Actually, concealer is considered the main remedy for the skin around the eyes. But what if he does not cope with his duties? It turns out that powder helps out in such situations

There is a lot of controversy around the use of powder around the eyes. Some are convinced that this contributes to the dryness of this delicate area of \u200b\u200bthe skin. Others see nothing wrong with using powder under the eyes, and even use special application techniques. We find out who is right - is it possible to powder dark circles under the eyes and if so, how exactly.

Can I put powder on the skin around the eyes?

Initially, it is not recommended to use powder as the only coating only for owners of dry skin.

Also, layering powder in an attempt to hide an oily sheen is not worth it for girls with oily skin. In other cases, there are no restrictions. On the contrary, some beauty brands even have special products for fixing the concealer under the eyes.

If you are still afraid that the powder may adversely affect the quality of the skin, focus on quality care: thoroughly moisturize the skin twice a day, use masks and patches (now hydrogel ones are especially popular). And be sure to prepare your skin for makeup.

How to prepare the skin around the eyes?

Moisturizing is the main point in preparing the skin around the eyes for makeup.

  1. Patches do an excellent job with this task - their advantage is that they not only nourish the skin and fill it with moisture, but also smooth out wrinkles.The latter is especially important, because it prevents the same concealer from rolling, for example. For a lasting effect, it is enough to hold the patches on the skin for 20 minutes.

  2. You can additionally or instead of patches apply a layer of cream for the skin around the eyes. Everything that is not absorbed, be sure to remove it with a napkin, otherwise the corrector, concealer and powder will definitely “float”. Humidification should be moderate.

What kind of powder can be applied around the eyes?

First of all, with brightening properties.

  • It's good if there are reflective particles in the formula. Such a powder successfully masks dark circles and even seems to “retouch” minor imperfections like mimic wrinkles.

  • The presence of caring substances like vitamins and plant extracts in the composition is welcome.

  • It is also important that the powder be finely ground: it should be airy and light. Only such a tool is suitable for thin and delicate skin around the eyes. As a rule, these are loose powders. To keep the powder well on the skin, choose special "finishing" formulas, such as HD Finishing Powder from NYX Professional Makeup .

How to apply powder on the skin around the eyes?

  1. With fingertips

    Applying powder with your fingers is the most gentle way for delicate skin. To better fix it, distribute it with light patting movements.

  2. Sponge

    This method is good for setting with makeup powder with concealer. Thanks to the sponge, a light, weightless layer of powder will remain on the skin, which will not overload the skin.

  3. Soft brush for powder textures

    Another handy tool for finishing touches. A couple strokes of this brush will make the concealer cover matte and even smoother.


When working with powder in the area around the eyes, you can use the technique of baking (originally it was used by professional make-up artists). The essence of baking is to achieve perfectly even skin with the help of competent sequential application of different products.

First you need to mask the imperfections with a concealer (it can be applied in a larger volume than usual), and then sprinkle it with the same generous matte loose powder.In 10-15 minutes, the concealer will absorb the powdery texture - and you will get that very smooth finish without a single hint of skin imperfections. We talked about this technique in more detail in this video.

Review of powders that can be applied to the skin around the eyes

  • HD Finishing Powder, NYX Professional Makeup

    The basis of the formula of this powder is minerals, and this is its great advantage: the fact is that mineral scales lie on the skin in a more even layer than crushed talc, which tends to clog into pores and folds. Mineral powders also have a light reflective effect that helps to visually correct imperfections. Set under eye concealer with HD Finishing Powder. The light texture of this powder will not overload the delicate skin in this area and prolong the durability of makeup.

  • Master Fix, Maybelline New York

    Master Fix Powder is designed to create a baking effect. At the same time, it can not be applied in excess. A thin layer is enough to set the concealer, smooth the skin and cover up dark circles. Shining microparticles will make the look more open, fresh and cheerful.

Do you use powder to hide dark circles or other imperfections under your eyes? Write a comment.