Keep lip products for years and think they don't go bad? How they spoil! But the shelf life of lipstick can be extended. Let's tell you how


  • What is the shelf life of lipstick?
  • How to properly store lipstick?
  • Can I store lipstick in the fridge?
  • How to extend the life of lipstick?

It often happens that after a long time we find our favorite lipstick at the bottom of an old cosmetic bag and happily start using it again.It seems that you can paint your lips with the same lipstick until the end of days. But in fact, they have a fixed expiration date. And it's much shorter than we think.

What is the shelf life of lipstick?

Any lip product has two expiration dates. The first is before opening the package. It is about three years old. The second one takes effect from the start of use and lasts approximately a year.

This applies to solid and liquid lipsticks, glosses, tints, lip lacquers, lipsticks in the form of markers and pencils, and balms. You can read about all existing types of lipstick in our special dossier (spoiler: there are as many as eleven of them!).

It's easy to find out the expiration date of lipstick by examining its packaging. As a rule, the number of months is indicated on the basis of packaging. Look for the number next to the name of the lipstick shade.

If you didn't find such information, pay attention to Roman numerals or letters.This is a code that you can enter on the official website of the brand and find out all the information you need about the product, including the release date and shelf life.

All lipsticks contain fats and oils, so the first signal is that the product has deteriorated, the smell will change.

How to properly store lipstick?

The rules for storing liquid and solid lipsticks do not differ. The ideal location is dark and dry. For example, a dressing table drawer, almost all women have one. But it should stand at some distance from batteries or heating devices. High temperatures, as well as direct sunlight, can wear out lipstick prematurely.

It is equally important to close the cap well after each use of the tube. Oxidation of the product in air also shortens the shelf life of the product. (General rules for organizing and storing decorative cosmetics can be found here.)

Can I store lipstick in the fridge?

Storing in the refrigerator really allows you to extend the shelf life of your favorite lipstick compared to storing at room temperature. But there is one but. Lip products deteriorate from temperature changes. Therefore, if you put lipstick in the refrigerator once, then you need to keep it in a cool place.

Minus temperatures should be avoided. If you put the lipstick in the cold, after a while small droplets will appear on its surface. These are the oils that are part of the formula. Along with their “exodus”, the service life of your lipstick will also decrease.

How to extend the life of lipstick?

A few life hacks that will allow you to use your favorite lipstick longer than the expiration date indicated on the package.

  • Get in the habit of applying lipstick with a brush. This will reduce the number of germs on its work surface, which means it will not provoke the growth of bacteria.

  • Close the cap well after each use to minimize oxidative processes.

  • In winter, do not leave lipstick near heaters, and in summer - in direct sunlight. Otherwise, you will have to throw it away after three months.

  • Lipsticks and colored glosses have approximately the same shelf life, but heat and sunlight affect the properties of lipstick more. It deteriorates faster if stored incorrectly.

  • Pencil lipstick in a wooden case lasts longer than hard lipstick in a plastic case.

  • In winter, when going outside, put lipstick first in your makeup bag, and then in your purse. This will help protect her from the negative effects of freezing temperatures.

  • If you are not going to use a new lipstick yet, do not rush to open the box. After opening the package, the shelf life of lipstick will be reduced from three years to one year.

  • If you rarely use lipstick, don't keep it longer than a year.

  • Try not to break the lipstick. But even if this happened, do not rush to throw it away. Saving your favorite beauty product is very easy. This video shows three ways to do it.

And how long do you use one lipstick? Write a comment.