Long arrows are not only a way to focus on the eyes, but also an opportunity to emphasize or, on the contrary, correct their shape. First, however, you will have to master the techniques of drawing them, which are not given to everyone at once

Many people do not undertake to draw arrows, considering them a make-up option that only professional makeup artists can do. They really require patience and perseverance: the more attempts to accurately draw pointed lines on the eyelids, the better the result will be.

Efforts will not be in vain. For those who master this skill, a large field of beauty experiments will open up, because arrows can be part of a variety of looks for all occasions.

In the material we will tell you how to learn how to draw long arrows and what make-up they can complement, given the shape of the eyes and the type of face. And you will find useful tips here.

Long arrows for different eye shapes

What kind of eyes do you have? How you can use the arrows in makeup directly depends on their parameters.

So, for owners of small eyes, long arrows will help to visually enlarge them (if there is no “hanging” eyelid: with such a feature, it is not recommended to choose makeup with arrows). When the eyes, on the contrary, are large, the arrows will make them even more expressive.

It is important to take into account the shape of the eyes. If, for example, they are large and wide-set, then because of the long "tails" going to the temples, the distance between the eyes will seem even greater.It's not always a win-win solution. But for those whose eyes are set close, long arrows will just help out, visually making the proportions more harmonious.

Almond eyes

This form is considered the closest to the standard. Such eyes can be emphasized with any makeup - the arrows can be both long and short.

When drawing long arrows, you need to keep in mind that they will optically stretch the eyes. Whether such an effect is needed is up to you.

Round eyes

Long arrows can visually correct the round shape of the eyes, bringing it closer to the almond-shaped. You just need to draw them so that the "tails" become a continuation of the outer edge of the eyes and do not bend upward, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect, and the eyes will "round" even more.

It is better to complete the arrows on the upper eyelid with a line on the lower eyelid and connect them to each other, making a "corner" .

Narrow eyes

Girls with a narrow slit of the eyes also suit the arrows, but the extreme length of the line can play a bad joke on them.

In order not to risk, select medium-length arrows and slightly point the "tails" up.

Separately it is worth talking about girls with impending eyelids. With such a structural feature of the eyes, the fixed eyelid can partially or even completely close the movable one, so that the arrow simply will not be visible. Only the “tail” will remain in the field of view, and this will only enhance the “overhanging” effect. It is better to refuse arrows. But if you still want to try, use our life hacks - these tricks will help visually lift the eyelid.

How to draw long arrows in different ways?

  1. Pencil

    This tool is used to create soft arrows. If you need long arrows not as a graphic element of makeup, but as a way to visually correct the shape of the eyes, choose a pencil.

    The “tails” of the arrows can be slightly shaded so that their color seems to dissipate. Makeup will turn out to be expressive and most suitable for casual looks, despite the length of the arrows. You can find a step-by-step video tutorial on how to create arrows with a pencil below.

  2. Shadows

    Another option for soft results is shadows. For beginners, this is the most suitable tool. With the help of shadows, it is convenient to outline arrows, and if a mistake occurs, it is much easier to correct it than when drawing arrows with liquid eyeliner. You need to work with the shadows with a beveled brush: a long, flat cut allows you to draw neat and even lines, minimizing the risk of blots. Useful tips for applying shadows you will find in this video.

  3. Eyeliner

    The variety of formats of this tool makes it possible to create arrows in the most comfortable way for you. Eyeliner is most suitable for lovers of graphics in makeup. But it is important to understand that a felt-tipped eyeliner, and even more so a liquid eyeliner, require a certain amount of experience; without training, drawing beautiful arrows with their help is unlikely to succeed.

    To help you - a step-by-step video instruction.

How to draw long arrows on the eyes: step by step photo tutorial

  1. Apply eye makeup primer to your eyelids. After a couple of minutes, spread the shadows of the base shade over this coating - for example, beige.

  2. Create a “draft” version of the arrows with a pencil or shadows if you are not yet confident in your abilities. Start with the "tail" : create a sharpening, stretch a line to the contour of the eyes, and then draw another one to it - from the inner corner. If there were no bumps, circle the arrow again to get a more saturated color.

  3. Want to get a more expressive result? Paint over the space between the eyelashes and the inner contour of the upper eyelid with a kayal pencil.

To hone the skill of drawing long arrows, use photo and video tutorials that explain in detail all the subtleties of the process. And then proceed to the independent creation of a make-up. To get started, you can watch this video prepared by the experts at Maybelline New York.

Look for arrow makeup inspiration in the photo selection below.

How to draw long arrows beautifully: life hacks

  • The most difficult thing about eyeliner makeup is getting a neat sharp corner at the end of the ponytail.

    If you can't, turn to auxiliary tools: stencils for arrows or, for example, paper tape (if you stick a strip at the right angle to the eye contour, it will serve as a template).

  • When drawing long arrows, follow the basic rule: the “tail” should be like a continuation of the lash line on the lower eyelid. When choosing the direction for the tip of the arrow, be guided by this.

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