eyelashes together. Even with three layers of makeup, they will look voluminous, but clearly separated.

  • An indispensable tool if you want to create nude makeup. Apply it in one layer, it will highlight the beauty of your eyes, but will go unnoticed on the eyelashes thanks to its light gel formula.

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