When buying clothes online, you can return things if the choice does not live up to expectations. What about cosmetics?

The popularity of online shopping is understandable: you can choose what you need and order without leaving your home.

However, this apparent lightness often turns into a trap: what is stated on the websites of online stores does not always correspond to reality - for example, a beautiful picture materializes into a low-quality thing. With cosmetics, it’s even more difficult: you can’t try it after purchase and, if you don’t like something, return the product to the store.Testers are available only at offline sales points. What to do for those who find it more convenient to order beauty new clothes online?

Shop selection

Whether you are satisfied with your order after receiving it or not depends largely on the chosen online store. It is not entirely correct to consider low prices as the main criterion: if beauty products are sold at a big discount, there is a possibility that we are talking about products that are about to expire. Also, fakes are also sold on the network, which can be packaged like originals - you can’t tell; inside, you run the risk of finding low-quality products that are either useless or even unsafe for the skin and he alth in general.

To reduce risks as much as possible, choose online stores of large retailers. Or look for official websites of individual brands that provide an opportunity to order cosmetics online.

Doubts about the site? Then read what they write about him in social networks, on forums or “reviews”. Most likely, a reliable seller will leave mostly positive comments. Yes, and he himself will take care of his reputation - for example, he will demonstrate the convenience of the service when placing an order and arranging delivery.

By the way, many online stores open up opportunities that are not available in traditional points of sale. So, it is online that there are more special discounts and promotions. When ordering cosmetics on the Internet, you can use promotional codes, thanks to which you get more bonuses. Many of them reduce the cost of the purchase or provide free shipping.

A separate conversation is the exclusives of beauty brands that they sell only online. Urban Decay, for example, sells a dozen additional shades of 'Vice' lipstick in its online store alone, including the unusual Junkie - a bright metallic green.

And if you decide to do all your makeup with a metallic effect, look for inspiration in our video.

Means selection

The difficulty lies in the fact that online shopping eliminates the ability to test the tools that you see on the site. At your disposal are only descriptions of textures and (at best) swatches of shades, taken qualitatively by the manufacturer.

Only this does not guarantee that you will receive exactly what you see in the images. You can protect yourself from spending and unjustified purchases by trusting beauty blogs on the network. Search the Internet for test reports of the tools you are interested in. Most bloggers clearly show how this or that tool actually looks in life, whether it meets expectations and whether it fulfills the promises made by the manufacturer. After reading a few reviews, you can get an idea of what awaits you after placing an order.

Precautions when buying cosmetics online

  • Check the selected store. Even the appearance of the site can lead to doubts. Evaluate how presentable it is, whether there is a logo and easy navigation. Products should have descriptions that include a detailed listing of ingredients (this article will help you figure out unfamiliar names). Not sure if your favorite brand works with a particular site? Call the brand's hotline to make sure that the store is its official distributor.

  • Choose secure payment methods. If you are offered a transfer to a card or by phone number as a payment method, there is a high probability that you will be deceived. Conscientious sellers do not require “extra” data from buyers (the CVV2 / CVC2 code on the back of the card often also applies to them).Some even allow you to pay for the goods upon receipt.

  • Check the item upon receipt. And immediately - while you are at the point of issue of the order or in the presence of the courier. If the integrity of the packaging is violated or, for example, the expiration date of the goods is expired, you can demand a return and compensation for the money spent.

Do you order cosmetics online? Write about your experience in the comments.