According to the unwritten rules of makeup, blush should match lipstick or lip gloss in tone. Are there any exceptions to these rules? Telling

Blush is a tool that many underestimate: if you miss a little with a shade, there is a risk of getting the effect opposite to what you want. The complexion may in this case appear earthy, dull. The result of the wrong choice or use of blush is a painful, inflamed look - usually the result of excessive application of red or hot pink shades.

To avoid mistakes, you need to take into account the features of your appearance, such as the general color type, as well as eye color, skin tone and hair color. What to do with blush, for example, brunettes?

Blush shades for brunettes

One of the main nuances when choosing blush is that they should be the lighter, the lighter the skin tone. Girls who have “porcelain” skin should not choose burgundy blush (otherwise you will get a vamp-style look). And for those who have swarthy skin, blush in the shade of a delicate rose will definitely not suit: a natural result in this case is out of the question.

At the same time, brunettes are often recommended to create images with bright color accents: with lipstick in a rich shade (as a rule, they go with red, cherry, fuchsia), with expressive smoky eyes in plum, emerald or dark blue tones .

Blush can also contrast with other details of the image.

Which shades should I pay attention to first of all if you are a brunette?

How not to miscalculate with a touch? Choose one of the verified ones.

  1. Red palette

    Red blush is often avoided for fear that it will look too bright on the cheeks. In fact, the result entirely depends on the quality of shading. Leave a drop of Baby Doll Kiss & Blush mousse in Yves Saint Laurent Beauté No. 9 Rouge Libertine on your cheeks and carefully spread the product over the skin with a kabuki brush, it will seem that a natural blush has appeared on the cheeks.

    Brunettes go best with red blush if they have dark brown hair and fair skin with cool undertones.

  2. Pink gamma

    Intense pink blush is another option for Snow Whites with dark hair and fair skin.

    Such a blush will allow them to create the very contrast that is needed so that facial features are not lost against the background of richly colored hair. At the same time, pink should not be dark, it is best to find a fuchsia-colored blush and shade them to a translucent coating.

  3. Terracotta spectrum

    A warm shade of red clay is what is ideal for brunettes of the “summer” and “autumn” color types. These girls have warm skin tones; pink blush from a range of cold shades will “conflict” with her, bringing disharmony to the image. If the skin is slightly tanned, terracotta blush will emphasize its golden glow. Swarthy brunettes like this blush too.

  4. Apricot

    Another option for fair skin with warm tones. Please note that this is a soft pastel shade, not a bright orange. This blush color looks best on brunettes with brown hair that has a golden sheen.

    On the “apples” of the cheeks, they help to refresh the complexion, and under the cheekbone they make facial features more sculpted.

How to choose blush for brunettes with brown eyes?

Brown hair, brown eyes - if brown shades prevail in the image, it would be useful to add at least a little color.

If you prefer natural makeup, you can achieve the desired result just with the help of blush. Red or hot pink color, shaded over the skin to a delicate translucency, is what you need.This one stroke will turn the image from monochrome to more diverse and memorable - the make-up will become fresh. By the way, some blush may well act as a lip product.

Brown-eyed brunettes with dark skin, especially if they focus on the eyes or lips, are recommended to emphasize the cheekbones with red-brown or bronze blush.

Which blush suits brunettes with blue or green eyes?

Dark hair and light eyes - a combination that is not so common; such a contrast immediately catches the eye, especially if the makeup emphasizes the color of the eyes. If a brunette has blue or green eyes, then blush is designed to create a soft contrast - in no case should they draw attention to themselves. Choose soft pink, apricot, peach shades and apply them very thinly.

Interesting life hack: you can apply cream blush over primer, and then apply foundation. Or distribute them over the foundation, and apply powder on top. The result will look like the blush came through naturally.

Makeup options for brunettes with an emphasis on blush

What techniques can be used? Let's look at specific examples.

  1. Blush as a make-up base

    To make the blush in your makeup the main focus, apply it not only on the "apples" of the cheeks, but also on the eyelids - as shadows. If you're working with a cream blush like Maybelline New York's Dream Matte Blush, you can also add a drop to the middle of your lips, blending the color with your fingertips. As a result, you will get a refreshing make-up, which is ideal for, for example, a spring look.

  2. " High" blush

    Not so long ago, blush was at the epicenter of experiments on the backstage of fashion shows. So, for the Anna Sui spring-summer 2023 show, bright pink blush was distributed not only on the cheekbones and “apples” of the cheeks, but also under the eyes, on the temples, shifting the usual boundaries of application upwards. As practice has shown, this is another quite viable way to do makeup with an emphasis on blush.

  3. Draping

    This makeup technique did not appear yesterday. Her secret lies in the fact that the cheekbones are made more expressive by applying a dark shade of blush to their lower part, and a light one to the top. This technique creates the effect of smooth curves that add sculpture to the face. All about this technique we told in this video.

And how do you approach the choice of blush? Do you have one universal shade for all occasions or several different types of blush? Write a comment.