In summer you don't want to overload your skin, in winter you don't want to leave it defenseless against frost. This should be guided by when collecting a seasonal cosmetic bag


  • Basic winter makeup rules
  • Texture
  • Techniques
  • Color palette

There are enough differences between summer and winter makeup - they relate to colors, intensity, techniques, cosmetic textures, and composition. Today we’ll talk about how to paint in winter so that the skin feels comfortable and the images turn out to be harmonious.

Basic winter makeup rules

It is generally accepted that winter makeup is "heavier" than summer. In the cold season, denser tonal bases are used, textures are more boldly layered on top of each other, and among the shades they prefer those that are darker.

  1. Take care of your skin

    Given the stress factors typical of winter, such as dry frosty air and cold wind, it is recommended to choose decorative cosmetics with caring properties. Foundation, blush, concealer, lipstick-balm - replenish your cosmetic bag with products that will additionally moisturize, soften and nourish your skin.

  2. Don't be afraid of layering

    Of course, you don't need to deliberately "compact" the make-up: the result should look as natural as possible. The feeling of comfort and security necessary for the skin in cold weather will be created by powder applied over a thicker foundation compared to the “summer” one.

  3. Experiment with deep and expressive dark shades

    Create contrasting accents. In the autumn-winter season, images in general rarely differ in a variety of colors, so against the background of the general dullness, a make-up with bright lipstick or smoky eyes will favorably distinguish you from the crowd.


Of course, any beauty products, including decorative ones, should be chosen according to skin type. And keep in mind that in winter the level of humidity is lower than in summer. Therefore, it will be more correct to use mainly cream products. Speaking of foundation, it could be Giorgio Armani's Maestro Fusion Makeup with oils.

From blush suitable, for example, Dream Matte Blush from Maybelline New York, which do not dry the skin.

Even the cream concealer is worth choosing - from the Alliance Perfect line from L'Oréal Paris.


In summer makeup, many limit themselves to blushing their cheeks, slightly emphasizing eyebrows, applying mascara to eyelashes, and tint balm to lips. "Thick" smoky eyes in the heat are appropriate only for evening events.

But in winter there will be no more questions for them. You can safely use make-up techniques and techniques that are avoided in the summer because of the “heavy” result. Draw sweeping arrows - graphic with a clear outline or softened, make cat eyes, create a hazy effect along the contour of the eyes.

Choose cat eyes? Find useful tips in this video.

To correct facial contours, do sculpting, which is not so popular in summer.

And on the lips, make-up with liquid matte lipstick will look good. How to "tame" her, we showed here.

Color palette

As for flowers, there are two ways. The first is blackout: black, dark gray, dark blue, emerald, burgundy, swamp green, plum shades are relevant in winter.

They reveal their depth in a metallic texture that keeps leading winter trends year after year.

The second way is contrasting accents. First of all, this is true for lip makeup. Classic red, cherry, fuchsia, and even neon pink (Luquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Pink Lust by NYX Professional Makeup is one of the good examples) - all these shades will look appropriate on the lips in winter, even if you prefer discreet colors in clothes.

And if you are looking for fresh solutions that would help you diversify your usual make-up, refer to examples from fashion shows, study trends and try to adapt your casual looks to them.

What do you change in your makeup in winter? Tell in the comments.