When there is nothing left in the stick, it becomes difficult to paint lips with it. This does not mean that the rest of the funds should disappear. They can still find a use

After the next revision of the cosmetic bag, you find that there are several lipsticks with the remnants of a colored stick erased almost to the ground. Send them to the scrap?

You will always have time to get rid of these funds, but wouldn't it be better to give them a second life. After all, from the remnants of several lipsticks, you can make a new one. We tell you exactly how.

How do I get the rest of the lipstick out of the tube?

Before you start creating a new lipstick from the remnants of the old, you need to remove what is left in the package. Improvised means will help to cope with this: toothpicks, cotton swabs. A knife with a narrow blade will also come in handy - to pull lipstick out of hard-to-reach corners of the tube. Many also advise soaking a paper towel in alcohol and wiping the sides of the tube you plan to refill.

Other freed tubes, if cleaned, can later be used as a holder for toothpicks, invisible hairpins or hairpins, as a container for pills or other small things that you need to carry with you in a compact package.

Before you fill the tube with a mixture of lipstick of different shades, put a piece of foil on the bottom of the tube - thanks to it you will be able to twist the lipstick out of the tube after curing in the same way as before.

Please note that when creating a new lipstick, you usually mix the leftovers of several old ones at once and get a unique shade that can be very successful.

True, the lipsticks you are going to pair must be color compatible. So, if you take brown and purple, you are unlikely to get a product that you want to use.

How to make lipstick from leftovers: step by step instructions

  1. The rest of the lipsticks need to get out of the tubes and collect in one place. Further, in order to mix them, heating will be required in a single container (boiling should not be allowed). It can be done in several ways. Choose the most convenient for you.

    • Firstly, the leftover lipsticks can be heated in the microwave (necessarily under the lid, so as not to splatter the walls from the inside). To achieve the desired consistency, 10-15 seconds is enough.

    • Secondly, you can melt lipstick in a water bath.

    • Thirdly, if the leftovers are placed in a metal spoon and the spoon is held over the flame of a candle or gas stove, the leftovers will also soften quickly.

  2. Until the melted lipstick cream hardens again, stir it, draw it into a syringe and fill the prepared container with it - a clean tube of lipstick or a small jar of finished eye cream.

  3. To make your new lipstick harden faster and be ready to use, send it to the refrigerator. For fidelity - for half an hour. After that, you will get the usual texture and can apply the product to the lips with a brush or fingertips.

It may happen that after mixing two shades you will not get the color that you would like to see in your makeup bag. This is easy to fix.

To make your new lipstick a little lighter, add some Vaseline to your existing color mixture. It will also make the composition softer and provide lips with comfort. Do you need a darker shade? In this case, shadows come in handy. Pour them into the heated mixture until you get the desired shade. By the way, if the lipstick is not over, but simply broken, you can also restore it. Useful tips you will find in this video.

How to improve lipstick after restoration?

  • Firstly, in addition to a new shade, you can get a product with a new texture - if you add shimmering pigment or even glitter to the resulting mass at the stage of melting lipsticks.

  • Secondly, you can supplement the "dough" with ingredients that will make your new lip formula useful. Add a few drops of oil or the contents of capsule vitamins that are used in facial skin care to lipsticks after warming up.

How else can you use leftover lipstick: life hacks

  • If you put the re-brewed lipstick in a flat case, you can also use it as a cream blush, distributing the product over the skin with your fingertips.

  • To turn lipstick into a gloss, add more Vaseline to the new product so that the texture eventually becomes translucent. And a few drops of oil will provide a glossy shine on the lips.

Can I use leftover liquid lipstick?

With liquid lipstick, things are more complicated - at least because this tool tends to harden when exposed to air. Also, inside a tube of liquid lipstick - the same as lip glosses, with an applicator built into the lid - is not so easy to get through.Having opened the tube, you can use the remnants of liquid lipstick, perhaps, only once.

Dial the tool on a beveled brush and use it as an eyeliner in makeup - to draw arrows. If there is enough lipstick left, you can boil it together with the rest of the usual lipstick. An unusual result is guaranteed.

Have you ever used leftover lipstick? Write about what you did in the comments.