Even skin tone, smooth texture, fresh look and natural results - this is what you expect from foundation. And Giorgio Armani products justify the expectations

Initially, foundation was a product designed to even out skin tone. But today there are much more requirements for it: at least it should smooth out, at least visually, the skin relief. Ideally, you want the cream to improve its appearance and condition in all respects. Therefore, today foundation creams are multifunctional beauty products. What they are capable of, we will tell using the example of Giorgio Armani products.

  • Maestro Fusion Makeup, Giorgio Armani

    The "flowing" fluid texture, inspired by the finest translucent organza, is what helps Maestro Fusion Makeup effectively cope with the task of evening out the tone.

    For the result, the composition with waterless oils, which provide, on the one hand, a sliding application (the product lays down more evenly and the coating is smoother), and on the other hand, care: they nourish and soften the skin, and also protect it from UV rays and free radicals. No matter how you apply the cream - with a brush, sponge or fingertips - the coating will be light and thin, while maintaining a feeling of freshness and comfort. If you decide to use a brush, you will find helpful tips from our tutorial video.

    The "finish" of the product is velvety - no deaf haze that deprives the skin of its natural radiance. As a result, signs of fatigue disappear, the face looks rested; you can start creating the desired images.

  • Face Fabric Foundation, Giorgio Armani

    The fashion industry is once again a source of inspiration for this product. Only this time they focused not on couture organza, but on technological stretch materials.

    Face Fabric Foundation transforms into a weightless, airy mousse upon contact with the skin, and then acquires a soft powdery finish. Easy distribution, adaptation to tone and smoothing of the skin microrelief is provided by 3D Stretch technology. The formula provides coverage that feels like a second skin, and from the outside is perceived as native.

    There will be no mask effect, even if you layer the product to better mask imperfections.

    Face Fabric Foundation works great on enlarged pores, oily sheen and other typical problems of combination to oily skin. As a basis "every day" it fits perfectly.

    We have already talked about the advantages of this tonal foundation and even had a test drive.

  • Luminous Silk Foundation, Giorgio Armani

    Another Giorgio Armani smoothing foundation is Luminous Silk Foundation, which the brand's specialists sought to make the skin silky after application.

    This is facilitated by the lightness of the texture and the effect of radiance. Thanks to Micro-fil technology, Luminous Silk Foundation is an imperceptible fluid on the skin that spreads easily, lays down in a thin layer and at the same time reliably hides redness, dark circles and other visible imperfections.

    Even tone and natural radiance of the skin - that's what will be the result of using this tool.

What foundation do you use? What effect do you want to get? Write a comment.