What shades are not used in lip makeup! But cosmetics manufacturers are coming up with new products and developing textures that surprise even experienced beautyholics

The look with a shimmer or glitter on the lips has recently been a new word in makeup. But experiments with backstage shows quickly became part of real life. Today, when many girls have already plucked up courage and tried such a make-up, they can only be interested in something fundamentally new. Here are some examples of glosses and lipsticks with unusual "special effects" .

  • Midnight Chaos Lip Gloss, NYX Professional Makeup

    All 12 lip glosses from the Midnight Chaos Lip Gloss line have a characteristic feature: despite the usual liquid gel texture, this product leaves a fairly dense coating on the lips.

    We're not just talking about color. Yes, the formula is saturated with pigments, but they are complemented by shimmering particles that create cosmic overflows of shades in the light.

    Want to get an "alien" look? No. 02 Pastel Comet (silver lilac), No. 09 Galactic Blue (dark blue), No. 01 Moonbeam (beige with green and purple highlights) will provide the desired result.

  • Lipstick Countdown, Maybelline New York

    One of the latest lip makeup trends is metallic finishes. Maybelline New York offer an easy way to master this fashion trend in their make-up - with the help of creamy lipsticks from the Countdown collection. Means in the format of a standard stick are convenient and familiar to use.

    Lipstick leaves a dense layer of pigment on the skin, which slightly shimmers on the lips due to the fine shimmer in the formula. You won't have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of trendy texture. Lips will be moisturized throughout the day.

  • Lipstick Liquid Suede Metallic Matte, NYX Professional Makeup

    In this liquid lipstick, NYX Professional Makeup decided to combine the shimmering metallic effect with the matte texture of the classic Liquid Suede Lipstick, which features a soft suede finish.

    It would seem an impossible task, but the brand succeeded: Liquid Suede Metallic Matte is a matte lipstick, but the coating still has a discreet metallic glow, as if hidden under a powder veil.

    And if you don't know which shade you want to try, you can choose one of these.

    And how to apply lipstick with a liquid texture, we told in this video.

  • Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss, Urban Decay

    In the line of 20 shining shades, several “special effects” are provided at once, with which you can diversify lip makeup: these are holography, metallic (by the way, this effect can be achieved with improvised means) and mirror gloss. A variety of sparkles are responsible for the result, generously and in different proportions complementing the pigment in the translucent texture of these products.

    Among the most unusual shades are brown Shadowheart, bright purple Jawbreaker and pearl pink SPL. By the way, Urban Decay advises to use this gloss not only as a standalone product, but also to apply it over lipstick if you need to freshen up your lip makeup.




  • Lip lacquer Vernis À Lèvres The Holographics, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    Lip polish has already become a familiar make-up tool. Therefore, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté offer its updated versions - unlike anything else: for example, Vernis À Lèvres The Holographics is the same lip polish, but complemented by shimmering particles and neon pigments. This formula allows you to create a coating with a holographic effect.

    The glossy shine of ordinary polish is complemented by beautiful overflows and an "electric" neon effect. Those who are not afraid of bold beauty experiments can try shades No. 508 Holographic Black and pink No. 501 Arcade Pink with bluish reflections.

    Holographic Black

    Arcade Pink

  • Powder Puff Lippie, NYX Professional Makeup

    Everything is unusual in this lipstick, although it would seem that this is just another version of trendy matte products. Powder Puff Lippie has a liquid texture. The lipstick comes in a relatively new cushion format. It is applied to the lips using a soft sponge applicator, which is saturated with the product when pressed on the tube.

    When on the skin, the product hardens and acquires not just a matte finish, but a powdery finish - as if a puff with transparent powder was passed over the color coating.

    By the way, the product does not dry out lips - thanks to vitamin E and rose oil in the composition.

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