Makeup is often called a way of self-expression. So you can “read” both the mood and the character of a person from it. How exactly?

Many advise not to take makeup too seriously, saying that this is a kind of game - with color, details, textures and images in general. You can reincarnate, becoming a slightly different person every day. But in this game, as in every joke, there is some truth: you can put on makeup with a frivolous attitude, but the result will still tell something about your personality.

In the material we find out how to determine the character of a girl by makeup - eyes, lips and eyebrows.

Character of a girl with no makeup

The habit of doing makeup on a daily basis is not for everyone. And the lack of makeup can mean completely different things. In some cases, the fact that a girl does not wear makeup indicates her modesty, restraint, unwillingness to focus on her female attractiveness.

Sometimes, according to psychologists, this is a sign of low self-esteem - self-doubt leads to the fact that you want to stay in the shadows and not attract extra looks, including with the help of makeup. It also happens that a make-up simply does not seem to be something important for a girl - she does not spend time on this, prioritizing other things.

But such interpretations do not apply to everyone. The trend towards naturalness and fashionable selfies with the nomakeup hashtag cannot be discounted: many girls strive to look flawless even without a gram of decorative cosmetics, and when they achieve the desired skin quality, they demonstrate it with pleasure.The desire to show your natural beauty and grooming takes precedence over the ability to artificially embellish your external data.

Natural, natural makeup

When a girl looks natural, but her image still hasn't done without makeup, it means, firstly, that she is very attentive to herself and neat; it is important for her to be neat, to look after herself, to make a good impression. Secondly, she appreciates the dignity of her appearance, but does not refuse to emphasize them just a little, imperceptibly.

By opting for "make-up without makeup" , she demonstrates that she is not ready to impersonate someone else and wants to be herself. But she strives for perfection - and shows the best version of herself, correcting skin tone, emphasizing eyebrows and tinting eyelashes. The nude look from this video is just a prime example of such makeup.

In addition to this, the love of natural makeup can mean that a person is modest - and does not let dust in his eyes. What is more important to him is what is not put on display, what you need to look at in order to appreciate it.

Bright make-up: the opinion of psychologists

As with clothes, choosing bright colors in makeup is one of the manifestations of a cheerful nature. This is especially true for a make-up with lipstick in rich shades - for example, the same classic red.

Girls paint their lips with bold colors when they are in a good mood, which they are ready to tell the world about with their smile, or when they, on the contrary, are trying to please themselves. Such makeup is a sign of openness to communication. And sometimes also confirmation of a romantic mood.

As for the bright eye makeup, it is possible to “decipher” the desire to enchant and bewitch in it.If on the eyelids there are colored, colorful shadows or eyeliner, in this case the make-up demonstrates a creative character, lack of prejudice, the courage to do everything “in your own way”, following your feelings and mood impulses.

Determining the character of a girl by eye makeup

  1. Nude

    Eye makeup in shades of nude is the very tenderness, kindness, gentle character, sometimes dreaminess and even naivety. The one who does not use arrows and smoky eyes does not think about his power of the look - and does not try to manage it to create the right impression.

  2. Dark smoky eyes

    Smoky effect says something completely different about the character of a girl - she, on the contrary, relies on the power of her gaze. This desire to be liked, to be admired, to be attractive.

  3. Makeup with an emphasis on the lower eyelid

    How often do you see makeup with such an accent? This is not the most common choice, which makes it clear: if a girl does such a make-up, she has at least good taste, which does not allow her to be banal, and at most - a rich imagination. She knows how to surprise and be original, which she likes to show to others. And more makeup ideas with an emphasis on the lower eyelid can be found here.

  4. Graphic arrows

    In this make-up, you can also "read" several character traits. There is an opinion that clear and sharp arrows speak of the severity of the girl who draws them. Perfectionists who are attentive to details, strive to keep everything under control - in their case, the love for arrows is quite understandable, because you need patience and even some determination to learn how to make them perfectly even.

All eyes on the eyebrows

Underlined eyebrows are, as you know, the trend of recent years. And if a girl stubbornly accentuates only her eyebrows in her makeup, this may mean that she wants to follow fashion and look modern in the eyes of others. It may be especially important for her to have her knowledge of trends noticed.

At the same time, highlighting the eyebrows is a type of make-up in which little depends on the character; to a lesser extent, it can be called a way to show your personality. Girls rather want to achieve this or that facial expression by changing the width and bend of the eyebrows.

Makeup with emphasis on lips

Lips in their make-up emphasize, as a rule, sensual and passionate natures. Moreover, they can use not only red or, say, burgundy lipstick, but also neutral nude.

But the bright makeup of the lips will still be "talking" to a greater extent - the smile that is framed by red lips is most often perceived as a sign of openness and a call for communication. The main thing in working with bright lipstick is accurate and precise application, so we advise you to study these helpful tips before you start makeup.

Girls who choose the same makeup

Constancy in makeup can also be a characteristic of a girl. When she chooses the same make-up day after day, it means that changes are difficult for her, bold experiments are, in general, a way out of the “comfort zone”. She feels good only with what seems familiar to her. Such a person chooses a proven one, but does not risk venturing into something new.

Do you have any thoughts about what makeup can tell about a girl's character? Write about them in the comments.