Going to a party? Or are you preparing for a burlesque themed photo shoot? To transform into the heroine of the film of the same name will help the master class of the official makeup artist of Maybelline Yuri Stolyarov


  • What is burlesque style?
  • How to create burlesque makeup?
  • Theatrical makeup options
  • How to complete a burlesque look?

Light of spotlights, half-naked women in sparkling outfits, bewitching dances and bright make-up - burlesque shows are as popular today as they were a hundred years ago. We tell you how to create a bright and convincing image with your own hands.

What is burlesque style?

You may be surprised, but when burlesque was in its infancy, the girls did not dance on stage, but read humorous poems (burla is French for "joke" or "mock" ).

The first elements of striptease added to the genre in the 1930s in US clubs, the numbers became more intriguing, and the clothes on the dancers became shiny and more revealing. So a new style gradually took shape, which excites minds in the 21st century.

How to do Burlesque Makeup?

Want to try on a burlesque look? Start with dramatic makeup. Yuri Stolyarov, the official make-up artist of Maybelline New York in Russia, told and showed how to do it right.

  1. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your face and wait for the skin to absorb as much as it can. Then remove the residue with a tissue and wipe the skin with tonic.

  2. Massage the area between the eyebrows in the direction from the bridge of the nose to the forehead: this will help smooth wrinkles in this area and activate microcirculation, which in itself refreshes the complexion.

  3. Apply Color Tattoo, 93, Soft Beige as a base for eyelids. It is best to do this with fingertips: this way the product will warm up and be better distributed over the eyelid.

  4. With Master Drama's ultra-black pencil, draw a rather thick line along the contour of the lower eyelid from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer.

  5. Bring the upper eyelids, drawing lines noticeably towards the temples: this way the eye makeup will look more theatrical. Next, paint over the space between the eyelashes with the same pencil.

  6. The tips of the arrows should be parallel to each other, so to emphasize the clarity of the lines, use a thin brush and Lasting Drama black gel eyeliner - duplicate the lines of the arrows.

  7. Dark brown shadow from the Countdown palette, apply to the lower eyelids along the contour of the pencil and gently blend to make the eyes visually appear larger. Spread burgundy shadows in the folds of the upper eyelids (from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer ones) and blend to the eyebrows.

  8. Then, apply gold eyeshadow on the moving eyelids and further blend them at the inner corners of the eyes.

  9. First, paint the lower lashes with Lash Sensational black mascara, and then the upper ones: this sequence will not allow the product to be imprinted on the upper eyelids (if you do not dip the brush into the mascara again).Paint over eyelashes intensively in three layers, moving the applicator from right to left, then from roots to tips. With this technique, the eyelashes become so obedient that they can be curled in any direction.

  10. After you have applied mascara, you can glue on false eyelashes. Apply glue to the base, grab the eyelashes with tweezers and attach to the growth line of your eyelashes.

  11. If you use false eyelashes in your eye makeup, always color yours before applying them. Otherwise, you will not be able to paint over the roots well. Detailed instructions on how to apply false eyelashes can be found here. And how to shoot them - here.

  12. Now start correcting the tone of the face. This should be done only after the completion of eye makeup.If the shadows crumble in the process of creating a make-up, you do not have to apply foundation again. Superstay 24 foundation in shade 06, Light Beige, spread over the face, moving from the center to the periphery.

  13. Under the eyes, apply The Eraser Eye Concealer in shade 01, Light Beige. It can be applied in a thick layer: thanks to its plastic texture, it does not clog into folds and does not emphasize mimic wrinkles.

  14. Set foundation with Fit Me Powder in shade 105 Natural Beige. Blend the bronzer from the Face Studio Bronze palette along the lines of the cheekbones. Above the cheekbones, on the back of the nose and on the checkmark of the upper lip, apply a highlighter from the same palette. On the apples of your cheeks, blend Dream Matte Blush, 10, Pink Sand to freshen up your look.

  15. Eyebrows should be of natural shape (not strings) - so the image will look modern. Use Brow Drama Mascara in Light Brown to define your brows by brushing them up a little.

  16. Moisturize lips with Baby Lips, wait 5 minutes to absorb, blot with a tissue and apply Matte Ink Burgundy Matte Lipstick in shade 50, Traveler.

Theatrical makeup options

Theatrical burlesque look is a great idea for photo shoots and parties. Make-up should be bright - with accents on both eyes and lips. Here are three great examples for inspiration.

To make a burlesque retro make-up, the skin can be slightly bleached (and definitely not use a bronzer), and the blush, on the contrary, can be made brighter.

Do you want to clearly get into the image a la the 1920s? Then do not forget to paint over the eyebrows with concealer in order to draw "strings" in their place. Another important element of retro makeup is the geometrically traced checkmark of the upper lip.

If you still prefer a modern look, limit yourself to burgundy or purple lipstick and massive earrings.

This video tutorial will help you create a classic retro make-up that will be appropriate at any time.

How to complete a burlesque look?

Dresses with plunging necklines, headbands, lace gloves, fantasy hats, fur boas - burlesque style does not tolerate minimalism!

This also applies to hairstyles: wind your hair on a curling iron to give it a light wave, make a side parting, spread the gel at the roots and do not limit yourself to accessories. Feathers, hats, rhinestone headbands and other decorative items are the perfect complement to your style.

Would you risk a burlesque makeover?