Beauty trends from the 80s can be useful not only for themed parties. Today, they can also be used in everyday makeup, following the advice of professional makeup artists

80s is disco style. In make-up, one cannot do without bright shades (up to neon) and shine, and this can be an uncompromising mirror gloss or mischievous shimmer of glitter. In those days, they were not at all shy about putting it all together: there could be colored eyeliner on the eyelids (look for makeup ideas with it here), on the lips - bold shades of lipstick, on the cheeks - a “killer” blush.Today it is not at all necessary to follow this trend literally. You can do otherwise by adding beauty elements to your usual make-up that will look beautiful and modern, and not like a mothball reference to the past. We'll tell you what to borrow from the makeup in the style of the 80s, and share photos with the most winning ideas.

80s-inspired makeup: shade selection

If you want to create an image with retro elements of the 80s, then discard modesty and tune in to the fact that you will have to choose only bright, bold shades. There are no restrictions: it can be electric blue, canary yellow, carrot red, freshly cut grass or light green, fuchsia and neon pink.

Experimenting with texture is also welcome. Now matte products are in fashion, but in the make-up of the 80s, a metallic and glossy finish, as well as glitter, will be most welcome. Learn more about how to create disco style makeup in this video.

The bolder the better - in the context of the style of the 80s, this is appropriate. True, if you are not going to do pure 80s makeup, limit yourself to one or a couple of accents. Let it be arrows shimmering with glitter or, for example, glossy lipstick, complemented by a bright blush.

Best 1980s disco makeup

What tools do you use to create 1980s-inspired makeup? We have collected the best, in our opinion, in this section.

  • Heavy Metal Eyeliner, Urban Decay

    Urban Decay offers to create shiny arrows not with loose sparkles, like makeup artists, but with a comfortable Heavy Metal gel liner with a fairly large glitter. Gold, blue, turquoise, pink, purple, white - all these options are in the Heavy Metal collection, and you can use them both on their own and as an addition to other liners, covering ready-made color lines with glitter pigment.

  • Ultimate Shadow Palette (Gamma 04 Brights), NYX Professional Makeup

    The 04 Brights NYX Professional Makeup palette contains 12 bright shades that are designed to attract attention. For a neutral casual make-up, they are hardly suitable.

    The palette will definitely come in handy for everyone who in the make-up of the 80s is attracted by mono-make-up of eyes with shadows shaded to the very eyebrows.

  • Maskara Snapscara by Maybelline New York

    Disco style can be played in different ways. For example, add color to your look with eyebrow mascara. You can also use colored mascara in this capacity. If you're going to a party where these accents are appreciated, tint your brows with colored mascara like Snapscara.

    The color pigment will color the hairs, and the gel texture of the product will fix the shape of the eyebrows.

  • Lip lacquer Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    For an 80's look, lip lacquer is the best choice - choose a product with an ultra-gloss vinyl shine, such as Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

    Fill in a well-defined lip contour with it.

    Add bright “spots” of blush to this accent - and the same color as the lip polish. By the way, if you want to get the most extravagant disco make-up option, pay attention to the separate line Vernis à Lèvres The Holographics. Find out more about Yves Saint Laurent Beauté lip lacquers here.

    The polish will give your lips not only intense color, but also holographic overflows.

Actual makeup tricks of the 80s: photo ideas

  1. Single color shadows

    The return of this 80s trend was confirmed at the Jour Ne and Salvatore Ferragamo shows. And it is very easy to repeat the makeup of the models who participated in these fashion shows - just choose one bright shade of shadows and distribute it throughout the upper eyelid, and you can “raise” the color to the very eyebrows. The main thing is to make the borders of the application blurry, so careful shading is important.

    Eye monomakeup can be supplemented, for example, with long black arrows, if you want a more pronounced emphasis on the eyes.

  2. " Lower" arrows

    In the 80s, they tried to use as many colors as possible in makeup. A contrasting shade was added to the lower eyelid, drawing an arrow pointing upwards. This technique still looks elegant and unbanal today.

    So, the top of the arrow can be a basic shade, and the bottom of it can be made blue, green or, for example, purple.

  3. Two tone smoky eyes

    This is not about the classic transition of white to black or beige to brown. In the 80s, judging by the photos from that era, they combined shades that seem incompatible. Pink and blue, green and yellow, red and purple - they were side by side and merged thanks to shading.

    This make-up is good for a disco holiday. Choose a duet of colors that will most advantageously emphasize the color of your eyes and make smoky eyes. The image is ready!

Have you ever tried to do makeup in the style of the 80s? What happened? Write a comment.