Finally, the time has come when the joy of beauty discoveries can be shared with the stronger sex! We will tell you what options for men's makeup exist, and beauty blogger Sergey Ostrikov will complete the picture


  • What is male makeup for?
  • Features of make-up for men
  • How to do men's makeup? Step by step instructions
  • Male makeup: before and after
  • Men's cosmetics essentials

Redness, acne, bruises from lack of sleep - in cases where it is important that such imperfections are not conspicuous, makeup is indispensable, and men also resort to its help. In the material - more about why and when a male make-up can come in handy and what tools to use in it.

What is male makeup for?

Makeup for guys is still not the most typical phenomenon, but every day it causes less and less surprise. Look more well-groomed, freshen up the face (for example, before an important photo shoot), visually improve the quality of the skin, mask its imperfections - all this can be achieved without much effort and time.


In this case, it will not be visible from the outside that any beauty products were used. The basic principles of self-care for Russian men are taught, in particular, by the beauty blog of Sergey Ostrikov.

However, bright and extravagant makeup for men is also not prohibited, which is demonstrated by the participant of the Makeup show and the famous makeup artist Gev Mua.

But if not everyone is ready for such bold beauty experiments, then there are cases when everyone needs a light make-up. When is makeup for men appropriate?


The camera (this applies to both photo and video shooting) is able to capture imperfections that are invisible even at close range. Therefore, young people are prepared for photo shoots with the help of make-up. Most often, we are talking about a “filling” primer, a light tonal fluid marked HD (it is he who creates a slight “defocus” effect, due to which small defects become invisible), lip balm that softens the skin; sometimes contouring products are useful. Everything is geared towards presenting yourself in front of the camera in the best possible way.


An event like a wedding also requires a man to make a slight transformation. Make-up can be minimal - this is enough to make the image of the groom impeccable. It happens that on the day of the celebration, for example, irritation appears on the skin - hardly anyone wants it to attract the eyes of the guests and be noticeable in the festive pictures. So it is not forbidden to use concealer or powder your face a little.

Public speaking or important business meeting

The situation is similar: you want to look your best in order to make a positive impression. So it is perfectly acceptable to turn to makeup - to even out skin tone, hide imperfections, create a sleek effect.

Fashion show

What kind of makeup do male models do? At the fashion show, makeup artists always complement the fashionable look with harmonious makeup.There are also art versions of the make-up, but basically the masters manage to moisturize the skin, even out the tone, add blush and “styling” the eyebrows; lip balm is also often used - to soften the skin and get a moist effect that is still in vogue.

Sergey Ostrikov: “The current trend is that guys are no longer idealized. There is blueness under the eyes - it will be slightly toned or not touched at all, and some designers may even ask to emphasize it in order to give the model more masculinity or, conversely, slenderness. If you take decorative means - the main focus in the male image remains on the eyebrows. In the vast majority of cases, they are kept wide, emphasized with shadows or eyebrow styling gel. Colored accents are rare, but it only makes them look more spectacular.”

Features of make-up for men

Men's nude makeup is subject to the same rules as women's makeup: no traces of beauty products should be visible. This means that you need to choose cosmetics in natural shades and pay attention to such nuances as, for example, careful application, shading. Unless, of course, male makeup does not pursue the opposite goal and the task is not to create an image in which the makeup will be in the spotlight.

One of the brightest makeup options for men can be found in the video below. And if this detailed lesson is unlikely to be useful to most men, then the girls will definitely like it!

There are well-established images in which a male make-up is appropriate. So, Korean male makeup is widespread and well-known. In this country, beauty has been elevated to a cult, and young people, wanting to look perfect in life, use at least foundation on a daily basis; sometimes blush, eyebrow gel, softening lip balm are added to it.

Sergey Ostrikov: “Korean men's makeup is focused mainly on the skin: the face is covered with a rather dense foundation or BB cream. The products are selected with a moist texture to create the effect of radiant skin (in Korea it is called “chok-chok”). As in Western makeup, in the male look, the main emphasis is on the eyebrows - while Asian eyebrows are not thick enough, so the usual gel is not enough here, heavier artillery is used. ”

Korean k-pop stars have their own style of makeup. Fans imitate them, including in make-up. They work out not only the skin tone, but also the contour of the eyes: they draw arrows, and sometimes they also create a smokey effect at the outer corners of the eyes.

Among artists, rock musicians also often use makeup - only in this case the image turns out to be completely different from that of Korean neat people.Their makeup is more aggressive in nature, grunge, with carelessly circled eyes. As a rule, rockers choose such makeup not only for the stage, but also for life.

However, this approach is alien to non-public people - if they need cosmetics, then for purely practical purposes, not to create a genre image.

Sergey Ostrikov: “The male image of a rock star implies the main focus on the eyes and nails. At the same time, black remains the main male color, without options. The secret of brutality is in the careless application of products. If a guy has a shimmery anthracite gel polish on his nails, perfectly applied along the cuticle line, it will no longer be rock. The same can be said for eyeliner.”

How to do men's makeup? Step by step instructions

Sergey Ostrikov explains how to create flawless - and discreet - male makeup.

  1. Men's makeup is first and foremost a story about well-groomed appearance, so it all starts with basic care: clean skin and moisturizer. If these two points are not met, you can not even try to move on.

  2. Personally, I would recommend staying on a concealer to mask minor imperfections on the skin, the vascular network on the wings of the nose and dark circles under the eyes."

  3. If you need to look fresher, you can apply a very thin layer of bronzer on the protruding parts of the face to give the skin a he althier tone: the tan of men paints in the vast majority of cases. The main thing is to choose transparent textures with a matte effect. Natural tan is never radiant - accordingly, there should be no shining particles in cosmetics if we do not want to turn into J. Lo.

  4. “Advanced” male makeup includes taking care of eyebrows: in no case do not pluck them along the lower and upper borders, but only trim individual hairs that stand out along the length (the older a man becomes, the more such hairs appear). The only area where plucking is welcome is the area between the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose. I also do not recommend doing serious eyebrow makeup - it's better to just lay them with a small amount of transparent or slightly tinted gel.

Male makeup: before and after

You may not even notice cosmetics in photos with examples of men's makeup: professionals know how to make the result as natural as possible. If we compare it with how the face looked “before”, it will still be impossible not to admit that “after” the skin is more uniform in tone and smooth, and the face as a whole is well-groomed, like models in glossy magazines.

Men's cosmetics essentials

If you want to put together a basic men's make-up bag, the list we've compiled will come in handy.


One of the common problems of men's skin is enlarged pores. A primer-filler like Pore Filler') from NYX Professional Makeup can be used to solve this problem. If, in the case of foundation, there is still a chance that it will be noticeable at close range, then with a primer, this can not be feared.



For men, the most relevant are light formulas that "fall" on the face like a second skin. It could be a fluid like Shu Uemura's Petal Skin Fluid with a lighter consistency. Among its undoubted advantages is the ability to effectively mask imperfections, including enlarged pores, and adapt to the natural skin tone.

And another convenient makeup solution for men can be foundation in stick format - Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, All Hours Stick has one. You can take it with you and apply it without any hassle, blending it with your fingertips. The long-lasting formula (lasts up to 24 hours) will allow you to forget about the coating during the day.


An even more necessary tool in men's makeup is concealer. This is a tool for spot correction - it is applied targeted. Young people most often do not want - and there is no need - to cover the entire face with foundation. And the points set by the concealer can be shaded so that they will not be visible. Use, for example, High Precision Retouch by Giorgio Armani.

Eyebrow gel

Transparent gel will help to cope with naughty, "ruffled" eyebrows - just like that in the L'Oréal Paris x Isabel Marant collection.Again, no one will see traces of using cosmetics in this case - the tool will only help to lay the hairs in the right direction and fix the shape. In preparation for a photo shoot, you can use a light tint gel - for example, Brow Precise from Maybelline. It will also not be noticeable either in the photo or in real life, but it will make the eyebrows a little brighter and more well-groomed.

Styling products

Beautiful skin is only half the battle, neat hair styling will help to complement the image - this applies to both female and male appearance. Men should not forget about the care of the beard (if any): everything you need can be found in the new collection of L'Oréal Paris Barber Club.

Cream-gel or styling cream is responsible for hair-to-hair styling, while oil and cleansing gel take care of the hair and soften it. All products contain pine nut oil, which provides additional nutrition and shine.

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