Chocolate color is rarely taken into account when it comes to focusing on the lips, but in vain: it can decorate no worse than red or wine

Brown lipsticks are primarily associated with the trends of the 1990s - it was in this era that it was customary to accentuate lips in this way. Today, chocolate shades are back in fashion, only they are perceived in a completely different way - with their help, you can emphasize the lips in such a way that it will look noble and elegant, like makeup with scarlet or burgundy lipstick.

In the material - more about how to use chocolate lipstick, harmoniously adding it to your beauty looks.

Who suits chocolate lipstick?

There are some difficulties with chocolate fondant. A brown shade, if we talk about lip makeup, cannot be called universal. And at the same time, it cannot be said that it categorically does not suit someone. A variety of shades in this range allows everyone to find a suitable option. You only need to consider your color type. If the skin is porcelain, with a “cold” undertone, then it is better to choose shades with creamy coffee notes - more gray.

And girls with medium skin tones can also choose "milk chocolate" - "warm" shades with a slight redhead.

In addition to compatibility with external features, you also need to take into account what kind of image you are going to do makeup with chocolate lipstick.So, applying it with a translucent layer can be the perfect accent on the lips in everyday casual makeup. It will look like a slight enhancement of the natural color of the lips.

And here's a richer coverage - what will be best received at an evening event.

New from L'Oréal Paris: Les Chocolats chocolate lipstick collection

The very name of the collection evokes the idea that these are sweet chocolate-flavored lipsticks; but L’Oréal Paris still didn’t make them “edible” (which is even good - one less temptation for those who are drawn to sweets). Instead, lipsticks from the Les Chocolats line have a pleasant aroma of chocolate desserts, which makes lip makeup even more fun than usual.

The formula with silicone elastomer gel gives it hold while softening the skin, allowing it to feel comfortable under a layer of dry matte color.There are a total of eight lipstick shades in this L'Oréal Paris collection. But not all of them are pure “chocolate”: there are, for example, red No. 864 “Strawberries in chocolate” and creamy pink No. 842 “Cookies in glaze”.

Chocolate Strawberries

Cookies in Glaze

Variety of textures and shades of chocolate lipsticks


The fact that your chocolate-colored lipstick is “warm” will indicate a reddish undertone. Against the background of pale skin, this will be especially noticeable, but a harmonious combination with skin of medium tones, on the contrary, will not detect this.

Among these lipsticks, you can choose, for example, Rouge Armani Matte from Giorgio Armani in shade No. 103 Downtown.


To get a cool shade of chocolate lipstick, brown is complemented with gray. The result is products like Beauty Mark from the NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie collection.

Once on the lips, this lipstick does not look as bright as the "warm" one. Therefore, gray-brown colors (also known as taupe) are loved to be used on the lips even in everyday make-up.

Only they should not merge with the skin tone, but noticeably differ from it; then the emphasis will be well placed.


Matte brown lipsticks (Les Chocolats by L'Oréal Paris are just one of them) are a spectacular choice for the evening.

" Shoko shock!"

Most often they are recommended to brunettes with bright features. Blondes, on the other hand, can “wear” it if they are not afraid that dark lips will “pull” attention from others - lighter facial features.


The gloss of a chocolate shade is also better to choose "out" . The effect will be the same as if you applied a more familiar wine lipstick to your lips. However, the result will look more interesting - because chocolate shades cannot be called hackneyed yet.


Metallic texture in lip makeup is what is suitable for beauty experiments. Take the Liquid Tatouage Couture The Metallics in shade 105 Magnetic Prune Temper, for example, for a dramatic party look.

Whatever finish you choose, you will find useful tips on "taming" the chocolate shade in this video.

Chocolate lipstick makeup

When choosing make-up options with chocolate-colored lipstick, be guided by whether you have a “warm” shade of the product or “cold”.The best combinations will be obtained with shades from the gamut of natural colors. It is very difficult to imagine that brown on the lips would be combined into one image with purple neon arrows. Brown lips are a self-sufficient accent that requires attention; if you overdo it with eye makeup, the color and its depth will not be able to fully reveal.

Day makeup

  1. Soft smoky eyes

    Create a subtle mist on the eyes with a subtle transition of colors: use beige shadows as a base, and blend coffee brown closer to the corners to create a volume effect in makeup.

    On the lips, use liquid chocolate lipstick as a tint - you will need to drive it into the skin with your fingertips.

  2. Stroke Outline

    A translucent layer of brown lipstick will look good in a casual make-up if you complement this accent with contouring (both internal, between the eyelashes and external) with a kajal.

    Finish your makeup with mascara.

  3. With thin arrows

    They can be used to emphasize the eyes in makeup for every day, using black eyeliner.

    Smooth lines with feathering if you don't want a bright graphic result.

    And lips, again, tint with brown liquid lipstick like a tint.

Evening makeup

  1. With golden shadows

    The shimmer of gold sequins on the eyelids - solid or darkening closer to the outer corners of the eyes - looks elegant and festive.

    A pairs best with a matte finish on lips - create it with L'Oréal Paris Chocolate Liquid Lipstick.

  2. With graphic arrows

    Delicate graphics paired with a glossy chocolate lip lacquer will help create a black tie evening look.

Overview of the best chocolate lipsticks

Four worthy "representatives" - in a review compiled on the basis of the opinion of the editors.

  • Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Club Hopper, NYX Professional Makeup

    A velvety coating that looks very "dense" due to the saturation of the color, but is practically not felt on the lips due to the creamy texture - this is about Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick. And the Club Hopper shade is just for those who are not afraid to try chocolate lip makeup in a bright version.

  • Rouge Unlimited in Hazelnut Cream by Shu Uemura

    This winter, another chocolate make-up collection saw the light: Shu Uemura has a collaboration with the La Maison du Chocolat chain of chocolate boutiques. The collection of products also includes “delicious” dessert shades, and “Nut Cream” of Rouge Unlimited lipstick is one of them.

    Intense color and a noble creamy sheen is what distinguishes the coating that is obtained on the lips.

    A beautiful accent isn't everything: it has a pleasant sweet scent that will make makeup even more pleasant.

  • Color Sensational in Nyusha x Maybelline New York 986 Chocolate Cinnamon

    This Color Sensational caramel chocolate lipstick from Maybelline New York is the result of the brand's collaboration with the singer Nyusha: together they decided to create a universal shade "Chocolate Cinnamon" , which can become an alternative to the already boring nude powdery shades. The product is ideal for natural everyday makeup, and the formula takes care of the skin of the lips, making them even more beautiful along with the color.

  • Vice Liquid Lipstick in Amulet, Urban Decay

    This matte shade of cocoa-scented Vice Liquid Lipstick is just what you need for winter lip makeup. The liquid formula dries on the lips to remove shine. The application will be convenient: the applicator has a pointed side, which allows you to clearly outline the contour of the lips, then with a soft “cushion” on the other side, you can fill in the marked borders with color.

    The coating is waterproof, so it will stay on the lips for as long as you need. But at the same time, it does not dry out the lips - they will feel comfortable and soft all day long.

Have you already tried makeup with chocolate lipstick? What shade do you choose? Write a comment.