You can turn lipstick into blush, and use highlighter or bronzer as shadows. But is there a way out of the situation when there is no foundation at hand? Telling

The status of the base product in the case of foundation confirms the fact that many girls do not start makeup without it. And if suddenly it is over, and there is no time to go to the store, you can try to prepare a replacement with your own hands.

Let's tell you how to make foundation at home. The recipe may come in handy in case of force majeure.

Is it possible to make high-quality foundation at home?

Of course, we are not talking about a product that will be similar in quality to the usual factory-made cream. But in case of urgent need, when impeccable makeup is required, and the set of available cosmetics is incomplete, you can resort to amateur activities.

It is important that the product is easily distributed over the skin and has a toning effect. To get the desired result, you will need to combine several ingredients.

What do you need to make foundation at home?

Make sure you have at least a couple of products from this list of cream and powder beauty products on hand.

  1. Powder

    Preferably a loose powder, easy to mix with your regular face cream for a semblance of foundation.

  2. Concealer

    This, as you know, is a more concentrated version of foundation, which allows you to mask visible skin imperfections. It can be diluted with a little water, fixing spray or the same cream - and you get a mix that can be distributed over the face to even out the tone.

  3. Moisturizer

    You will need it to mix with pigments. The cream will give your DIY foundation a skin-friendly texture.

  4. Light beige shadows

    They, like powder (loose or pressed), will act as a filler and give the future foundation the desired shade.

  5. Adjuster Cream

    This tool is mostly used by professionals. But it can be useful for anyone who often finds herself in the sun, tans and does not want to buy a new, darker foundation after that.

    Ajuster like NYX Professional Makeup's Pro Foundation Mixer is a creamy pigment that can be mixed with just about anything, from cream to blush to bronzer, to get the shade you want. In a situation where the usual tonal tool is not available, it can be useful.

step by step instructions

There are several ways to make foundation at home using improvised means.

  1. Mix some loose face powder with moisturizer. Achieve a uniform color consistency, which should not be translucent.

  2. In the same way, you can combine loose powder with a face primer or with a small amount of pearl white or pinkish liquid highlighter. This option is suitable for girls with fair skin. By the way, if your compact powder has broken and you do not plan to restore it, you can use it as well.

  3. Dilute with a primer or moisturizer a few drops of concealer so that its consistency becomes a little more liquid and light. The tool should be easily distributed over the face.

How to create a powder effect with foundation?

Let's say the situation is reversed: you have foundation, but you don't have powder, although it's a must have for you. Powdery finish really makes makeup neat, and you can get such a result with the help of a tonal foundation.

  • Firstly, for application, you can use the stippling technique, which involves “driving” the product into the skin. It is typed on a brush or sponge and distributed with light patting movements.

    As a rule, after such application, there is no shine left on the skin. Especially if you use a sponge. Find details in this video.

  • Secondly, you can use a special matte foundation that leaves a soft powder coating on the skin. For example, Fit Me from Maybelline New York, which eliminates oily sheen, hides enlarged pores, making the skin velvety matte.

Review of DIY foundation products

  • Pigment Pro Foundation Mixer, NYX Professional Makeup

    This liquid pigment Pro Foundation Mixer is a godsend for those who are not afraid to experiment with makeup.With it, you can adjust the shade of the tonal foundation. And if there is no foundation at hand, you can get the desired mixture by adding a little loose powder to such an adjuster.

  • Naked Skin Color Perfecting Fluid, Urban Decay

    Helps out in the absence of foundation and makeup primer. You can mix it with loose powder. Perhaps the result will be even better than in the case of a moisturizer, because the color-correcting primers themselves are designed to slightly even out skin tone. In the case of Naked Skin Color Perfecting, texture density also plays a role. Such a tool will definitely be able to mask imperfections, if any.

  • Powder SuperStay 24, Maybelline New York

    Only compact powder like SuperStay 24 is left in the cosmetic bag? To turn it into a foundation, lightly dampen the sponge and pour the product onto it.It will lie on the skin with a more saturated layer than usual and therefore successfully replace the foundation. Coverage lasts all day thanks to a long-lasting formula that provides a matte freshness effect for a long time.

  • Loose Powder, Giorgio Armani

    Powder of this format, like Loose Powder, is what you need if you decide to make your own foundation. Choose a clean, flat surface to serve as a palette, sprinkle some powder on it, and mix it with your moisturizer or makeup primer.

  • Glow Mon Amour liquid highlighter, L'Oréal Paris

    Another tool that can be used as a component of a homemade foundation. If you like the effect of radiance on the skin, take a highlighter like Glow Mon Amour and mix with loose powder until you get the right consistency and optimal concentration of pigments.

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