Choosing a shade that suits your skin tone and looks as natural as possible on it is no longer a problem. Rolled powder does both and can replace a range of other products

At first glance, the powder in the balls does not inspire confidence in everyone. When there are several different shades of powder in one jar at once, and those that are difficult to imagine on your face (green, lilac, blue, pearl white), you don’t immediately understand how to handle such a tool. By the way, in the store you may have a question, what is the name of the powder in the balls.Unlike the same cushion, this remedy does not have a special name. Often the label simply says "powder pearls" .

But one attempt to "taste" it is enough to fall in love with this format (you can read about other forms of powder release in this article).

In the material we will tell you how to apply powder balls on your face to get the desired result, and share detailed instructions for using such powder.

Powder in balls: what is it?

Powder in balls is a beauty tool that helps in correcting skin tone. Like the blush of this format, this product is a ball of pressed powder.

And all of them are of different shades that mix when typed on a brush and cover the face with a light veil that gently masks tone imperfections.

Benefits of powder balls

Finding a product that is right for you is easy: you just need to pay attention to what colors are collected under the lid - warm or cold.

And choose a palette that matches your color type. Even if you miss the gamma a little, the mistake can be corrected by removing a few balls of the "extra" hue. By the way, this opportunity is another advantage of powder in balls.

You can adapt the color of the powder to the situation, making it lighter or darker, paler or more intense.

As a result of the use of powder in balls, skin tone not only becomes more even, but also acquires radiance, as some balls include shimmering particles.

Flaws of powder balls

On the one hand, this is a functional tool that can be used in different ways. On the other hand, it is far from suitable for daily use for everyone: the radiance effect is more relevant for a festive make-up.

Besides, the tool is inconvenient to carry with you - after all, we are not talking about a compact case, but about a large jar, from which, if it is not tightly closed, powder balls can also get enough sleep. Therefore, beautiful and spectacular balls are best kept on the dressing table at home.

How to choose powder balls?

The color type of appearance should serve as a guideline for choosing powder in balls. If you have a "cold" skin of light tones, this means that you should look for a powder with a combination of pink, white, green, lilac balls.

If, on the contrary, you have warm skin tones, then the set should include beige, brown, rose-red balls with a golden glow.

It is worth remembering again that the composition of the balls can be changed by removing some shades to achieve the result desired in each case.

How to apply powder in balls?

A large, fluffy powder brush (such as Urban Decay's Large Powder Brush) is one of the best options for powder balls, allowing you to achieve optimal blending of tones for good, even coverage.

In the meantime, if you're using a powder like bronzer, blush or highlighter, a small, round or angled, soft bristled brush for powdery textures, such as Giorgio Armani's Maestro Brush, can come in handy. With its help, it will be easier to perform facial contouring.

In general, applying powder in balls is not much different from applying powder in a traditional format. So feel free to use the life hacks from this video. We will talk about the nuances in the next section.

How to use powder balls: instructions for use

It's hard to make a mistake, the algorithm is not much different from applying ordinary compact or loose powder.

  1. Take the brush and in a circular motion to mix the colors, pick up powder on it, and then “knock down” the excess by tapping the rim of the jar with the pen.

  2. Distribute the product over the skin prepared with foundation. It will be enough to lightly brush your face with a powder brush, focusing on the protruding areas, and the shining particles will emphasize them in the best possible way.


Life hacks for using powder in balls

  • Leave only pink or red balls for powder blush. The bronzer functions will be performed by beige and brown balls, if you separate them from the rest. Need a highlighter? Choose only white and silver. The main advantage of such powder is the ability to transform it at will.

  • Format of balloons has become inconvenient? The powder is running out, and some of the balls have crumbled? Turn them into loose powder and transfer to a more compact package.

Do you know how to use powder in balls? Are you comfortable with this tool? Write about your opinion in the comments.