L'Absolu Rouge is a favorite of many girls. And if you complement it with a perfectly matte expressive “finish”, you get a new object of desire. This is how L’Absolu Rouge Ultra Matte was born

Liquid matte lipsticks are a definite trend. But the stick format is more familiar to many, the creamy texture is more comfortable. The L'Absolu Rouge range offers all this with an ultra-matte finish. The collection has been replenished with new velvety shades of L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte - these are matte lipsticks of a new quality, which we will talk about in the material.


From L'Absolu Matte from the same L'Absolu Drama Matte collection differ fundamentally. New shades manage to create a coating on the lips that looks matte on the outside; at the same time, the color itself seems to shine - it seems that this glow comes from within and emphasizes the saturation of the shade.

When L'Absolu Drama Matte is applied, only creamy softness is felt, and the feeling of comfort will continue further when the coating has already "settled" on the lips, and the dryness that many other matte lipsticks leave can not be recall. Especially if you remember the secrets of applying lipsticks with a matte texture, which we revealed in this video.


For the result in the case of L'Absolu Drama Matte, the formula is based on special new-generation pigments that have light-scattering properties.Together with spherical particles, they create an unusual effect of matte radiance, which distinguishes lip makeup with L’Absolu Drama Matte.

Additionally, the composition contains oils (for example, jojoba oil), which provide a sliding application, soft texture and skin care. They are supplemented by other emollients. It is this feature of the formula that allows the lips to feel maximum comfort, there will definitely not be dryness and tightness.


For the L'Absolu Drama Matte line, those shades were chosen that will look especially good in combination with a matte “finish”. Of course, the classic red (No. 78 Wild Thoughts), noble burgundy (No. 507 Drama'Atic) and plum (No. 508 Purple Temptation), bold purple (No. 509 Purple Fascination), fuchsia (No. 313 Fulminante) and pink neon (№382 Pink Ex altation).

Wild Thoughts


Purple Temptation

Purple Fascination


Pink Ex altation

Everyone knows that matte nude shades also take on a special expressiveness, so they are also in the L’Absolu Drama Matte range: this is nude No. 510 Ardent Sand and pink-beige No. 274 Sensualité. In total, the collection includes 15 shades of lipsticks.

Ardent Sand


Do you have matte lipsticks in your makeup bag? Would you choose L’Absolu Drama Matte?