If the shadows are crumbled, they are most often thrown away. And in vain - you can save even a whole palette if you know beauty hacks. Sharing valuable information

One awkward movement and the shadows, hitting a hard surface, crumble to the state of loose powder.

This does not mean that they are spoiled, but it is inconvenient to use them in this form and do not want to. We have already talked about how to fix a broken lipstick. How to glue broken shadows? We will tell you how to collect broken shadows, and so that they look like new after that.

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What will it take to restore broken shadows?

" What to do?" - a natural question if your favorite shadows accidentally crashed.

They can crumble and not as a result of a fall or impact.If you've been wearing eye shadow for a long time in a cosmetic bag that is in your bag, then in the end the result will be the same. In both cases, the consequences are fixable - if there are several improvised means needed for restoration nearby.

In the list:

  • a pair of napkins,

  • tablespoon or teaspoon,

  • toothpick,

  • a small plastic bag,

  • dropper (a syringe will also work).

You will need to stock up on 70% alcohol, but there are ways to do without it. However, if a strong smell scares you off while working with it, don't worry: the updated shadows won't smell like it, everything will disappear in a couple of days.

How to collect broken shadows: tips

If you broke the shadows in a closed package, everything is simple - you have to work with the "fragments" remaining inside the case. If they crumble, having opened, it will, of course, be impossible to collect everything to the last crumb. In this case, try to use what is still in the package, supplementing the leftovers with the largest pieces that spilled out.

Try not to squeeze them with your fingers, so as not to completely crumble. It is better to take them with a napkin - and then pour other remnants of the product on it.

Useful tips you will find in our video and in this article. Restoring broken shadows is not much different from “repairing” crumbled powder.

How to restore broken shadows to their original form with alcohol: instructions

If the shadows are broken or scattered, you can restore them in just five minutes. Proceed as follows:

  1. collect both the eyeshadow powder and the larger pieces in a plastic bag to finally crumble them into a smooth powdery mass.

  2. Gently pour the resulting powder back into the package.

  3. Pipette or syringe some alcohol. For a small case with shadows, a couple of drops are enough.

    Slowly mix it with powder until creamy. It is important that the texture does not become liquid - the mass should be thick and dense enough.

  4. Cover the "medallion" with shadows with a napkin and press on the surface with the convex side of the spoon. So they compress again. By the way, the same action can be performed with a metal coin if it fits the diameter of the case.

  5. Remove the napkin and leave the shadows open for a day. During this time, the alcohol will evaporate and the characteristic smell will disappear. After that, shadows can be used again.

How to save crumbled shadows without alcohol: instructions

Using alcohol to restore shadows is not for everyone. So, this method is not suitable for owners of sensitive skin. How to return the shadows to a functional look without alcohol?

You can turn powder eyeshadows into creamy ones. Just instead of alcohol, you will need to use petroleum jelly or glycerin to mix with the powder. After that, it makes sense to transfer the shadows to a more convenient case for the new texture.

But if you still need dry shadows, then a life hack with an iron will come in handy.

  1. Turn it on, but turn off the steam supply (no moisture can get into the powder container).

  2. Crush the shadows after pouring them into a bag - just as in the case of using alcohol.

  3. When you grind the shadows, remove the metal container from the case, in which the pigment is usually placed. Pour colored powder into it, tamp it down with a spoon.

  4. Turn off the iron (including from the outlet). While it is hot, press it against the surface of the powder in a metal container for 10-15 seconds. You can repeat this action a couple of times. As a result of heat and pressure, the shadows will be compressed and will look almost like new.

Shadow quality after restoration

How long will the shadows last after restoration? The most persistent in this sense will be the shadows, which were returned to their original appearance with the help of alcohol. Due to the uniformity of texture that this "repair" method allows to achieve, the shadows will serve exactly the same as before the "breakdown" .

Restoring with an iron no longer guarantees such a result - it is quite possible that after some time the shadows will begin to crumble again. However, crumbly, they can also be used to create makeup.

Did you know how to save broken shadows before? Do you have your own tricks to restore them? Write a comment.