Doing make-up taking into account the type of face is a sure way to emphasize your best features and get an image in which nothing disturbs the harmony

It is generally accepted that girls with an oval face are easy to do makeup, because this type, as a rule, does not need strong correction. But today it is possible to “correct” the contours without much difficulty, so that with any other face shape, you can easily bring your appearance closer to the reference one.

In this article we will tell you how to do makeup for an elongated face according to all the rules in order to transform in the best sense of the word.

Features of contouring makeup for girls with a long face

For any type of face, you should remember the basic principles of contouring. Darkening helps to reduce volumes and thereby divert attention from details that you want to make less noticeable. Highlights and highlights, on the contrary, create accents and bring individual features to the fore.

Based on these principles, most girls with a long face try to make their face visually a little wider. They darken the hairline from above with sculptor powder, as well as the lower border of the chin. This allows you to optically make the face more rounded.

You also need to work out the cheekbones in a special way: it is better to “put” the shadow not directly under the cheekbone, but a little lower, in order to sort of raise the cheeks, thereby visually changing the proportions of the face.

When correcting an elongated face with makeup, you can't do without highlighting.Here, too, there are subtleties: light shimmering powder should be applied to the apples of the cheeks, and then “stretch” the product to the sides, towards the ears. Radiance, distributed in this way, will help to slightly "expand" the face.

The choice of shades in makeup for a long face

The choice of shades should rather be subject to skin tone, eye and hair color. And at the same time, doing, for example, eye makeup, it is better to do without intensive application of dark shadows. The fact is that contouring, as a rule, makes the image heavier, and smoky eyes will only enhance this effect. Light shades will look much more harmonious.

But in lip makeup, you can not limit yourself in the choice of shades - light, and bright, and dark in vamp style are suitable.

If you focus on the lips, the eyes need to be "highlighted" so as not to overload the makeup.

Eyebrow and eye makeup for a long face

Balancing the proportions of the face helps not only contouring, but also well-executed eye and eyebrow makeup. The main thing here is not to make a make-up that visually rounds the eyes. The desired result will help to achieve horizontal lines, as well as horizontal shading.

When shaping your eyebrows, try to stick to the golden mean: they should not be too wide or too thin. Pay attention to the "tails" of the eyebrows - try to achieve narrowing and sharpening closer to the tips. Eyebrows that have the same width at the ends as at the base do not suit girls with a long face.

Learn more about how to shape your eyebrows here.

In eye makeup, use long arrows (separately or as part of a cat eyes make-up), haze of shadows with shading to the temples, smoky eyes, again with an emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes.

It would be useful to use tufts of false eyelashes closer to the outer corners.

Do not “stretch” the color upwards - from the moving eyelid to the eyebrows. Avoid crease makeup.

Perfect makeup for a long face: instructions with photo

To create a make-up that will gently correct the elongated shape of the face, in addition to the basic tools: foundation, powder, blush, mascara, you will need a sculpting kit, an eye shadow palette, a pencil or eyebrow shadow, eyeliner. In lip makeup, you can use products and shades to your taste, choosing the right ones depending on the image.

  1. Prep your face with moisturizer and primer. With a sponge or duo-fiber brush, spread foundation over the entire surface of the face. Cover visible imperfections with concealer.

  2. Take a contouring palette (or, alternatively, a darker shade of foundation) and slightly darken the skin along the lower border of the chin and the lower part of the contour of the face as a whole, as well as along the hairline on the forehead with the sculptor. Additionally create a shadow under the zygomatic fossa.

  3. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your ears.

  4. Highlighter apply just above the blush, and also on the skin under and above the eyebrows.

  5. Combine your brows with a brush and fill in the gaps between the hairs with a pencil or shadow. With strokes, lengthen the “tails” of the eyebrows, sharpening them to the tips. Finish the correction by fixing the result with a transparent gel.

  6. Apply primer to your eyelids. Then spread over them a neutral shade of shadows - for example, beige. Blend the darker shade in the area of the outer corners - so that the color “aspires” to the temples. If desired, add graphic arrows with long pointed tips.

  7. Apply mascara by brushing the lashes towards the outer corners of the eyes. This again will visually stretch the eyes and thereby balance the proportions of the face.

  8. Finish your makeup with lip products. If you have focused on the eyes, give preference to a transparent balm or nude lipstick.

Do you know what other makeup rules are for girls with a long face? Write a comment.