Hair makeup is also possible. Bold change for a day or two - why not? Moreover, after washing, the hair will again be in its original state

Colored hair - at least once in a lifetime, every woman decides to do this. For the sake of such an adventure, many go to the colorist, resulting in extreme transformation options up to rainbow coloring.

True, the effect lasts only a week or two: the color is washed out, it is difficult to maintain in its original form.

The problem is solved by the ability to dye your hair in a bright color for a couple of days. And for those who cannot decide on long-term coloring, this approach will allow you to try on a new look.

In this article we will talk about ways to temporarily change the color of your hair - add, for example, blue strands, if the occasion requires it and you have already decided on the shade.

How do I get blue strands of hair?

Blue strands are a rather radical step that requires some courage. Especially if you go to the salon for coloring.

But if you know how to get colored strands as a short-term experiment - before the first hair wash - then you will not need courage. There is no risk, because the color can be washed off immediately if the result is not to your liking. For a short time, try on a new color with new safe beauty products.

The desired effect can be achieved with a spray. How to do this, you will learn from the video below (and what result is obtained on hair of different shades, we personally checked here).

Here are a couple more products ready to change the color of your hair on demand.

  1. Hair crayons

    These are not crayons in the usual sense. As a rule, these are jars with pigmented powder. A strand of hair is pressed to the surface of the product closer to the roots, and then the jar is “pulled” down towards the tips, coloring the hair in a bright, saturated color. Along with special crayons, colored shadows can also be used. For example, the highly pigmented Hot Singles Eye Shadow by NYX Professional Makeup in Electroshock.

    Just keep in mind that after application, such a powder can stain clothes. Therefore, use a life hack to fix the color - sprinkle the tinted strands with varnish.

  2. Hair mascara

    Here, instead of a powdery texture, a creamy texture is used. Check out Double Team by Urban Decay (Gonzo blue) and Brow Unlimited in Sky Blue by Shu Uemura. Yes, these are products for eyelashes and eyebrows, but they will work just as well on hair.

    If the hair sticks together in places after application, wait for the product to dry and comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb.

  3. Coloring jelly

    Working with a specialized temporary coloring agent is very easy. Take, for example, Colorista Hair Makeup by L’Oréal Paris.

    It is enough to apply coloring jelly to the strands that you want to accentuate with color and dry them with a hair dryer. From the skin of the hands, this gel is easily washed off with water. And with hair - shampoo.At the same time, in contact with clothing, the colored strands will not stain it - this is the absolute advantage of the formula. Still in doubt? Watch a detailed video review of this tool.

  4. Color Balm

    For those who are ready to spend about a week with colored strands, you can use a slightly more resistant product - such as Colorista Washout from L'Oréal Paris.

    This ammonia-free balm will color your hair so that the color will last 2-3 “attacks” of the shampoo. At the same time, such makeup will not bring harm to the hair. On the contrary, the composition contains natural acids that give the hair smoothness.

Blue strands on dark hair

If you have dark hair (for example, chestnut), and you want to get blue strands, it may be difficult, as manufacturers of such balms and gels for temporary coloring warn on the packaging.Judging by the photo of blue strands on dark hair, the hair will acquire color, but against the general background, these accents will not be particularly noticeable, and it will not be possible to achieve a pronounced contrast.

Given this nuance, the hair of the upper layer should be dyed blue. Colored strands that “peep” through the mass of hair from below are an option that is more relevant for blondes. To make the result of your experiment look as neat as possible (and, if I may say so in the case of blue, of course), do not apply paint from the roots. Aim for an ombre effect - a soft transition of natural color to blue somewhere in the middle of the strand or a little higher.


What hairstyle should dark-haired girls with blue strands do?

  1. Waves

    To draw attention to the dyed strands, curl them separately from the rest, and lastly - so that they lie on top. This will make them more noticeable.

  2. Low parted ponytail

    Part your hair so that the blue strands are in the top layer. Collect them in a low tail and smooth with gel or varnish - thanks to the shine, the color will become a little brighter.

  3. High bun

    The blue strands will show through if you carefully gather your hair up. You can pre-braid the colored strands into pigtails. Make the bundle careless by “pulling out” the colored strands in the field of view.

How to make the strands blue if the hair is black?

Black hair is even harder to work with. Gels, balms and jellies will definitely not help to get the desired effect. You will need a tool like colored mascara for eyebrows, eyelashes and hair: it will cover them with a layer of pigment that will not be absorbed, but will remain on the surface. If you look at the photo of blue strands on black hair, you can see that neon shades look especially impressive: “electric” blue, blue.

Creating the right contrast, they make black hair with blue strands the center of attention. The best options for styling hair after dyeing are waves and large curls. To make the result look harmonious, the colored strands should be evenly distributed throughout the volume of the hair.

Bunches and tails will also look good, but they will make the hairstyle visually more modest: the blue strands will no longer be so noticeable.

Streaks of blue on blond hair

Blondes should understand that blue strands on blond hair are an extreme beauty solution in terms of brightness.

The contrast between natural hair color and dyed curls will be visible from afar.

To create accents, you can use any means: crayons, ink, and tint balms. It is better to work with thin strands so that the result is aesthetic; the color will still make the look grunge daring, but large blue strands run the risk of looking vulgar.

Among the styling options that will help emphasize blue strands on blond hair are side-parted curls with a Hollywood wave near the face (if this wave is decorated with a colored strand, this will be the most advantageous option), high straight ponytail, low smooth bunch, different options for voluminous weaving with braids.

Blue strands on blond hair

With blond hair - the same situation. The color blue is impossible to miss.

Fair-haired girls need to choose the means to create colored strands based on the shade of their hair and the intended image.

If the hair is light brown, girls can use balm or jelly. Owners of dark blond hair should resort to blue mascara. However, if they do not need a “flashy” accent, then in this case a gel or balm will come in handy - just the result will be more restrained.

By the way, you can also dye your hair in different ways.

Some people like obvious accents on the face, others color the strands of the lower layer to casually show them, throwing the hair forward - over the shoulders.

Overview of blue curls

  • Colorista Hair Makeup and Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris

    Two products for different occasions: Colorista Hair Makeup - a gel that is lighter in texture and effect, which stays on the hair until the first wash, and Colorista Washout guarantees results for a week or two (depending on how often you wash your hair). head)."
    In both cases, coloring the strands is not difficult, and the result will not disappoint with stains on clothes or on the skin.

    L'Oréal, just in case, provided such a tool as Colorista Fader shampoo, which speeds up getting rid of the acquired color.

  • Brow Unlimited, Shu Uemura

    Using this mascara, including on the hair, allows the composition, which is durable, so the color does not come off the eyebrows even under the influence of sweat and sebum.

    You don't have to worry about the preservation of color during the day or evening. There will be no sticking of hairs - all thanks to the brush with bristles of different lengths, which perfectly separates. The richly pigmented formula delivers vibrant color for a bold look.

  • Double Team, Urban Decay

    The advantage of this mascara is that it is double-sided, which means that there can be even more experiments with it. On the one hand - a cream shade (for lovers of blue strands, Gonzo is suitable), on the other - a color with a metallic effect in case you want the colored strands to shine.The formula provides not only brightness, but also durability of shades.

Have you ever tried to make colored strands on your hair? Write a comment.