Bronzer is a tool that quickly gives the face a rested look. We figure out which brush is best to apply it

As sculpting and contouring became part of the daily beauty ritual, bronzers also gained popularity. It is almost impossible to imagine a modern girl's cosmetic bag without this multifunctional tool.

Bronzer is capable of many things: a couple of strokes of the brush under the cheekbones - and goodbye, chubby cheeks; a little on the back of the nose and forehead - and hello, skin of a beautiful shade of golden tan. Tempting, isn't it?

But it's not that simple. For all these miracles to happen, you need to know how and with what to apply bronzers. Let's figure it out. The fact that bronzer is better to use if the skin is dark is a myth. Here we explain how to choose the right shade of bronzer for fair-skinned girls.

What can bronzers look like?

The texture of the bronzer can be different - creamy, liquid, and dry. Cream and liquid products require some skill when applied. They need to be applied with a sponge, a beauty blender or an angled brush and carefully blended so as not to get the effect of a “dirty” face.

Not sure which bronzer is right for you? Read the article where we talk about the main rules for choosing a bronzing agent and give an overview of the best of them, according to the editors.

If you're just getting started with bronzers and haven't gotten your hands on application techniques yet, use dry products with a powdery texture.

It is difficult to overdo it with such products, they do not leave stains and lend themselves well to shading. Makeup will turn out neat even for beginners."

How to apply bronzer?

To achieve the effect of a beautiful golden tan, apply bronzing powder with a wide fluffy and rounded brush.


How to choose a bronzer brush?

When choosing a brush, first of all, pay attention to the pile. The natural bristles allow for light coverage as they partially absorb product and release it gradually. Synthetic bristle brushes do not retain the powdery texture and transfer it almost entirely to the skin, that is, the makeup will turn out to be more intense, and it may be difficult to blend.

Secondly, look at the size. Small and dense brushes do not do a good job of evenly distributing funds. Therefore, it is important to apply the bronzer with a large and fluffy brush. This guarantees a natural result, namely a light beautiful tan.

How to apply bronzer with a brush?

So, we have decided on the choice of brush. Now let's find out which parts of the face to apply it and how to blend it. We offer step-by-step instructions for applying bronzing powder.

  1. First, prep your skin. Apply your usual moisturizer to it and let it absorb. Moisturized skin is the key to natural makeup.

  2. Equalize your tone with a lightweight foundation. Do not use dense textures. In combination with a bronzer, they will overload the make-up, at the risk of achieving a vulgar effect.

  3. Make up blemishes with concealer.

  4. Then start applying bronzer. Pick up the product on the brush and shake off the excess (the same should be done when applying shadow on the eyelids) for a light coverage.

  5. Pull in your cheeks and brush through the hollows. Move towards the temples. This technique will visually narrow the face.

  6. Then paint a number 3 with a brush on each side of the face: start drawing a line from the middle of the forehead, then go over the cheekbones again and finish with the brush at the middle of the chin along the lower contour.

  7. Add just a bit of bronzer to the back of the nose, neck and collarbones.

  8. Finish with a clean brush over all areas of the face where you applied the bronzer. This will make the color transitions on the skin smoother and softer. After that, proceed to applying highlighter and blush, as well as eye and lip makeup.

Watch the full bronzer tutorial video.

What can replace the bronzer brush?

If you don't have a special bronzer brush on hand, you can apply it with a kabuki brush or a soft powder brush. They are large enough to distribute the product on the face as correctly as possible.

When applying the bronzer, do not press the brush - this will ensure a natural and beautiful result.

Do you use bronzer? If so, how do you usually apply it?