Expectation and reality don't match when you apply new shadows on your eyelids? The point may not be as a means, but in the technique of working with it

Under the cover of the case, the shadows may seem to be a concentrate of color, but in real life - on the skin of the eyelids - look faded. And this is not at all the result that you expect after buying a new palette or a pack of mono shadows.

The saturation of the formula with pigments, of course, plays an important role, but how you apply the product is equally important. There are techniques that allow you to keep the brightness of the shadows on the eyelids the same as in the case. Let's talk about them in more detail and share useful life hacks.

What do you need to brighten the shadows?

Achieving more vibrant color by doing eye makeup with shadows is a doable task if you have auxiliary tools at hand.

  1. Foundation or concealer

    It's simple: take one of the usual tonal products and spread a thin layer over the eyelids. Let it fully absorb and proceed to the eye makeup. Shadows applied on top will appear brighter due to the light background. With this technique, you can enhance the quality of different makeup options - from smoky eyes to a make-up with arrows.

  2. Shadow base

    Primer designed specifically for eye makeup is a much more practical choice than concealer. The fact is that the base reliably mattifies the skin of the eyelids, which often becomes oily: the oily film does not contribute to the durability of cosmetics, which spoils the makeup. The coverage over the primer is more dense ( although it is not felt on the skin), and the color retains its saturation.

  3. White kajal

    This pencil usually emphasizes the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, but it can also work as a primer for shadows. The white layer will become a "substrate" , which will enhance the brightness of the shadows, as if highlighting them.

    Blue and green, for example, will become more juicy, and black will become even deeper.

  4. Shadow pencil

    How else to increase the brightness of the make-up? You can add colors. Find a pencil to match the shadows and paint over the skin of the eyelids, creating a kind of "primer" for the subsequent application of shadows. Thick creamy texture - a guarantee that you will get the desired result. The powdery texture of the shadows is better fixed on such a coating, and the color becomes concentrated.

How to brighten shadows before application?

If you know in advance that the brightness of your shadows leaves much to be desired, start your eye makeup with a base. We have already found out that foundation, concealer or corrector, nude or white pencil can also play her role.

It is better to put an auxiliary tool in a cosmetic bag in order to be fully armed at the right time. In this sense, an eye primer can be helpful even if you don't use it on a regular basis.

There is another way to get more intense eyeshadow color. A wet application technique will help. It is extremely simple: you just need to moisten the brush in water, blot it with a napkin (to remove excess moisture) and draw shadows on it.

This method works especially well with metallic eyeshadows or darker shades. Thanks to wet application, they will look doubly expressive. Durability will also be higher.

How to increase the brightness of the shadows after application?

When the shadows are already on the eyelids, it is more difficult to correct the situation. True, there are still some life hacks.

  • First, you can spray the coating on the eyelids with a fixative spray. As a result, you will get a wet finish and thus provide the color with the desired brightness.

    The result will be the same if you apply a little lip balm or, for example, a moisturizer over the shadows. But the option with a fixative is still better, since, unlike skin care products, it does not leave a greasy film on the eyelids and after drying it is not felt in any way.

  • Secondly, if suddenly you need not so much to enhance a specific color, but to make your makeup more catchy in general, add a layer of glitter to the shadows - for example, Face & Body Glitter from NYX Professional Makeup .

    How to apply glitter, you will learn in this video.

Make matte shadows brighter

Matte eyeshadow won't work wet as it does metallic.

In this case, the method using a white or nude pencil as a primer will be more effective. If you're feeling adventurous, you can apply liquid lipstick with a matte effect on your eyelids.

While not intended for use on the eyelids, it will be easy to achieve a bright matte color with it. In addition, the consistency of liquid lipstick is such that the product is easy to blend before it hardens and acquires that trendy velvety finish.

Bright eyeshadow review

  • Eyes To Kill Stellar Eyeshadow, Giorgio Armani

    Another example of eyeshadows with a high concentration of pigments and shimmer. Eyes To Kill Stellar Eyeshadow provides a mesmerizingly bright result, not least due to its texture.In a jar it is gel, and on the eyelids it turns into powder - the intensity of the shades does not lose.

  • Palette Lemonade Craze, Maybelline New York

    Maybelline New York's Lemonade Craze palette contains the juiciest citrus shades. Moreover, lemon, orange, and grapefruit look bright on the skin, with no chance of going unnoticed. Some of the shadows are matte, some are shimmery. By combining contrasting textures in one make-up, you will provide it with special expressiveness.

  • Liquid shadows Infaillible Eye Paint, L'Oréal Paris

    In order not to worry about whether the make-up with shadows will turn out bright, choose a product with a liquid texture. The coating is obtained, as a rule, more dense and saturated. In the case of Infaillible Eye Paint, there are other advantages: the comfortable gel texture dries quickly on the eyelids without causing discomfort and guaranteeing durability up to 12 hours.

Do you have any tricks in case you need to make the shadows brighter? Write about them in the comments.