The crown will help you feel like a princess. Even if it is painted on the nails. What design to choose and how to bring the "royal" nail art to life - we'll tell you right now

Which of us in childhood did not dream of becoming a princess? And dreams must come true! And let the crown not decorate your hairstyle - on the nails such an original design will look just as good. What design options are relevant in 2023 and where will such a manicure come in handy?

When is a crown manicure appropriate?

A crown manicure is suitable for nails of any length and will look gentle and romantic on women of any age. The main thing is the right choice of colors and textures.

If there are no strict rules regarding manicure at work, you can safely ask the masters to draw you a crown. Your style - feminine dresses and romantic curls? Pastel colors are best suited: pale blue, pink, peach. In this case, the crown will turn out to be especially effective if you choose glitter polish (for example, gold / silver) or rhinestones for it.

Prefer strict looks? Choose deep saturated colors: wine, dark blue, emerald. In this case, you can play with the textures. For example, make the main coating glossy, and the crown itself - matte or with a metallic effect. Such a manicure will look appropriate both on a romantic date and at a party.

How to draw a crown on nails: step by step photo tutorial

Draw a crown at home? Easily! You just need to know the procedure and practice a little. Our step-by-step photo instructions will help with the first one.

  1. Used Maybelline New York Colorama polishes - shades 21, 51 and 749 .

  2. Before you draw a crown on your nails, cover the nail plate with base color varnish. Universal options - pastel shades and white. They are suitable for any style and color of the picture. Wait until the varnish is completely dry, then drip yellow varnish onto the palette. Now you can start drawing.

  3. First draw the outline of the crown. To make the lines beautiful and even, choose a long and thin brush. If you want to draw the crown in straight lines, it will be enough just to put the brush on the nail.But the drawing will turn out more elegant if the lines are with a smooth bend.

  4. Proceed like this: draw the polish on the brush so that a small drop forms on the tip.

  5. Put it where the widest part is supposed to be, that is, at the base of the crown. Next, pull the varnish up to create a pointed top. The varnish on the brush will be consumed gradually, and the end of the line will turn out thin and neat.

  6. Design the lower border of the crown. This drawing can be completed. After all, even the contour of the crown on the nails looks interesting.

  7. But you can fill the crown with color to make the design brighter.

  8. Put dots on the teeth of the crown with a dots or a toothpick. Top coat your nails. Design ready!

Used Maybelline New York Colorama polishes - shades 59 and 108.

  1. In this version, instead of a brush, you can use dots or a toothpick. After the base polish is completely dry, decorate the cuticle area with gold dots. They will serve as the base of the crown.

  2. Next, put a drop of varnish on a dots or a toothpick, put two dots at the base of the crown and stretch them, connecting the lines in the center. Since the top of the crown is now facing down, the dots move will be from top to bottom. The same technique can be used to draw hearts.

  3. Having drawn all the teeth in this way, put dots on their tops.

  4. Decorate the crown with kamifubuki (sequins) imitating stones. Compared to rhinestones, they are much easier to secure.

  5. Apply top. Ready! Such an inverted pattern looks very impressive and definitely will not get bored. Pointed down, the crown resembles a tribal design, and if you turn your hand over, there is no doubt that the symbol of power is depicted on the nails.

Used Maybelline New York Colorama - shade 20 .

  1. If you can't draw at all, arm yourself with scissors and cut out a micro-crown from transfer foil.

  2. When the crown is ready, apply varnish on the nail that you plan to decorate with the design. The foil must be installed on a varnish that has not completely dried out, so that when it dries, it will securely fix it.

  3. Press the crown carefully, paying particular attention to the edges.

  4. Add golden kamifubuki to complete the crown nail design.

  5. Wait for the polish to dry. Put on a top. Stylish design is ready!

    We talked about the intricacies of working with foil in this video.

Crown of stones or rhinestones on nails

Rhinestones of different sizes will add volume to the picture. Decorate your ring finger with a crown. Use the largest rhinestones at the base and at the top of the crown. And to make a manicure with a crown of stones look like a finished composition, small rhinestones can be glued at the base of other nails.

Red crown nail design

Red shade is a manicure classic. Do not be afraid that the design will turn out to be vulgar. Gold rhinestones on nails in the form of a crown, as in the photo, will perfectly complement a bright monochromatic manicure and will look very feminine on both long and short nails of any shape.

Black manicure with crown pattern on nails

A crown of crystals in subtle shades (such as pastel blue, pink and gold) will effectively complement black polish with a matte texture. By the way, with such a detail, even a black manicure will not look gloomy. The thumbnail can be painted with a contrasting varnish (as an option - soft pink) and add concise black inscriptions - so the manicure will look compositionally complete.

What manicure techniques will complement the crown on the nails?

The image of a crown, whether it's a nail sticker, a drawing or a rhinestone appliqué, is a noticeable accent. Therefore, you should not choose too active techniques: they will distract attention from the main design element. Instead of a classic monochromatic manicure, you can make a moon manicure, leaving the holes transparent.

How to make a moon manicure on your own, we showed in this video.

Or you can highlight them with contrast polish on several nails.

Also, the image of the crown can be combined with a French or trendy gradient technique.

Would you do a manicure with a crown? Which design did you like the most?