Often, with the help of styling, you can emphasize successful coloring. What hairstyles are suitable if you made several strands of color?

It is no coincidence that colored strands were among the trends in coloring. Now you can create bright accents and look no less original than dyeing your entire hair a different color.

Secondly, instead of several hours at the colorist, you will spend very little time getting the desired effect. And do less damage to your hair - especially if you choose a rinse-off product.This option, by the way, can be considered a win-win - it allows you to change without risking anything in case of failure: it's easy to get rid of the color if you don't like the result of the experiment.

If everything goes well, then you will spend the evening or even a few days in an unusual new look. In this article we will talk about what hairstyles to do for girls with colored strands (we share photo ideas for decorating blue curls here).

How to make colored strands on your hair?

On the one hand, the coloring of the strands can be entrusted to a professional by going to the salon. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from achieving the desired result with your own hands. All you need to do is choose the right tools. What could they be?

  1. Crayon or hair shadow

    This is a pressed colored powder. A strand of hair is pressed against the surface of the product, after which a jar of chalk is “stretched” along the entire length - from the roots (or the middle, if you don’t want to paint the entire strand) to the tips. Instead of crayons, by the way, you can use regular shadows.

    A bright effect is guaranteed, but if you need to get to the venue of a party or concert in a new look, you will have to take care of the durability of the result. Spray the strands with hairspray with the desired degree of hold. The same technique will help protect clothes from staining.

  2. Spray

    If you need a longer lasting result, trust the spray. This format is perhaps more convenient to use: cans like the Colorista Spray from L'Oréal Paris have a dispenser that will not allow you to make a mistake with the amount of the product. It remains only to distribute the pigment through the hair, and then dry them slightly. Useful application tips can be found in the test drive article.

  3. Coloring jelly

    It's a gel-textured formula that's also easy to apply (you don't even need gloves: it won't stain your skin). The result stays on the hair throughout the day.

    It is enough to wash your hair with shampoo - and you will return your hair to its original color. Use Colorista Hair Makeup Neon by L'Oréal Paris if you're looking for an unusual glow-in-the-dark effect. It will look most advantageous on blond hair.

  4. Color Balm

    For those who want to keep their colored strands longer than a day, a product with a balm texture is suitable. A good example is Colorista Washout by L'Oréal Paris.

    This balm is applied to the hair like a mask, kept for a predetermined time and washed off. Done!

Hairstyles with colored strands for short hair

When choosing hairstyles, everything will depend on the length of the hair: more options for girls who have the patience to grow them.

  • If the hair is cut "under the boy" , highlight with color only the tips of a few strands. And when styling, either create the effect of negligence by highlighting color accents with a gel or lipstick, or, on the contrary, smooth your hair as much as possible - this option will also draw attention to bright blotches against the background of natural color. Another option is to color the parting area.

  • With the short version of the bob haircut (the hair barely reaches the jaw line), it is worth taking separate thin strands and dyeing them from root to tip. Such a solution will look beautiful without special styling. But if you decide to style your hair in waves, then after a general curl, separately twist the colored strands and fix them with varnish so that they "lie" on top - a spectacular result is guaranteed.

What hairstyles to do if the hair is long or medium length?

When hair reaches at least shoulder level, you can think not only about styling, but also about full-fledged hairstyles.

Girls with an elongated bob, selectively colored strands, are perfect:

  • waves or curls with an emphasis on bright strands (again, they need to be curled separately and "put" on top);

  • low ponytail or bun gathered after parting the hair (coloration will be visible if the hair is smoothed and sprayed with a shine spray);

  • Malvinka, half bun or bun with pre-styled hair.

Hair longer than average? Then there are even more hairstyles in which colored strands will be in the spotlight.

  • "Spikelet" - one or two on the sides. When you braid the braids, give them more volume by slightly stretching the dyed strands and fix with varnish.

  • High ponytail - pre-style your hair in waves. In such a hairstyle, both thin and thick colored strands are clearly visible.

  • Harness - it can be both high and low. First, gather your hair in a ponytail, and then wrap it in a bundle - strands of bright colors will especially stand out in such a weave.

hairstyles with colorful strands on blonde hair

Girls with blond hair can do without complex hairstyles. The contrast between the original hair color and bright strands will be noticeable in any case, so that changes in the image will not go unnoticed. However, there are hairstyles that will enhance the effect.

  1. Braid headband

    Spikelet with colored strands, laid like a rim, will serve as a beautiful and bright "frame" for the face.

  2. High bun

    Gather your hair high on top, but don't pull it too tight. From this “loose” bundle, with deliberate carelessness, pull out a few strands - so that among them there are also colored ones.

  3. Fancy weaving

    Try instead of a classic braid, braid your hair into a fishtail - the image will immediately become brighter.

    More ideas of hairstyles with multi-colored strands for blondes can be found in our photo selection below.

Hairstyle ideas with colored strands for dark hair

Dyeing strands of dark hair in bright colors is more difficult than light hair: the result is rarely as saturated as we would like. To make the contrast visually more noticeable, you will have to work on styling or make an unusual hairstyle.


  1. Slight negligence

    The secret of success is the emphasis on colored strands when curling.

  2. Wavy braided tail

    Strands framing the face, braid into a braid (directing the weave to the back of the head). Then gather all your hair into a ponytail. Lay the loose ends in waves. Color overflows will become more noticeable due to the effect of added volume.

  3. Hollywood waves

    Colored strands near the face can be laid in a voluminous curl, characteristic of the hairstyles of film stars of the golden age of Hollywood.

    More color ideas for dark hair can be found in the photos below.

The best color hair products according to FashionVIPdergisi.com

What tools to use to create colored strands? Among the best, according to the editors, this trio.

  • Colorista Spray, L'Oréal Paris

    A palette of shades in Colorista Spray cans - from gray and light blue to fuchsia and turquoise.

    The result after applying the product and drying the hair will last until the first shampoo (on fair hair, due to the nature of the structure, the color may linger a little longer). One way or another, it will be easy to return to the original image.

  • Colorista Hair Makeup, L'Oréal Paris

    With this “hair make-up” tool, you will definitely not go unnoticed: in addition to purple, red, green and other bright colors, this line also has neon shades - they will look “flashy” on blond hair.

    Another feature of the result that jelly gives is a glow in the dark! As in the previous case, the shampoo will easily wash off the color without leaving a residue. You will find detailed instructions for applying jelly in this video.

  • Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris

    It takes courage to decide on colored strands. If you have it, you will not be afraid to try on a new look for a few days or even a week - that's about how long the Colorista Washout will last.

    It is washed out gradually and disappears completely after the third “wash” with shampoo.There is no need to worry about the fact that this more resistant remedy may have, accordingly, a more aggressive formula: there is no ammonia in it, but useful ingredients (natural acids) are just there.

Have you ever dyed strands in bright colors? What hairstyles did you do with colored hair? Write a comment and attach a photo.