Ashy shade of hair looks spectacular. But he is very cunning. We tell you what makeup will harmoniously complement it, and share photo ideas

General makeup rules for owners of ashy hair

Ashy hair color looks unusual in itself, so for those who decide to change their image, this is a great choice. A girl with such hair cannot be called either blonde or fair-haired. However, this shade is tricky due to the smoky nature of the color and can visually make the face look just as grayish.So that the skin against the background of such hair does not look dull and lifeless, many will have to reconsider their rules in makeup.

  • Face

    It is very important that the face does not look flat, and the shade of the foundation blends harmoniously with the ashy strands. Cold and light shades are best suited. If you have naturally dark skin, make sure your foundation doesn't turn yellow.

  • Eyebrows

    Eyebrows are a kind of arch that largely determines the architecture of the face. And for owners of ashy hair, this emphasis is especially important. Choose a cold shade of pencil. Good for taupe. It will be in harmony with the hair color.

  • Eyes

    Since ashy hair is already a full-fledged color accent, we advise you to stay on pastel colors. Pale pink or light purple shades work well, as well as classic shades: black, gray and beige.

  • Item text

If you only plan to change the shade of your hair, then ashen can be found in the 'Colorista Spray' collection of hair dyes from L'Oréal Paris.

Makeup for girls with ashy hair, taking into account skin color

We have already mentioned that the choice of shades for makeup that complements ashy hair will be different depending on the skin color of the girl. What's the difference?

Light skin

Fair-skinned girls are much more at risk of looking faded than tanned ones. That is why it is very important to give the face a sculptural volume and emphasize the eyebrows.

Delicate contouring will help to make the face more sculptural (darkening should be very light, reminiscent of natural shadows) in combination with a natural peach or soft pink blush.

By the way, blush and lipstick of the same shade on the owners of ashy hair, even without the support of eye makeup, will give the effect of an interesting nude makeup option.

Tanned skin

Tanned girls may face a different problem. The ashy shade of hair and dark skin is already quite a strong contrast. Therefore, it is very important not to overdo it with accents. It is important to give the skin the most uniform look with the help of foundation. The face will not look flat if you blend a few drops of highlighter over the cheekbones.

In eye and lip makeup, it is better to give preference to matte or cream coatings: compared to glossy, they will be combined with ashy hair and dark skin more harmoniously.

Makeup for owners of ashy hair, taking into account the color of the eyes

The color of the eyes also imposes certain requirements on the make-up of girls with smoky hair.

Green eyes

This is a pretty noticeable accent color. In order not to overload the image, it is better to stay in the design of green eyes in neutral shades: gray, black, brown and beige.

In makeup for an evening out, the palette of possibilities is wider. You can use, for example, a dark green gamut: it will make the eye color brighter, but it will not distract attention from the unusual shade of the hair.

Blue-eyed girls, by the way, can resort to the same technique. See how interesting the azure shade looks on the inner contour of the lower eyelid.

Green-eyed girls will find another makeup idea in this video.


Brown-eyed girls are more free to choose shades of cosmetics. Lips can be safely emphasized with wine lipstick.

And on the eyelids - create a light coffee-bronze haze.


Grey and gray-blue eyes rhyme well with a hint of hair. But with a general harmony, they can easily be lost on the face if they are not emphasized with the help of cosmetics. A circular stroke of the eyes with black kayal with a slight shading will do just fine with this.

Makeup can be complemented with light pink lipstick.

How to do makeup if you have ashy hair: step by step photo instructions

To repeat makeup, prepare:

  • 'Urban Decay Eyeshadow Base - Anti-aging',

  • 'NYX Professional Makeup Away We Glow - Love Beam',

  • 'L'Oréal Paris Superliner Superstar eyeliner',

  • 'Mask Maybelline New York Lash Sensational',

  • 'Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation - 5.0',

  • 'NYX Professional Makeup No Filter Finishing Powder',

  • 'L'Oréal Paris Infaillible Lip Gloss - 110'.

  1. Prepare your upper eyelids with primer. If you do not have a special base, blend a thin layer of concealer or foundation, and then lightly powder the coating.

  2. Matte shadows (for example, purple) using a flat natural brush, darken the areas at the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

  3. Fill the remaining free center with shining golden shadows that can be spread with a fingertip.

  4. Emphasize the orbital line with brown or mustard matte shadows. Use a fluffy natural brush to get a soft blend.

  5. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the beginning of the lower eyelid with the same golden shadows, and emphasize the outer corner with matte purple shadows. Blend the borders with brown or mustard. Add a small arrow and paint over the lashes with mascara.

  6. Apply foundation and powder your face. Add peach blush to your cheekbones and caramel gloss to your lips. Done!

Makeup ideas for ash blonde hair

  1. Everyday makeup

    A win-win for every day - nude makeup in pink tones. Unlike the beige palette, pink will not look faded against the background of smoky strands. Blend some natural blush on the apples of your cheeks, apply creamy soft pink lipstick on your lips and thickly paint your eyelashes with mascara (classic black can be replaced with brown) - the image is ready!

  2. Evening makeup

    In the "going out" make-up, girls with ash-blond hair are recommended to focus on their eyes. Soft smoky eyes in black or brown are best.

    Pay attention to the shape of the lips. First, outline the contour with a pencil, and then fill it with caramel lipstick.

  3. Contrasting makeup

    Wine smoky eyes will help to achieve an original accent on the eyes. Paired with ashy hair, this eye makeup will definitely not let you get lost in the crowd.

    If you are not afraid of bright images, wine shade can be used on the lips.

Do you change your makeup when you dye your hair a new color? Share in the comments!