What shade of blush is the most natural? Terracotta has every right to bear this title. With it, you can focus on the cheekbones, but the softness of the color will not allow such a blush to turn out to be too bright

Terracotta is the color of baked clay, a brick red hue with a touch of brown. Its uniqueness lies precisely in this combination. On the one hand, it is quite bright, on the other hand, it is quite natural due to natural brown notes.

Terracotta is used both in eye makeup and on lips, but it looks most natural on the cheeks. Creating an expressive shadow under the cheekbone, such blush at the same time perfectly refreshes the complexion.

Who suits terracotta blush?

Terracotta shade - warm. Therefore, it will not suit girls with a typically “cold” appearance - blue-eyed blondes with “porcelain” skin may not look closely at it.

You can add shades of terracotta to makeup, perhaps, only with a warm color type - this is “summer” and “autumn”. And if the mistake with terracotta lipstick is not too obvious, then the blush, selected without taking into account the color type, will immediately give itself away: the shade will contrast strongly with the skin tone and bring disharmony to the image.

Terracotta blush is best used by girls with an olive skin tone, with “warm” skin of medium tones, and also with swarthy skin.This is a great option for brunettes with a "southern" appearance. Such blush is also suitable for redheads, only the shade should be closer to bronze or brown - excessive orange will oversaturate the image with bright accents.

Blondes with brown, hazel or green eyes can use terracotta blush if their skin tone is warm.

Terracotta blush on brunettes

The choice in favor of terracotta blush should be done by brunettes with brown hair - both relatively light and darker, with caramel highlights on the strands.

If a girl has brown hair with a cold ashy glow, terracotta will not suit her. It is better to refuse this color in makeup for those who have jet black hair.

If the terracotta blush color suits you, then it is important to know how to use this tool correctly. One common mistake is to apply them generously on the apples of the cheeks.Usually in this area the skin turns slightly pink (when moving or changing temperatures), there should not be a redhead here. Therefore, a more competent beauty solution would be to emphasize the cheekbones in the lower part with such blush. Create a shadow under the cheekbone line with them - just like with a sculptor powder or bronzer. The result, by the way, will look more natural.

If we talk about other elements of the image, then it is best to combine terracotta blush with a natural make-up in warm colors (it can even be “makeup without makeup”, only a layer of color on the cheeks is then meant to be translucent), with an emphasis on the lips, made with brown, red-orange lipstick or, for example, apricot tint. A shade to suit every taste can be found in the Color Riche Shine collection by L'Oréal Paris.

Eyes can be slightly emphasized with brown smoky eyes or a copper haze around the contour.

Terracotta blush on blondes

For blondes, the rules will be different. The fact is that brunettes can apply terracotta blush more boldly, in larger quantities, with pressure, without fearing too much color intensity. Considering that the features of their appearance are bright in themselves, contrasts in the image are always welcome.

When the hair is blond, there is a risk of overdoing it and getting a result in which there is no harmony: too juicy blush can leave all other features in the background. Therefore, the main rule is to apply blush in a very thin layer with careful shading, which will help them literally merge with the skin.

The Pro Brush Dual Fiber from NYX Professional Makeup will come in handy.

If you are afraid to apply too much terracotta blush, use a life hack: blend the blush until the top layer of foundation is spread.Or before powdering if you apply cream first. This will give you the impression of a natural blush.

Terracotta blush can be used moderately in nude casual makeup, as well as in more contrasting looks with red-brown or carrot lipstick, with coffee smokey, with soft chocolate-colored arrows, with a marsh-colored kayal outline with a metallic effect, with a bronze-copper haze in the crease of the eyelid.

Terracotta blush review

  • Fluid Sheer in shade 05, Giorgio Armani

    This is a very light texture product that is a mixture of blush and highlighter. Spread it over the cheek bone with patting movements (with fingertips) or blend a little lower, making the face more sculpted. Fluid Sheer includes not only pigments, but also shimmering particles, which guarantees a refreshing effect.

  • High Definition Blush 09, NYX Professional Makeup

    Dry powder blush like High Definition Blush is a classic option: familiar and easy to work with. And when you consider that this product from NYX Professional Makeup has an airy texture due to fine grinding, then blending well-pigmented blush is not difficult. And you don't have to layer. It will be a soft satin finish that will give the skin a natural glow.

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