Being different all the time is easy today. And not only due to the usual makeup. Even hair dyes are now available with the ability to wash off the color in just a day

One of the latest trends is hair makeup. It's "make-up" ! The thing is that, unlike the results of classic staining, it can be washed off and returned to the original color at any time.

Temporary hair coloring - how does it work? Let's talk right now with specific examples.

Summer trend - colored strands. Which shade is right for you?Take the test1/7

Whose style do you like more?

  • Natalia
  • Katy Perry
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What hairstyle would you do for an important event?

  • Hollywood curls
  • Perfectly straight hair
  • High ponytail
  • Low or high bun
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Perfect hairstyle for every day?

  • Loose hair
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  • Ballet bun
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What is your favorite hair product?

  • Oils
  • Styling
  • Dry shampoos
  • Thermal protection products
  • Masks
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Which hair experiment would you dare to do?

  • I won't cut my bangs
  • I won't paint
  • I won't cut my hair short
  • I won't colorize
  • Ready for any experiments!

Washable hair dye: what is it?

This is a paint that allows you to change the original color of the hair (or several strands) for a while. The duration of the effect depends on the formula.

Some products stay on the hair until the first wash, while others last longer - it will take 2-3 cleansing sessions before the color is completely washed off, returning the hair to its original appearance.


  1. Temporary effect

    This is the main plus of washable color paints - you can experiment without fear of failure. Painted, say, a few strands in blue or green, but the result does not harmonize with the chosen outfit, or just did not get into the mood? You can immediately wash your hair and get rid of traces of a radical transformation.

    Or, let's say you're ready to spend some time with a new hair color, but don't want to stay that way for long. Then washable paints are the best choice. After a week and a half, there will be no trace of the pigment (this is if you used a more resistant agent, and not paint for one day).

  2. Easy to use

    Temporary hair dyes are applied to the hair (some even without gloves) and allowed to soak in. Then rinse with water and dry the strands to complete the procedure. All this is easy to do at home on your own.

  3. Harmless formulas

    You don't have to worry about the fact that the paint will negatively affect the condition of the hair: the compositions, as a rule, do not contain aggressive substances like ammonia. Some of them, on the contrary, are enriched with ingredients that are beneficial for hair he alth - for example, in the Colorista Washout formula from L'Oréal Paris, this function is performed by natural acids. So if not only you, but also your children want to experiment with colored paint, washable products are best suited.


There are practically no cons.But we must keep in mind that on very dark hair, some shades of colors do not “appear” - the result may not be as bright as you expected. Brunettes are advised to use superficial products like colored mascara, which colors the hair without being absorbed.

With regard to light and especially bleached hair, which become more porous during the bleaching process, the color can hold on to them steadfastly and be washed out longer. Reduce the amount of product applied and the exposure time.

What is the color wash-off hair dye?

Beauty products that can be used as a temporary hair dye include colored crayons (the same dry shadows, only highly pigmented), and mascara, which is used to paint eyelashes and eyebrows in unusual shades. They are quite suitable for a one-time experiment, if there are no other means at hand.

But it's better to be prepared and find a product that is specifically designed for hair. So, L’Oréal Paris has a whole series of Colorista products, which includes spray, coloring jelly and balm. All of them differ from each other in format and duration: the spray and jelly are washed out quickly, and the balm allows you to get colored strands for a couple of weeks.

Washable hair dyes are produced primarily in bright colors - such coloring is now in fashion. We list the most popular shades.

  1. Pink

    Represented by a whole palette of colors. Fuchsia, pink pastel, and pink with a peach undertone are available in the same line of Colorista Washout balms.

    By the way, using them together you can create dramatic color transitions.

  2. Blue

    This shade is for beauty extremes, but the ranks of lovers of experiments are expanding. Most often, manufacturers offer a rich cob alt shade, promising a particularly spectacular result for blondes.

    Dyeing in a shade of dark denim is also in fashion, which is quite appropriate in casual looks.

    If you choose a blue shade, look for hairstyle ideas here.

  3. Green

    Its shades are also in great demand. After all, it is not so much about the color of freshly cut grass, but about a noble emerald hue, turquoise, pastel mint tones with a “chill”.

  4. Purple

    Relevant in both bright and delicate lavender versions. The latter, by the way, are also used in lip makeup. On the hair, they also look interesting - especially on light ones.

How to use temporary hair dye?

The way temporary paint is applied largely depends on its formula and texture.

If this is a short-term product, such as Colorista Spray (we talked about this product in more detail here) or Colorista Hair Makeup jelly, then you need to use it as follows:

  1. Prepare hair: wash and dry.

  2. Start dyeing, covering your shoulders with a towel so as not to accidentally stain your clothes. If you are working with a spray, spray the strands, holding the bottle at a distance of about 15 cm from the hair. If you chose jelly, apply the product manually to the ends of the hair or to the entire strands.

  3. Wait dry or blow-dry very damp (as it will be after jelly) hair with a hair dryer. Comb them. Then you can arrange them however you like. Strengthen your knowledge by watching our step-by-step video tutorial.

Using a more intense balm (like Colorista Washout)? Then the instructions for using the tool will be as follows:

  1. At the preparation stage everything is the same: wash and dry your hair, cover your shoulders with a towel and put on disposable gloves (included).

  2. Next, spread the balm through your hair. Leave for 15-20 minutes - calculate the exposure time based on how bright the result you want to get.

  3. Rinse the balm with water. Shampoo should not be used. Dry your hair and start styling.

L'Oréal Paris Wash-off Hair Color Review

  • Colorista Spray, L'Oréal Paris

    Colorista Spray paint is a means of express action: you can quickly spray strands that you want to see in color with a spray, and get a finished look in just a few minutes. The cans are easy to use. At the end of the day, the color can be washed off without difficulty and without consequences. It is enough to wash your hair with shampoo to return the hair to its original shade.

  • Colorista Hair Makeup, L'Oréal Paris

    Coloring jelly will seem to someone easier to use than spray: the latter is still not very accurate when sprayed.With jelly, you get the color exactly where you wanted. Spread the product over the strands, and you just have to dry them with a hair dryer and comb. By the way, in the case of Colorista Hair Makeup, pay attention to a separate range of Neon shades, which create the effect of fluorescent lighting thanks to special neon pigments.

  • Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris

    This option is for those who are ready to spend a week or two with a new hair color. Colorista Washout colors them more deeply than the spray and jelly from the same series. This is also evidenced by the features of its use: the balm must be kept on the hair for at least 15 minutes, waiting for it to be absorbed, and then rinsed with water. This will not harm the hair - the formula contains natural acids and there are no substances that they try to avoid in hair dyes (for example, ammonia). In about three washes, you will return to your old image, and before that you will surprise others with unusual accents in hair color.

Have you ever tried washable hair dye? What shade did you choose? Write a comment.