This format of beauty products greatly simplifies the process of eyebrow makeup. Let's show you how to use eyebrow markers and tell you about the best, according to the editors

What is the eyebrow marker for

Many girls are afraid to try eyebrow products in the format of markers, because they think that they give the same effect as markers (felt-tip pens) for the eyelids. But this is not entirely true: if eyeliner markers are designed to draw bright, highly pigmented arrows of long-lasting saturated color, then eyebrow markers are great for natural brow makeup.

The coverage created by the brow marker is translucent rather than dense. And yet, a make-up with such a beauty assistant turns out to be more graphic than made with the help of shadows or a pencil. The fact is that the marker tints not only the eyebrow hairs, but also the skin in the area where the product is applied.

Markers help to tint eyebrows, correct their shape and make them visually thicker.

Eyebrow markers review

As eyebrow makeup becomes more and more popular, the choice of products for them is only growing. Take a look at the markers from our selection.


    This tool is a godsend for beginners. It is very convenient to use: use it as a regular marker or felt-tip pen for writing.

    The applicator is felt, flexible, with a sharp tip, which allows not only hatching, but also drawing a contour.

    The marker is available in two shades: light brown and dark brown. The pigments are quite saturated, so do not press too hard on the lead.

    Light Brown

    Dark Brown

  • BROW ARTIST MICRO TATTOO Eyebrow Marker by L'Oréal Paris

    Eyebrow marker with an unusual ultra-thin serrated applicator. This applicator provides ultra-precise application of hair to hair and creates the effect of microblading.



    Don't be afraid of teeth! Use the tool as a regular marker: draw eyebrows in the direction of hair growth with light strokes.

    The tool is presented in three shades: dark blond, light brown, brown.

  • NYX Professional Makeup 3-IN-1 BROW PENCIL

    Multifunctional helper for perfect eyebrow makeup. In a convenient package, three products are combined at once: a transparent eyebrow gel, a classic pencil and an unusual marker, in which not liquid pigments are hidden, but powder ones.

    The last tool is ideal for soft correction and color enhancement. Set your brow makeup with gel for a glossy shine.

    The tool is presented in 10 (!) shades, so that every girl will definitely find her own in the palette.

  • Maybelline New York TATTOO BROW Long Lasting Tint

    Perhaps the most unusual eyebrow product. Gel marker Tattoo Brow Long Lasting Tint is presented in the format of a waterproof tint with the effect of eyebrow tattooing. It is designed to color the hairs, fill the voids between them and visually correct the shape of the eyebrows.

    The tool is very easy to use: apply it on the eyebrows, wait until it dries, and remove the resulting film. Ready! The effect will last 2-3 days.

How to use an eyebrow marker

Using the marker is very simple - that's why even beginners in makeup love this format of eyebrow products.The thin tip of the marker allows you to work very accurately, so that the eyebrows look natural. With short strokes, the eyebrows are gradually given the desired color and visual density.

It is important to remember that if the shape of the eyebrows is not corrected and there are hairs that go beyond the contour, then makeup made with a marker may look untidy.

Prepare your eyebrows and remove excess hair with tweezers.

Using a special brush, comb your eyebrows so that the hairs lie neatly in the direction of growth. If your brow kit doesn't have one, you can find the perfect one from Urban Decay.

Take a marker and mark the upper contour of the eyebrows. It is important to keep the line without pressure. Pay attention to drawing the "tail" .

Then work out the bottom contour - if necessary. Shade the space inside the outline to visually thicken the eyebrows.

At the end of the make-up, apply a transparent gel on the eyebrows: this will allow you to slightly shade the color (combing the eyebrows with a brush), and also fix the result in general. Makeup artists love NYX Professional Makeup Clear Brow Gel .