The soul requires experiments, but there are no ideas? Practice on the rabbits! Images of these cute little animals can organically complement both delicate laconic manicure and bright nail art

Do you think some nail art options are childish and therefore have never tried them? These are prejudices. A cute manicure with a bunny on one or more fingers will cheer you up and will not look infantile if you choose the right design and place the accents correctly.

When is a bunny manicure appropriate?

The bunny nail design is a gentle and cute manicure option that can be done on nails of any length. For short nails, pastel colors and a “close-up” image of a hare’s muzzle are more suitable. If the length allows, the bunny on the nails can be drawn in full growth.

The hare can be accompanied by other animals - such a manicure is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

Manicure is an area in which chasing two hares is not forbidden. There can be as many hares as you like, if this does not violate the harmony of the image. We will talk about the winning options for such a design in this article.

But first, make sure you know the basics. A video tutorial will help refresh the memory of the basic stages of manicure.

Step by step photo tutorial: how to make a manicure with a bunny

The simplest version of a bunny manicure is for those who do not own a thin brush. The silhouette can also be drawn with a brush from a bottle. How to do it? Our step-by-step instructions will help you draw a bunny on your nails.

  1. Apply a base color to your nails. For a manicure with a bunny, trendy pastel shades are perfect - for example, lavender. Wait for the coating to dry completely.

  2. In order to draw the silhouette of a bunny in one motion, choose varnishes with a semicircular brush. It is enough to attach it to the nail, press lightly so that it opens like a fan, and draw the strip down.

  3. To draw a wide back, the same movements must be done twice. First - from the center to the right side, then - from the center to the left side. The result will be neat smooth lines.

  4. For the ears, use the side of the brush. Press it down to get rounded tips of the ears and, reducing the pressure, move towards the base of the ears so that the lines become thinner.

  5. Put a dot in a contrasting color as a ponytail.

  6. To make the ponytail fluffy, add small strokes along its outline.

  7. Complete the resulting pattern with additional elements on other nails. For example, on the little finger, you can simply draw ears. To do this, use the side of the brush (see point 4). Draw a wide line with black varnish, pressing the brush against the nail. With gray varnish, draw a thinner line with weak pressure. Also, the bunny design will perfectly complement the polka dots, for example, on the index finger.

  8. Fix the polish with a top coat and wait for it to dry. Design done!

If you prefer a discreet nail design, try drawing the silhouette of a little bunny using dots. Such a pattern will not be striking, making the image frivolous, but it will definitely lift your mood!

  1. Apply base color polish and wait for it to dry completely. Then transfer a drop of contrast varnish to the palette.

  2. Use a large diameter dots to put a dot. This will be the head of the future bunny.

  3. Design the paws with two dots. The bunny will look funnier and cuter if its head is slightly larger than its body, so the diameter of the dots in this and subsequent stages should be minimal.

  4. If you make a mistake, there is no need to erase everything! It is enough to put a dot of the main color with a dots where you want to make changes.

  5. Install updated paw points and add a tail point.

  6. It remains to draw funny big ears. To do this, type more varnish on the dots, put a dot where the tips of the ears will be, and stretch the varnish down.

  7. While stretching the polish to the base of the ears, tear off the dots from the nail by a millimeter so that the line becomes thinner and thinner.

  8. Overlap the design with the top and you're done! If desired, the manicure can be supplemented with rhinestones or sparkles: choose small ones so that they do not distract attention from the picture.

More ideas for nails of different lengths look below.

Photo ideas of bunny manicure for short nails

Do not think that drawings are contraindicated for short nails. If you choose the right color scheme and design, a manicure with a bunny, even on short nails, will not look out of place. As a base, use, for example, soft pink varnish, and decorate only the nails on the thumbs with drawings. Draw a muzzle on one, and a tail on the other. The rest of the nails are best left plain or decorated with small details.

You can cover all your nails with different patterns. The bunny can be accompanied by other animals and birds, as well as other cuteness in the form of sweets, stars and hearts.

Don't try to create a masterpiece with many small details. Especially if you decide to do a manicure yourself. Start with simple drawings, such as the silhouette of a hare in the style of anime cartoons (such a manicure, by the way, will be much more original than the version with a traditional image of a hare).

If you decide to draw animals on each nail, choose the characters of your favorite cartoons - complete the bunny with the image of Piglet, Stitch or characters from the Monsters Inc. cartoon. “Familiar Faces” will look great against a nude base coat.

bunny manicure ideas for long nails

The hare and the fox are nearby - this can be imagined not only in a fairy tale. Manicure is another area where they can be good neighbors. In this case, the rest of the nails can be decorated with pea prints of different shades - for example, blue and orange, as in the photo.

On long nails, as well as on short ones, you can make drawings with cartoon characters. On a white or translucent finish, they will look like bibabo dolls.

What manicure techniques go with bunny nails?

In addition to the classic French or moon manicure, which are "friendly" with almost any pattern, there are a couple of techniques and prints that are organic for a manicure with hares.

Foil and glitter

If you choose gold glitter or foil instead of the classic monochromatic coating, the manicure will look much brighter and more festive. Why not an option for a party?

Polka dots and other small prints

Polka dot print will not distract attention from the drawings, successfully complementing them. Such a gentle manicure goes well with a romantic flying dress and jeans.

Stickers and stamping

Haven't learned how to create beautiful drawings on your nails yourself yet? Special stamps and stickers will come to the rescue! You can read more about the latter here.

Do you like animal manicures? Would you do this? Or do you prefer other design options? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.