Did your favorite compact powder break? She can be saved! We tell you exactly how


  • How to collect the rest of the broken powder?
  • Is it possible to restore the compact format of the powder?
  • How to make loose powder from leftover compact powder?
  • How else can you use powder?

Compact powder can be used for about two years, but usually its service life ends at the first fall: it seems that it is impossible to use it further. But in fact, the remedy can be salvaged, so do not rush to throw away the leftovers.

How to collect the rest of the broken powder?

Facial products with a powdery texture can crack and crumble with a slight impact or fall within a couple of months after purchase. It turns out to be fatal if the remnants of the powder scattered along the bottom of the bag or cosmetic bag. In this case, there is no point in restoring the tool. In other cases, the matter is fixable.

If the powder has spilled on a flat, clean surface, take two sheets of paper and use them to collect the remnants of the product and pour it into the powder case.

Is it possible to restore the compact format of the powder?

It is possible and necessary, because its properties will remain the same after restoration. Below are two ways to "resuscitate" your favorite compact powder.

With alcohol

This is the fastest and easiest way to restore powder. Follow the instructions.

  1. After you put the pieces of old powder back into the case, cover it with cling film so that the crumbs do not scatter in all directions.

  2. Use any chopstick or the back of a spoon to grind the contents into a fine powder.

  3. If you want the powder to become compressed again after restoration, use medical alcohol or its 40% substitute - it is sold in every pharmacy. Remove the cling film and, while gently stirring, add alcohol to the powder box until the consistency begins to resemble thick sour cream.

  4. To remove excess liquid, blot the powder with a paper towel.

  5. Compress the powder well - its further format will depend on this. If you don't compress the powder enough, applying it with a brush or sponge will remain problematic: too much product will be collected on the pile. Put on the powder box a press that matches it in shape. Remove excess powder with a napkin and leave it under pressure for a day until the alcohol has completely evaporated.

  6. Want to see how it all looks in practice? Watch a short video tutorial.

Alcohol-free, iron-on

Do you have sensitive skin that often flakes? Then it is better to prefer this one to the option of restoring the powder with alcohol.

  1. Collect the remaining powder in cling film and grind into a fine powder.

  2. Remove the metal container from the powder box and pour the powder into it.

  3. Place any metal plate on top, the diameter of which is either the same as the diameter of the powder box, or slightly smaller.

  4. Heat the iron to maximum temperature. Apply to a metal surface for 20 seconds.

  5. Wait until the powder cools down and reattach the container to the case.

Which way do you think is easier? Write a comment.

How to make loose powder from leftover compact powder?

Too lazy to return the compressed look to the powder? Make it fluffy! This technique can be used not only when the powder is broken or cracked, but also when it runs out and it becomes inconvenient to type it.By the way, you can learn about the differences between compact and loose powder in this article.

  1. Use a knife, needle or hairpin to remove the rest of the powder from the case.

  2. To achieve the perfect grind, you need a blender with a mini chopper. Pour the powder into it and briefly press the button several times: this will make the powder fine and airy.

Don't hold down the button too long or you'll get a lumpy texture instead of an airy one.

How else can you use powder?

If you no longer want to use the powder for its intended purpose, but you feel sorry for throwing it away, here are life hacks for non-standard use of the product.

  • Mascara base. Do you want your eyelashes to become long, voluminous and fluffy? Powder them gently before applying mascara.

  • Dry shampoo. If you urgently need to refresh the roots, and there is no dry shampoo at hand, pick up the powder on the brush and distribute it through the hair closer to the root zone. The powder, as well as dry shampoo, contains talc, which absorbs sebum.

  • Cream eyeshadow base. In eye makeup, powder can be used instead of a primer for shadows. It absorbs sebum to keep cream eyeshadow from creasing.

More powder hacks can be found here.

Do you throw away broken cosmetics or try to restore them?