Highlighter is an absolute must have in any makeup bag. Learning to apply it not only on the face, but also on the eyelids


  • What is highlighter?
  • How to choose a highlighter to apply on the eyelids?
  • How to use highlighter in eye makeup?
  • Makeup options with highlighter on the eyelids

What is highlighter?

Highlighter is a cosmetic product that gives the skin a glow (ideally, natural and subtle).

The composition includes a shock dose of reflective and shimmering particles.

They are responsible for the effect of skin that seems to be illuminated from the inside.

The principle of application on the face, whether it's dry highlighter or cream, is always the same - to highlight what needs to be emphasized.

Standardly, the highlighter is applied to the areas above the cheekbones, on the back of the nose, forehead, chin, checkmark of the upper lip and the area under the eyebrows.

But this is not the whole list - makeup artists advise using highlighter in eye makeup as well.

It will help emphasize the beauty of the look, make it more expressive, and visually enlarge the eyes. Tempting, isn't it?

How to choose a highlighter to apply on the eyelids?

Highlighters come in different textures: liquid, cream and dry. To understand which one is right for you in eye makeup, read the recommendations below.

Liquid highlighter

If you are not yet familiar with highlighters and are afraid to make a mistake in practice, you should give preference to this particular texture. A product such as Glow Mon Amour by L'Oréal Paris can be used as a base or mixed with foundation.

But it is not suitable for eye makeup, as it will have to be applied closer to the corners of the eyes, and due to the liquid texture, it can get on the mucous membrane, which is unsafe. How to apply liquid highlighter correctly, you can read here.

Cream highlighter

With a highlighter of this format it is convenient to “highlight” the area above the cheekbones, back of the nose, forehead and chin. Unlike liquid, it is not applied to the entire face, but it is quite convenient for working out small areas, such as the checkmark of the upper lip and eyelids. In eye makeup, cream highlighters are indispensable. Especially if they come in stick or pencil form.

Dry Highlighter

The structure resembles pressed powder with a lot of light-reflecting and shining particles. It is applied to certain areas of the face: cheekbones, nose, forehead, under the eyebrows. It is good for girls with oily skin. NYX Professional Makeup's Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder can be used over both foundation and powder.

Dry highlighters are also suitable for eye makeup, use them instead of dry shadows.

How to use different types of highlighter, you can learn from our video.

How to use highlighter in eye makeup?

Do you want to learn how to apply highlighter in your eye make-up? Our step-by-step instructions will help you.

  1. Spread eyeshadow base over eyelids. This will increase the durability of the makeup. Blend concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles.

  2. To visually make your eyes bigger and more expressive, apply highlighter pointwise to the corners of the eyes and blend a little towards the middle of the eyelids. It is convenient to do this with a small synthetic brush or with fingertips.

  3. If you want a trendy smoky eye look with a glow, apply highlighter in the center of the eyelids and blend to the corners. A shimmering highlight in the center visually enlarges the eyes, slightly rounding them.

If you apply highlighter all over the eyelid as eyeshadow, it will give the image a fresh look.

How to do it, you will learn from this video.

Makeup options with highlighter on the eyelids

Do you want to see how a highlighter looks in real life in eye makeup? See examples in our photo selection.

Even natural makeup will look brighter if you intensively emphasize the inner corners of the eyes with a dry highlighter, as in the example below.

You can blend the highlighter from the corners of the eyes to the middle of the eyelids.

The evening look will also be more seductive if you use a highlighter in your eye make-up.

When doing smoky eyes, add highlighter to the lower eyelids too.

Do you use highlighter in your eye makeup? Leave your comment.