The shape of the nails is set by nature, but it is easy to correct. Almond or almond nails are the choice of those who follow trends and want their hands to look sleeker. We tell and show in the photo the trends of almond nails in 2023

The main advantage of almond shaped nails is that it visually lengthens the fingers, making them appear thinner and more fragile, and hands more feminine.

Almond nails have also become a trend because their length allows you to make a noticeable emphasis on manicure as part of the image. Should I choose such a form only because of fashion? Who suits almond-shaped nails and how to achieve the perfect oval?

Almond shaped nails: features and trends in 2023

Almond-shaped nails by themselves are a long-established beauty trend, it has been persisting for more than a year. From season to season, shows only confirm that this trend is still afloat.

And they also offer new design options for such nails (or remind you of successful classic solutions).

Long almond-shaped nails complemented the looks at the shows of Gareth Pugh, Creatures of Comfort, Calvin Luo, Nina Ricci, Libertine and many others.

The Blonds proposed to sharpen them at the ends and add a voluminous rock-style design with spikes and other metal decorative elements to such a “predatory” solution.

Sophia Webster brought to life a no less original idea - these were jewel nails, richly decorated with stones; turned out to be a full-fledged accessory, which seemed to have been taken out of a jewelry box.

At the Chromat show, almond-shaped nails were decorated with checkered patterns on a red background; Nina Ricci and Calvin Luo also chose red lacquer, but the finish was made monochromatic, hinting at the relevance of the classics. At the Moschino show, red and pink were combined in one manicure.

Tadashi Shoji chose burgundy nail art with a snake scaly texture. And Libertine launched the “knitted” design with a matte surface that has long been loved by many, which rarely gets to the podium: the trend appeared in salons and spread as an idea for winter manicure.

Examples from the shows are clear evidence that with almond-shaped nails, a beautiful classic manicure is obtained at any length. Long nails allow you to try unusual design options, making the results of experiments even more spectacular.

Who suits almond nails?

The almond nail shape cannot be called universal. It is recommended to choose it for girls with fairly thin fingers - in this case, the nails become, as it were, their continuation, and the almond manicure looks very elegant.

If you want to visually lengthen your fingers, then the most suitable option is a manicure, and the shape is “almond”.

In general, almond nails and design should match your overall style.If you are used to dressing in the spirit of discreet Scandinavian minimalism, then it is better to avoid bright designs on such nails. Experiments with nail art will also be inappropriate if you have a strict business dress code at work or at the university.

Much more almond-shaped nails with a spectacular design will suit those who now and then change accents and add unusual, extravagant details to their image that attract attention.

Short almond nails: design options

To give short nails an almond shape, you must definitely grow them out? It is a myth. It is quite enough if the white tip, growing, goes beyond the nail bed by at least a couple of millimeters. So you can get the very narrowing that is typical for short almond-shaped nails. Next, nail art will come to the rescue: it will help you create the impression of longer nails than in reality.

The desired effect is easy to achieve if you mirror the sharp tips on the nails to draw the corners. You can also "beat" the graphics of the form in other ways. Or not trying to turn short almond-shaped nails into long ones and focus on making the design simply beautiful. This is possible even in the case of classic designs such as moonlight or, for example, marble.

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Almond extended nails: ideas for long nails

Girls with long or extended “almond” nails, along with a harmonious oval shape, also get room for creativity in nail art: on such a nail plate, you can depict, perhaps, whatever you like.

There is a place for repeating bold ideas from shows, and for your own ideas with complex drawings for almond-shaped nail designs.

However, as practice shows, the very length of the “almond” nails in combination with the shape becomes a kind of accent, so you can do without design. If you don’t want an almond-shaped manicure to look banal, choose unusual coatings - a shimmering rub or, say, a matte finish.

Delicate manicure for almond nails

Delicate manicure for almond nails should be chosen by those who have slightly pointed tips. The design, done in subtle shades, minimizes the risk of making a vulgar impression that this form creates.

If you have an almond-shaped nail design, then pink pastel is the best way to cope with the task, which can also add romantic notes to the image.

These colors can be complemented by a mirror rub, glitter and other similar decorations. To make the manicure on almond-shaped nails gentle, it is enough, completely abandoning the design, to make a translucent or matte pastel pink coating.

Almond French Nail Design

If you have an almond nail design, this is exactly the case when the jacket will finally not look like an old-fashioned classic even in the basic version.

It's better, of course, to make this almond-shaped manicure not the way we used to see it; triangular nail tips set the rules of the game, pushing for graphic solutions.

You can replace the white color with any other, create an ombre effect, an interesting version of which we showed in this video.

Or make the jacket "multi-layered" with many stripes - there are countless options, the main thing is to show imagination.

Almond black manicure

Should I use black almond manicure? Manicurists advise such colors only to those who want to focus on the length. In order not to get a gloomy Gothic as a result, it is better to add an almond-shaped nail design - with small sparkles that create the effect of a starry sky, with large glitter, golden foil or drawings on a black solid background.

Red manicure for almond nails

Red manicure for almond-shaped nails will turn out to be accent in any case, even if you cut your nails to the root. Combined with the almond shape, the result is femininity and grace with a touch of retro.

Given the versatility of red, you can combine it in a manicure with anything: covering it with a matte top will be the easiest solution, it is more difficult and interesting to make drawings, and the color design of almond nails can be different on different nails. Red is not forbidden to combine with other shades.

It pairs well with gold and silver to create "dressy" nail art options for special occasions.

White manicure for almond nails

White manicure for almond-shaped nails has a neutrality that creates the illusion that the design with it will turn out to be soft, in a casual style. In fact, the result will be the same as if you used the same black or, for example, red.

This will be a very noticeable accent. But since the white almond nail design goes with just about anything, you can change the nature of this accent.Use translucent watercolor streaks to get, for example, quartz veined nail art.

Add some silver foil, rhinestones or glitter to give your almond nails a festive touch.

Draw small color drawings over white - this is an excellent "canvas" for the realization of any artistic ideas. An example photo of "almond" nails is below.

And if you don't know which design to choose, take this test - it will help you decide.Take the test1/7

How often do you get your nails done?

  • Every other week
  • Every three weeks
  • Once a month
  • Less than once a month

Perfect bridal manicure?

  • French (French)
  • Soft beige or pink finish
  • Red manicure
  • Manicure with rhinestones or glitter polish

How do you choose the shade of a pedicure?

  • I choose the same color as on the nails
  • I always choose a different color than on my hands
  • depending on the mood
  • I love experiments and I choose pedicure with design

What is your favorite makeup item?

  • Smokey eyes
  • Red lips
  • Arrows
  • Maximum natural eye and lip makeup
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  • Sportswear
  • Women's dresses and skirts
  • Office Style
  • Jeans and T-shirts
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Which beauty quote do you like best?

  • "In order to be beautiful, it is enough for a woman to have a black sweater, a black skirt and walk arm in arm with the man she loves." Yves Saint Laurent
  • "It's hard to be irresistible if you're lazy." Sophia Loren
  • “The most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence. You can be beautiful, but if you're not confident, you can't be sexy." Beyoncé
  • “Do you want to know the ultimate beauty secret? Fall in love - it really works! Nicole Kidman
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Which star look do you like best?

  • Irina Shayk
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Zoe Kravitz

How to give nails an almond shape: instructions

If complex design at home can be difficult, then it will not be difficult to give your nails an almond shape on your own. Prepare standard manicure tools: scissors, buff, nail file and other necessary items. Now get down to business.

  1. Prepare a "draft" of the future shape with the help of nail scissors. If by nature you have, for example, rectangular nails, then they will have to be cut on the sides. It is not necessary to strive for perfect accuracy, because then you will adjust and improve the shape by working with a nail file. An example of how “almond” nails look in the photo.

  2. With the help of a file, you need to smooth out all the bumps and process the “corners”. A slight taper is a typical feature of almond-shaped nails, but the tips should not be too sharp, otherwise the manicure will become dangerous.

    Round your nails so that they can't be scratched by careless movement. By the way, it should be remembered that the movements of the file must be unidirectional. Nail masters say that otherwise the nails will exfoliate. Useful tips for shaping and polishing nails can be found in this video.

  3. An additional buff will help take care of the smoothness of the nail plate. It can be used to polish nails.

  4. Finally soften and push back the cuticles, treat the skin around the nail plate.

What is your natural nail shape? Have you given your nails an almond shape? Write a comment.