To become like a real Tumblr girl, you need to know the trends. And the courage to follow them in life - after all, fashion exists not only for blogs

Finding inspiration for your beauty looks is not a problem today: what are the countless blogs where both pros and amateurs share makeup ideas. Popular sources include Tumblr pages. Many people use blogs on Tumblr not only as a moodboard, but also as a portfolio, posting their make-up experiments there.

Even a special style has formed: there is a Tumblr girl makeup that they are trying to repeat in order to be in trend. In this article, we reveal the secrets of tumbler makeup and share photos with examples of such a make-up.

What is typical for Tumblr makeup?

Girls who prefer the tumbler style are bold and easily experiment with both clothes and hairstyles and make-up. They look like they are following the trends closely, always looking well-groomed, striving for flawless skin, perfectly even eyebrows, expressive eye makeup.

Sometimes this makes the Tumblr girls look a bit doll-like, which certainly has some charm. Breaking down the make-up of a typical tumbler girl into its components reveals the must-have elements.

  1. Smooth matte tone

    A uniform finish that hides any imperfections is what you see on most Tumblr selfies.

    Girls carefully mask any flaws, and also try to avoid skin shine, unless we are talking about strobing with a spectacular glow of highlighter on the cheekbones.

  2. Fashion eyebrows

    Tumblr girls choice - either wide and thick eyebrows combed up with gel, or perfectly even eyebrows with a clear contour and gracefully pointed tails. Would you prefer the first option, but nature did not endow you with “sable” eyebrows? This effect can be achieved with makeup! Look for all the secrets in our video.

    In both cases, this is an accent, without which the Tumblr girl image would not be complete.

  3. Makeup cut crease

    To highlight the eyes, tumbler-style girls focus on the crease of the eyelid (for this they use the cut crease technique) and complement it with graphic arrows.

    False eyelashes are often used, but most often this is a solution for an evening make-up.

  4. Matte lips

    Even if the makeup was meant to be natural, matte lipstick is indispensable in a tumbler look. As a rule, they use a product with a liquid texture from the nude range.

    And if Tumblr girl doesn't plan to dim the brightness of the make-up, then classic red lipstick, and wine, and fuchsia colors go into business - depending on the image and mood.

makeup and hair photo ideas for a Tumblr look

For brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls can take the popular cut crease technique in tumbler as a basis and perform this makeup in shades of green to focus on eye color. Tumblr style does not exclude bright contrasts, so this combination will be appropriate.

Darken the crease with a marsh shade and blend it at the outer corners, “stretching” the color towards the temples; Complement this accent with spiky black arrows drawn with matte eyeliner, as well as a golden yellow highlight at the middle of the eyelid.Do not forget to emphasize the eyebrows and cheekbones, and tint the lips with either nude lipstick (casual look) or red (option for the evening).

For green eyes

Green-eyed girls with Tumblr-style makeup can opt for almond-shaped, silver gray smoky eyes, with a point at the outer corners of the eyes.

The inner contour of the lower eyelid should be highlighted with a white or black kayal, and a black arrow should be drawn on the upper eyelid. You can do otherwise and draw a shiny arrow over the gray matte shadows - then the makeup will look unusual, which is welcome in the tumbler style.

For blue eyes

Shades of brown and copper red are especially advantageous for those with blue eyes. They create the desired effect not only due to brightness, but also due to the contrast of warm tones with cold eye color.

Use these colors to create haze along the contour of the eyes, and in the outer corners form an arrow with a beveled brush. Look for inspiration in "Fire Makeup" .

Luxurious and thick eyelashes will harmoniously complete this makeup. Lipstick can be applied in a smoky rose shade.

Tumblr girl makeup for every day

Even in everyday life, girls who make up according to the laws of Tumblr cannot do without an extensive set of cosmetics.

Focus on the eyes

On weekdays, you can get by with makeup with a light shading of shades from the brown range in the crease of the eyelid. For example, the soft color of coffee with cream will do.

Another option is bronze eyeshadows with fine shimmer.

To emphasize the eyes in a different way, use the same shades for drawing arrows. Finish your makeup by applying mascara to your lashes and some beige gloss to your lips.

Lip accent

It can also be discreet if you use powder lipstick, soft pink with a hint of coral or, for example, a neutral taupe color (found in the Lip Lingerie Matte collection from NYX Professional Makeup).

Matte texture will graphically emphasize the contour of the lips. And in this case, the eyes can be distinguished by working the space between the eyelashes with a kayal pencil.

Complete the eye make-up with mascara in two layers.

Bright Glitter Tumblr Evening Makeup

Focus on the eyes

The combination of cat eye and cut crease techniques is one of the typical examples of tumbler makeup that can be seen on every second photo in beauty blogs on Tumblr.In evening make-up, it will not look “too much”. Use multiple colors and textures to create contrasting accents and gradients.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Shine will add funds with a small shimmer. Glitter will also come in handy.

In addition to such a make-up, you can glue strips of false eyelashes or at least bunches - it is enough to glue them at the outer corners of the eyes to make the look even more expressive.

Lip accent

In the makeup of the lips, pay attention to the clarity of the contours, as well as the choice of color and texture. Red, burgundy lipstick is among the favorites of any Tumblr girl. They look good with both ultra-matte and glossy finishes; in the first case, the image will turn out to be more fashionable.

The second one is good for a glamorous make-up for a black tie outfit.

Combine these lipsticks with cut crease or cat eye makeup in beige and brown.

Are you inspired by a Tumblr photo when deciding on makeup? Where else do you get ideas from? Write a comment.